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Let's go everybody! We want to start fashionably late, not late late! And remember nobody gets on stage without a stage pass.
~ Daisy's first words in the series
You killed my boyfriend!
~ Daisy admits that Donald is her true love

Daisy Duck is a supporting character in Season 3 of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series. 

She is the love interest of Donald Duck who works as a stage-organizer for her boss Emma Glamour and wishes to be a fashion designer.

Like her main/original counterpart, she is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


She wears an orange beak, legs, and feet with also lavender eye shadow, long distinct eyelashes, and ruffled feathers around her lowest region to suggest a skirt. However, in this incarnation, she is shown to have a different appearance similar to her one in the 1954 Donald Duck short Donald's Diary with a black bow on her head, turquoise eyeshadow, a pink coat with three black buttons, and black heels and she is revealed to be wearing a beautiful blue and turquoise dress. Later on, she wears long pink sleeveless dress.


Daisy is shown to be nicer, calmer, more intelligent, clever, and resourceful and is the only one who understands Donald fully.

She is also shown to have a temper like Donald and can get into rages like him when she is pushed too far, but is shown to be more skilled at attacking than him.


Season 3

Louie's Eleven!

Daisy is revealed to be Emma Glamour 's personal assistant, who is seen ordering people to properly set up an It-list party Glamour only holds once a year at the Duckburg Museum of Natural History. She has a few close calls with leaving Glamour unimpressed for her party perfections such as accidentally setting up Rhododendron flowers, but she still manages to keep the party steady as guests start pouring in.

As the party proceeds, Daisy expresses her interest to Glamour about an outfit she prepared, until suddenly a waitress (Jane) walks by and spills a drink on her coat. In order to keep herself from being embarrassed in front of Glamour, Daisy leaves the room to clean herself up.

Once she's at the elevator and believing no one's around, she smashes a nearby vase to let out her anger and keep herself at ease for her ultimate goal tonight. Unbeknownst to Daisy, Donald Duck suddenly shows up just as the elevator's about to close and the two ride the elevator together. During the ride, Donald attempts to keep Daisy on the elevator for as long as he can by supposedly tripping over and pressing all the elevator buttons, unknown to Daisy that his true goal is to steal her stage pass. Suddenly, the elevator comes to a complete halt which causes Donald's sleeve to get caught onto Daisy's handbag, as he then tries to unhook it but instead causes both him and Daisy to get tangled up further. Once they realize the elevator is now broken, both Daisy and Donald begin to shift the blame onto each other for their current conflict. However, when Donald suddenly shouts out about missing his big break, Daisy demands for answers and he confesses about his band's plan, which was set up by his nephew Louie Duck to crash the party and perform their music, much to her shock.

As the night goes on, Donald and Daisy remain stuck in the elevator together striving to untangle themselves from Daisy's handbag string, and are eventually successful. Due to Daisy's stain on her coat getting worse, she decides to take it off so she won't ruin her dress. When Donald compliments her dress, Daisy is touched and reveals she made it herself and she had hoped Glamour would notice it tonight so she could make it on her It-list and pursue her dreams of becoming a real designer. She once again blames Donald for missing out on her big chance, but she also admits Glamour rarely ever listens to what she has to say. Donald believes he can relate to her struggles because no one ever listens to him either since they never understand what he's saying, even though Daisy claims she can understand him perfectly. Knowing they are bound to remain stuck in the elevator for a little while longer, Daisy allows Donald to sing her something to let the time go by. He sang her a song he made up known as "Hear my Voice," which encourages Daisy to snap out of her slump and declare that Glamour will be hearing from both of them tonight. Daisy then manages to lower a roof compartment with a ladder attached to it, as both her and Donald escape from the elevator and make their way back to the party through the ventilation system. However, as they look through an open vent to view the party, they realize all the party guests are being held hostage by Falcon Graves, Gabby McStabberson and Hack and Slash Smashnikov. They then notice Glamour attempting to retrieve her phone back by Graves, who then announces he was hired to sell all her company's assets she had on her phone to the highest bidder.

However, unbeknownst to Graves, the buyer is revealed to be another desired It-list maker Mark Beaks, who also happens to be Glamour's son. Suddenly, they are distracted by Dewey Duck's yoyo performance, which gives Donald and Daisy just enough time to drop down and ambush Graves. With Dewey now in possession of the phone that slipped out of Graves' hands, an all out brawl begins with Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca and Webby Vanderquack now joining in on the fight to stop the robbers. Donald and Daisy continue to fight off Graves, but when Graves manages to throw Donald to the ground, Daisy becomes infuriated and manages to defeat Graves, knocking him out cold by smashing his head with a vase. Nevertheless, Daisy is then put into a corner by Glamour herself, accusing her of being responsible for wrecking her party. Luckily, Donald steps in for Daisy and rants to Glamour that Daisy had just saved her party rather than ruined it. Although Glamour is originally insulted that both he and Daisy were now speaking to her that way, she is instead impressed they had the guts to do so. Glamour then takes a small glance at Daisy's dress and shows admiration for it, which she then decides to place it on her It-list. Once all the robbers are arrested and taken away, the party resumes with Donald and his band members Panchito and Jose now performing on stage. Although most of the party guests dislike Donald's singing, with Dewey believing it to be the main reason the band didn't make the It-list, Daisy disagrees, believing she would enjoy listening to his voice all night.

New Gods on The Block

The Last Adventure



  • Unlike the other series, while the Duck couple had known each other, Daisy and Donald haven’t met in the reboot timeline and the series shows how they first met.
  • Originally, Daisy was meant to be introduced in the first season as Flintheart's assistant and Donald's ex-girlfriend.
  • She is one of the few people that can somehow perfectly understand Donald.


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