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And I know how you work, Mr. Parker. You know I'm here for a reason. And I think you know you're meant to do something that will save a lot of lives. If you do this for us — if you do this for me — we'll do everything in our power to make sure you get whatever you want for the rest of your days.
~ Unknown Foundation personnel in “Mr. Parker”.

D-14134, real name Jackson Parker, was a D-Class personnel of the SCP Foundation. He thus far only appeared in SCP-1983 in which he was instructed to explore the diabolic anomaly, but instead he helped the Foundation in neutralizing the threat and was posthumously honored by the Foundation.


Jackson Parker was a religious African-American man born in inner-city Detroit. Not much is known more than that apart from that he used to travel from time to time to Vietnam. At some point, for unknown reasons, he killed a police officer, and because of this he was arrested and sentenced to death row. Presumably, he was approached by the SCP Foundation and offered him a chance of freedom if he decided to work for them as a disposable personnel for some months. Parker seemingly accepted and was designated D-14134, while the Foundation made the public believe that he was executed on May 19, 1979.

During his time as D-Class, on May 23, 1989, the Foundation sent him into the spatial anomaly inside of SCP-1983-1 after they lost two teams from Mobile Task Force Chi-13, also known as Choir Boys, and Agent Morris. Parker was only equipped with a closed-circuit camera tethered to a monitor by a 25-meter cord and was then forced to go through the doorway of 1983-1, but after entering the camera feed was interrupted before the cord was pulled taut and snapped. It is mostly unknown what happened, but it is presumed that Parker found a document left by the deceased Agent Barclay in the "living room" who described in the document the real diabolic nature of SCP-1983 and a possible way to destroy it. Parker then possibly took Barclay's gun and with his belief that he would make it out alive, he fought against the dark creatures designated SCP-1983-2 and eventually arrived at the nest where the pile of torn still-beating hearts was surrounded by the souls of 1983's victims. He then successfully destroyed the nest, killing all of the 1983-2 instances and returning the farmhouse designated 1983-1 to normal.

He was thought deceased by the Foundation and was posthumously awarded with the Foundation Star. However, he in fact survived, and due to the spatial anomaly connecting to other places around the Earth he ended up in New York City. There he became a professional waiter for of the city's finest bistros, but after some time he was contacted by an unknown Foundation agent who appraised Parker's actions and offered him to work for the Foundation again, this time as a full agent with far more priority, to which Parker seemingly accepted.


Parker's true appearance remains unknown, but he was described by the Foundation agent as looking exactly like Ernie Hudson.

Powers and Abilities

Parker possesses the ability of an ordinary human. He is seemingly skilled in firearms since he managed to kill a police officer and destroy the nest of SCP-1983. He also possesses a strong unshackling faith which allowed him to more easily destroy the anomaly.


Not much is known about Parker's true personality, but he was described as a highly religious man with a strong faith, as he strongly believes that anything happens for a reason. He also appears to want to do some good in the world as he seemingly accepted the offer to become a full agent for the SCP Foundation, despite his past experiences.




  • He is one of the only two D-Class awarded with the Foundation Star.
  • It is unknown why Parker killed the police officer, but given to his different, cultural background, it is possible that the conflict was due to bigotry.


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