Dalia is a character in the 2019 live-action Disney film Aladdin. She is Princess Jasmine's loyal handmaiden, confidante, and childhood friend. She also serves as the Genie's love interest and later his wife.

Aladdin (2019)

The movie opens with a Mariner (Genie) and his wife (Dalia) telling their children the story of Aladdin.

One day, Aladdin rescues a young woman from the palace guards. Although she claims to be Dalia, handmaiden to Princess Jasmine of Agrabah, she is later revealed to be Jasmine herself when another suitor for the princess, Prince Anders, arrives.

When Aladdin takes Jasmine on a ride on the magic carpet, the Genie goes out with Dalia.

When Jafar wishes to become Sultan and the world's most powerful sorcerer and exiling Aladdin to a frozen wasteland, he threatens to kill Dalia and the Sultan unless Jasmine agrees to marry him.

With Agrabah returned to normal after Jafar's defeat, the Genie and Dalia leave to explore the world while Aladdin and Jasmine start their new life together. They are revealed to be the Mariner and the wife from the opening of the movie.


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