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Stop putting it all on yourself! It's ok to ask for help.
~ Dae-hyun to D.Va

Dae-hyun Park is a minor non-playable character from Overwatch. He makes his first appearance in the Overwatch Shooting Star D.Va Animated Short. 


Dae-hyun is a black haired Korean-native male. He sports a black and green blouson with a zipper. As far as we can tell he wears black pants. 


Dae-hyun is the mechanic assigned to Hana Song, AKA D.Va, possibly due to the two of them being childhood friends. His assistance is invaluable to her, since D.Va is a master at controlling Tokki (her MEKA) because of her gaming skills, while Dae-hyun is a master of tinkering it because he is a mechanic. Being a mechanic, he provides support away from the battlefield, which is where the other pilots can shine. He is a member of M.E.K.A., an organization formed to combat the Omnics that have a factory near South Korea.


Hey Hana! Shouldn't you be out signing autographs or something?
~ Dae-hyun joking with D.Va



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