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This is my dream and you don't even know my name? It's Cynthia.
~ Cynthia teases Henry for not knowing who she is.

Cynthia Velasquez is a supporting character in Silent Hill 4: The Room. She is an flirtatious American woman of Spanish descent that aided Henry Townshend, but she was later murdered by Walter Sullivan, becoming his 16th victim of the 21 Sacrements as a ghost.

She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz.


Silent Hill 4: The Room

Cynthia makes her first appearance when Henry Townshend sees her through standing near the subway entrance. In the Subway world, Henry meets Cynthia who then declares that she is trapped in a nightmare. After she admits her of the location, she asks him to aid her to find an exit of the station, so she would repay him a "special favor (most likely sexual)". While Henry escorts her, she has nauseous and rushes into women's restroom to throw up.


After Henry returns, he finds her out locked inside a subway car and accompanies her again after saving her. Later, Cynthia successfully finds an escape of the station and calls Henry over the public address system, however she immediately screams as Walter Sullivan attacks her.

Shortly after, Henry reaches a fatally injured Cynthia: She gets stabbed in the chest and is covered in blood with "16/21" marked into her left breast. Henry holds Cynthia in his arms and she then forgives to him for not being able to give him his special favor. Henry comforts her by telling her that it is nothing than a dream and she succumbs in his arms. Cynthia's items left behind are her make-up items which are found layed down around the floor close to crime scene.

Victim 16

Later, Henry sees Cynthia's corpse who then comes back as a ghost floating throught the turnstill. Cynthia's ghost can be either killed or spared.

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