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So get yourselves to the bathroom and brush those teeth, boys and girls. Cause a whole load of trouble is heading your way!
~ Professor K to the player
DJ Professor K (better known as just Professor K) is the tritagonist of the Jet Set Radio video game and the narrator of Jet Set Radio Future.

Professor K is an upbeat DJ who recruits other members to join his gang, known as the GG's. He cares deeply about his members and tries to encourage them to spread their talents though graffiti.

Professor K is voiced by Billy Brown. 


Jet Set Radio

In Jet Set Radio, Professor K is one of the main characters and appears in most of the cutscenes, which he can be seen talking to the player. He can be heard over the radio when you are playing the game, and he also narrates most of the game, directly through the cutscenes.

At the end of the game, someone can be heard telling him that the game never actually happened, and he vaguely tells him “okay, okay, sure.”

In Jet Set Radio Advance, after beating the final level, Professor K can become a playable character.

Jet Set Radio Future

In Jet Set Radio Future, he plays the role of the narrator and the comic relief character during the cutscenes.

In this game, he changes his appearance completely.

He contacts the GG's with mission information while out on the streets. At one point, he gets more directly involved in the story's events when he is kidnapped by the Golden Rhinos.

SEGA Superstars Tennis

Professor K can be seen on the Tokyo-To amp cheering the players, and playing with records as well.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

During the Graffiti City race, Professor K can be heard narrating the race.

Professor K is also mentioned by Beat when he either wins or achieves first place during the race.

SEGA Heroes

Professor K is a legendary blue playable hero in this game. He was achieved after unlocking 65 Professor K shards, but after the game started to shut down, he was reduced to 15 shards, making him easier to achieve.

Professor K’s copycat can also be versed.


Professor K is upbeat, chill, and coincidentally happy at most times. He deals with situations with the upmost best and positive attitude, even though he is a criminal.

Professor K is always looking to make new friends, which he does when recruiting new members to join his gang, the GG’s.


  • Professor K is one of the two Jet Set Radio characters with known voice actors, the other being Tab.
  • Professor K is only playable in Jet Set Radio Advance.
  • Professor K is his gang name, as he is not a professor and hasn’t graduated from high school. His real name, like Gum and Beat, and unknown.


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