Daigo's grandson
Daigo's grandson is Shishi Ranger (シシレンジャー Shishi Renjā?) and the leader of a new team of Dairangers composed of the previous Dairangers' grandchildren, formed to fight the returned Gorma Tribe 50 years after the previous Dairangers defeated them.


Mythical Chi Beast

  • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Shishi


  • Aura Changer
  • DaiBuster
    • Star Sword
    • Star Cutter
  • Dairen Rod]]
    • Bladed Sasumata
    • Lion Staff
  • Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels
  • Dairinkens
  • Green Kiber 2


  • Heavenly Phantom Star Mist Concealment
  • Heavenly Phantom Star RodArrow
  • Lion-Fist Empty Innocence

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