Pardon my asking sir but aren't you afraid of us? We pop out of nowhere, welding fantastic powers. You've only are word that we're not demons, or worst.
~ Cypher
Once a New Mutant, always, a New Mutant, Bobby.
~ Cypher

Cypher (Douglas Aaron Ramsey) a financial mutant superhero from Marvel Comics created by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema.

Cypher is a mutant the ability to understand any language and is a founding member of the New Mutants. His power of languages is so great that he can read body language and know what some one will do. Doug's religion is mormon/Latter Day Saint just like his parents.


Douglas Ramsey was born to Philip and Sheila Ramsey. Doug's father was a lawyer in Salem Center who had helped Xavier sort out the legal aspects of setting up his school years before, though he didn't know he was unaware Xavier was a mutant, nor that any of his students were either. Doug grew up in Salem Center and become friends with Kitty Pryde, the X-Man who he met after she moved to Westchester County to join Professor Xavier's school. Both shared interest in computers and video games which brought the two closer together. Professor Xavier believed that Doug was a mutant, but took no action to recruit him for the school. However, one night when the New Mutants were alone at the mansion, the techo-organic alien, Warlock arrived and battled the New Mutants in the confusion that erupted. The mutants asked Ramsey for help in communicating with alien, and reveled their secrets to him. Douglas succeed in talking with Warlock, and both the alien and Ramsey soon joined the team.

Powers and Abilities


  • Omniligual Translation:
  • Superhuman Intelligence:


He's at the end of his rope, Sam. We got to do something about it?
~ Cypher
Only fair we do are best to help them out in return.
~ Cypher
Rahne! Watch out!
~ Cypher saving Wolfsbane and taking a bullet for her


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