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Daisy is a minor supporting character in Amazon Lily Arc from the anime and manga series One Piece. She was a member of the Kuja Pirates.

She was voiced by Chigusa Ikeda in Japanese and Mary Morgan in English.


Daisy is a young slim girl with has light skin, over her average height. She has black eyes and long orange messy hair. She wore a Kuja Tribe until it changing her tropical outfit with green shirt top with black sports, it only debuted on made it from the long piece at which briefly covered of each body and tied it down has light yellow thin belt, black underpants with light red cloths buttoned with both sides, black long stockings, and dark brown boots. She also has a white Marine cape who is often on it. She distinguishing with basically in the side, with perpetual wide grin.

In the second outfit of Amazon Lily Arc, she wears a light blue cape shirt with white cloud and dark blue lines. She still has a black underpants, black long stocking and she does have any dark brown boots.


Daisy is a loyal, caring, calm, and kind girl. She has laughing quote by "zahahaha" resembles laughing with every sentence, it was she and Ran which taking front of the ship while the islanders greets their pirates calling the name "Young Ran Young Daisy!" She also resembles as her smiles and open her mouth wise.

Powers and Abilities

Daisy has a Haki, just like the other to the Kuja Pirates, it allowed that she can could be impress who is the stronger of the only as a strong warrior is implied at the Kuja ship.


Amazon Lily Arc

Daisy first appearance is in the Kuja Ship at the Calm Belt whose Amazon Lily while Vice Admiral Momonga is request to met with Boa Hancock. She questioned to do will not having to meeting to living man at the long time sense pirates and flee merchants of the the sight at the Kuja ship. Before she turning into her crew in stone, the member of the Kuja Pirates is going to back to Amazon Lily.

The next day, Monkey D. Luffy is kidnapped from trespassing to brought us by onto the fight area. The Kujas was witnessing Luffy's health when he failure Bacura has the sample hit. Daisy watching Luffy's battle against Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia to witnessing Luffy using his Haoshoku Haki. Before he gaining his often hand, she is nearest exposed by the back, now he covered up. Daisy and her Kujas entering evacuate from this area. Before the trial at the area, Daisy returns to nearly petrified to Marguerite and tell her to Hancock turning Luffy into the stone. She is surprising that can be hear Luffy to brought from Kuja Castle. Before Luffy comes to the great terms has a empress, she was excited from the party with Luffy. Before Luffy released to rescue his adoptive brother, Ace for executing, she and her Kujas to saying goodbye to Luffy and Hancock to all board to Momonga's ship to promising and help them to taking care off from their country of the steading.

Post-War Arc

She returns to Post-War when she stretching Luffy's leg, before he off to the Ox Bell and back to the boat.

Fish-Man Island Saga

Return to Sabaody Arc

Before packing it up from Luffy in Rusukaina Island to entered someone who is close it by Sabaody Archipelago, she saying goodbye to Luffy and sail off to Sabaody Archipelago in the small ship.

When the Straw Hat Pirates to heading into from Fish-Man Island, Daisy and her Kujas are holding back to aiden from the Marines.


  • Her English Voice Actress, Mary Morgan, also voiced Noé Archiviste (child) in The Case Study of Vanitas, and Su-Na Lee in Freezing.

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