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Daisy-023 was a female SPARTAN-II appearing in the Halo Legends episode "Homecoming" as the main character.


She may not have been well-suited for being a SPARTAN-II, as she seemd to stand in place while shooting, but doing so gave her great accuracy. She also commonly took her helmet off, which is not a professional trait for a Spartan. She did care about assisting the UNSC and helping her comrades, but her robot like focus despite actually having a personality can make it seem as if she's really a reluctant hero, having been forced into becoming a Spartan against her will, and having to go through "horrible surgeries and augmentations". This may be why despite inferrably being stronger than Marines and ODSTs, her skillset was not very impressive-- likely mediorcre for a SPARTAN-II. She was shown to have skill using Assault Rifles and Pistols, common for Spartans, being warriors after all.



Daisy-023 was abducted and conscripted into the UNSC at the age of six, and a flash-clone of her had been left at her home in order to escape suspicion of around 70 missing children. She and the other kids went through many surgerious and augmentations, being a candidate for becoming a SPARTAN-II against her will. Daisy would ultimately survive this physically taxing procedure. In revenge for what they did to her, she and four other subjects rebelled against their trainers and held them at gunpoint in front of Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, the person in charge of the facility. Though this seems unethical on Halsey's part, it is worth noting that overall she is alligned with the side of good, her experiments all being in good faith to help the UNSC bring down the Covenant threatening to (unknowingly) erase all existence. She is friends with many of the UNSC's heroes such as John-117 and Jorge-052.

Daisy's clone hands her a teddy bear keychain

Halsey granted them permission to leave. Daisy made it back to her home without being spotted by any type of security, only to find a nearly identical person to herself sitting in a wheelchair. Halsey explained from her Hornet flying above using a COM link that these flash-clones were left behind to avert suspicion of missing children, and urged her to come back to the facility, claiming it was her home. Confused, Daisy came up to her clone and pointed a gun at it, but couldn't pull the trigger, and left. The clone was surprisingly happy, and gave her a teddy bear chain for her to cherish. She eventually came back to the facility, and became a SPARTAN-II. Her friend Ralph, whom she originally escaped with, had deteriorating mental health and was discharged from the program after returning from his home. Unlike Daisy, Ralph did kill his clone. Daisy's clone would eventually die off-screen of Metabolic Cascade Failure, a fatal disease known to affect clones.

Career and Death

In one highlight of Daisy's career, she is shown assisting a team of Marines led by Hauser, who were pinned at one location due to fire from the enemy. Daisy arrived to assist them and killed many Jackals, Grunts, and Drones, before rescuing Hauser and the Marines. Ralph and Daisy establish an evac point for them to get to, as Daisy and Gamma Team cannot be rescued by the rescue team due to their location being a warzone. Hauser gets a Warthog, and Daisy helps her team get to the evac point killing enemies, but unfortunately, she gets killed by the hands of an Elite, impaled by the pink mist from a Needler. Incapacitated, she refuses Ralph's help, telling him that he and both teams need to escape on the Pelican as soon as possible. As she lay dying, she shot Elites with Fuel Rod Cannons with good accuracy using her pistol. However, her pistol would run out of ammo, and the consecutive explosions on the husk would promptly destroy the ship, killing Hauser, Ralph, and all other Marines, as she lay helpless, slowly dying. John-117 would later find her body, and he closed her eyes and layed her teddy bear in her hands, wordlessly paying his respects and hoping that she rests in peace.



Being childhood friends when they escaped together, they are mutual friends. They seem to share a relationship with each other, as they both paused when they realized they were talking to each other on the COMs. Both Daisy and Ralph wanted to protect each other, but they both ended up dying in the same spot.


Alright men! Let's welcome our Chief Petty Officer with some backup!
~ Hauser

Hauser thinks very positively of Daisy, and considers her a great ally and person, wanting to protect her. Daisy is also concerned about the life of Hauser, allowing him and the Marines to escape by creating a diviersion, but in the end they both die.


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