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Eat this, asswipes!
~ Dallas when throwing a grenade.

Nathan Steele a.k.a. Dallas is one of main characters and playable characters in Payday: The Heist and Payday 2. He will return in Payday 3. He was voiced by Simon Karr.


Payday: The Heist

Already in his youth, Dallas was working for the Chicago Mafia. Soon he was appointed a paid killer. When he was 30, he was killed by more than a dozen mafia members. Because of her mistake, the mafia tried to kill Dallas, but it was possible to get away with it. Hiding, he traded with weapons. Fighting with each other with their competitors - drug traffickers. After 10 years,Bain finds him and assigns him to the crew.

Payday 2

It turns out that Dallas, apart from bank robberies, also has a normal job. He is called in it as Nathan Steele. In the mini-series he works as the director of the First World Bank by helping the crew to rob the bank from the inside. You should also work as a dental assistant "Dentist". In Payday 2, I find out that Dallas has a younger brother who replaces Hoxton's seat when he is in prison.



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