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Dale Arbus is the deuteragonist of the movie Horrible Bosses. He is played by Charlie Day. 

Dale is a dental assistant whose boss, Julia Harris D.D.S., constantly makes unwelcome sexual advances on him, sometimes even blackmailing him to sleep with her. 

Since Dale is engaged to Stacy and his boss is posing a threat to his marriage, he and his two best friends conspire to kill their bosses.

Kurt chooses to take care of Julia, and he decides that having sex with her will blow Julia's interest in Dale away. However, it doesn't work and Dale accuses Kurt of making Julia even more obsessed with sex. Dale is then called by Julia who orders to have hardcore sex with her, and Dale does promise her "details", giving out a very dirty sex call as while Harken tries to kill Nick, Kurt and Dale in a traffic collision with his heavy SUV that easily pummels the Prius the 3 are in.

In the end, he doesn't kill her, but manages to get an incriminating video and threatens to release it unless she pays for his honeymoon and stops sexually harassing him.

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