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Dagon, or simply dubbed as Raijin or 5146_ADAM, is a posthumous character in the MonsterVerse, appearing as a skeleton of the 2014 film Godzilla, and a flashback character in the graphic novel Godzilla: Aftershock.

In the 11th century, B.C., a group of Phoenicians made their way to the Japanese islands, where they encountered a gigantic creature which they believed to be their god Dagon. They witnessed a battle between Dagon and an entity known as Jinshin-Mushi (later known as MUTO Prime), in which Dagon was defeated and infected with his enemy's parasitic young. The Phoenicians witnessed Dagon regain consciousness and return to the sea, and while they assumed that he lived on, he eventually collapsed and died in the Philippines. His skeleton was unearthed in 1999, unleashing two MUTO spores which had incubated inside of him. In 2014, Godzilla, another member of Dagon's species, managed to fight and kill both MUTOs before they could reproduce, and later slew MUTO Prime when she emerged to try and implant her larvae inside of him, avenging Dagon that day.



In 1999, miners in the Philippines uncovered a radiation pocket underground. Believing they had stumbled upon a valuable uranium deposit, they continued digging until the entire mine mysteriously collapsed into a massive underground cavern containing the skeleton of an unidentified Titan. Monarch dispatched Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and his assistant Dr. Vivienne Graham to inspect the cavern. Dr. Graham recognized the structure of the skeleton and asked Serizawa if it was possible this skeleton belonged to Godzilla, but he responded that this skeleton was much older. Attached to the skeleton's ribcage were what Graham concluded were two parasitic spores. One spore appeared dormant, while the other had split open, with whatever emerged from it leaving a trail out of the cavern and directly into the ocean. Monarch later constructed diagrams of this skeleton, labeling it "Species 5146_ADAM" and determining that it was a member of Godzilla's species.

Godzilla: Aftershock

In 2014, following the appearance of a creature believed to be the basis for the myth of the Shinto entity Jinshin-Mushi, the Japanese government provided Monarch with ancient stone tablets dating from the 11th century B.C. inscribed in Phoenician. These tablets chronicled the arrival of a group of Phoenicians in Japan after a shipwreck, marking the first contact known between the Far East and the Levant. There, they encountered a creature resembling Godzilla, which the Phoenicians believed to be their sea god Dagon. They witnessed the arrival of what was almost certainly Jinshin-Mushi, which attacked Dagon and knocked him to the ground before extending arrow-tipped tentacles from its body and stabbing him with them. Dagon eventually regained consciousness and returned to the sea, with the inscriptions suggesting that he had miraculously been saved from death. However, Monarch's Dr. Emma Russell knew what had really become of Dagon. Jinshin-Mushi had implanted its parasitic young inside of Dagon's body. These parasites leeched off of Dagon's internal nuclear energy until he finally collapsed and died, becoming entombed in a cave in the Philippines which had been uncovered in 1999. Emma believed that Jinshin-Mushi was the parent superspecies of the two MUTOs which had emerged from the spores found attached to Dagon's skeleton, giving it the name "MUTO Prime." She proposed that other Godzilla-like creatures such as Dagon had existed in the ancient past, and MUTO Prime had carried out this parasitic life cycle several times. The strata found in the Philippine cavern and a MUTO egg chamber in Siberia both corresponded to mass extinction events in Earth's history. Emma believed that once MUTO Prime brought down a Titan, its progeny overran the world like an invasive species, wiping out the rest of their ecosystem before they turned on each other and the only survivor became the next MUTO Prime. Now, MUTO Prime was attempting to do to Godzilla what it had done to Dagon, which would almost assuredly lead to another catastrophic mass extinction had Godzilla not killed it for good with Emma’s help.


Dagon did not exhibit much of a personality, but it appears that he had a tolerance for humans, allowing them to get close to him. When he spotted MUTO Prime, the arch-rival of his species, he immediately engaged her in hopes of killing her, but failed.

Physical Appearance

Dagon bears a resemblance to Godzilla with the same appearance such as jagged dorsal plates, dark coarse skin, yellow eyes, gills on his neck, wide feet, a robust head, and short forearms, though he was smaller than Godzilla.

Powers and Abilities

While none of Dagon's abilities are shown, it can be assumed that he possesses many of the same traits as Godzilla himself such as durability, immense physical strength and atomic breath. However, Dagon was no match for MUTO Prime in physical combat and was quickly brought down and infected with parasitic young, eventually leading to his death.





M.U.T.O. Prime



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