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Damien Falco is the chief of the American secret union (NSA) and head of Jinx and a major chracter in the 2002 007: film Die Another Day. He is played by Michael Madsen.


Damien Falco helps M along with Jinx stop the threat of Gustav Graves, and reluctantly sends her to work James Bond.

Damien first appears at the exchange with Bond and Zao in North Korea. He is later ironically seen seeing Jinx with Bond, where there Bond sets out to go kill Graves where no one else can, but reluctant Hawk to send the British, he sends Jinx with Bond, this after talking to M about the fact that they found out. that Miranda Frost was a double agent.

He is later seen in a buncker with M near the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea when Grave uses Icarus to destroy the minefield between the two countries. He orders ASAT to launch a missile at Icarus, only to have the sent missile destroyed.

When the whole secret zone is in danger, Falco says that trampò will have to hit Icarus with everything they have, but M replies that it may not be enough.

Bond and Jinx get into Graves’s plane and kill him and Miranda and save South Korea and Japan, much to Falco’s surprise who then smokes a resigned cigarette.


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