D.D is one of the main characters from Armed Police Batrider.

Along with team mebers (Shorty and Jyuji ), he is a part of Police Team who would investigate the situation, which is caused by the plans of GigaTech and its leader, Gigayama Tiger.

In his individual ending, D.D and his police officers arrested Gigayama Tiger for plaguing the entire city, along with his henchmen. Later during the meeting of a little African-American Tim, he gives him a basketball and believes that D.D is a good cop who is not actually a bad guy. But then Bert robbed people of their squares and he's ready to handle the first work after his revival, especially giving it to other criminals. In team ending, he and his teammates are heading through the police station into the police chief's trap and meet him. But they shoot on him and described as cops who are different from his attitude.


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