Cyrus is one of the main protagonist in the Once Upon a Time spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

He is portrayed by Peter Gadiot.


Before meeting Alice, Cyrus spends a hundred years in his bottle, serving to grant the wishes of many people.

Forever housed in a bottle, Cyrus receives quite the shock when a lovely young woman, Alice, uncaps the top and enters. He inquires why she is in his bottle, to which Alice replies that if he reveals her location, she will become big and shatter his bottle. Cyrus smiles and says she should not do that as good bottles are hard to come by. As the two talk, Cyrus asks her why she is here, to which Alice states she needs proof to show her father that Wonderland is real, and pulls the White Rabbit out of her bag. She stuffs the rabbit back in, and Cyrus tells her his only wish is for freedom. Then, he offers Alice three wishes.

Together, Cyrus and Alice travel and have many adventures together. As they go along, he asks Alice to finally make her wishes, as he is falling in love with her. Knowing that the longer he stays with her, the more it will hurt when she makes her wishes and he is separated from her forever. To his surprise, Alice returns the feelings, and vows to never make wishes, so that the two can be together always. The two bury his bottle, and continue on their adventures.

Visit to Storybrooke

  • In the episode "Heart of Matter", The White Rabbit took her and Cyrus to Storybrooke for the first time. She became curious and confused about stuff like cars and electricity. It was the only time she left her home world.



  • it is quit possble cyrus is based off of the Genie from Aladdin
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