The future is what we make it.
~ Cyrus Borg

Cyrus Borg is the supporting character of Ninjago. He is a tech genius and head of Borg Industries. He was temporarily transformed into a semi-mechanical entity known as the OverBorg, possessed by the Overlord until the Ninja shut off the power station.


Cyrus Borg is the head of Borg Industries and the creator of P.I.X.A.L. He is the brilliant scientist who helped rebuild Ninjago City into the technologically advanced New Ninjago City. Cyrus first sought out the Ninja after the Digital Overlord overtook his systems and has built a variety of tools, security systems, machines, and vehicles to assist the Ninja. He was kidnapped by by the Overload and made into a cyborg to help him with his plans in the third season. However, once he was freed of the Overlord's control, he becomes a true ally to the Ninjas.




  • He was disabled since birth, so he built the chair he sits in, called "Artificial Limbs."
  • His name is a play on the word "cyborg", befitting his expertise in robotics and his temporary cyberization at the hands of the Overlord. He humorously acknowledges this in-series, commenting that his career path was set the moment his parents named him.
  • His original form does not appear in any official LEGO Ninjago set.
  • He created the |Security Droids to protect the fake Golden Armor after the Golden Master was defeated. Lloyd defeated them while testing them in "The Invitation."
    • Sometime after the Golden Master's defeat, Borg recreated or modified the functions of the Nindroids to use them as Security Droids, changing their black outfits to white. He has also designed a new general that resembles Cryptor, although his name is unknown for the moment.
  • In The Surge, before he was possessed, his right hand kept switching between black and yellow. Therefore it is unknown whether he was a cyborg before his possession.
  • He shares his first name with Cyrus, a Ghost Warrior; a first for the series.
  • He is currently the only known person who knows the current location of the Golden Armour.
    • However, since Wu and Misako knew the location of the realm crystal, it is likely that they also know of its location.
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