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Daita Oiwa (大岩 大太, Ōiwa Daita) is Kirenger of the Gorengers, with the designation number "3". He is a jovial engineering recruit at EAGLE’s Kyushu branch.



While adept in mechanics and mathematics, he had a very hard time solving simple word puzzles and riddles. Being a Judo Champion, Daita was very strong and tough. He had a voracious appetite and often ordered “Omori” (big portions) of everything, especially curry rice, which was his favorite. He is said to have ten siblings.

As Kirenger, he was armed with the “Ki Sticker” <Yellow Sticker> which was a fighting pole whose head can be outfitted with various attachments such as a punching fist. He also utilized the “YTC” radio which could jam electronic circuitry. Oiwa was later promoted to Chief of the Kyushu EAGLE branch.

Daigorou Kumano was recruited from among EAGLE’s other trainees to fill his position. Daigorou, however fell in battle while battling a Kuro Jujigun operative. Daita soon returned to active duty again with the Gorenger team. He rode in the “Blue Machine / Blue Star” sidecar. He also copiloted the “Varibloom” and “Varidreen” sky vehicles.



  • Birdies
  • YTC Radio
  • Yellow Sticker
  • Variblune
  • Varidreen
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