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I was raised by an elite group of assassins from birth. And you're a clown. And an old one at that. What are you thirty?
~ Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne, also known as Robin, is one of the supporting characters of the adult-animated tv-series Harley Quinn. He is the son of Batman. He is voiced by Jacob Tremblay who also portrayed Auggie Pullman in Wonder and Luca Paguro in Luca.



Damian Wayne is raised by The League of Shadows and he joins his father Batman into crime-fighting. He is also a member of the Teen Titans.

Season 2 New Gotham

Damian takes his outfit and tries to  take up the mantle of Batman, only for James Gordon  to mock and discourage him while Batman was missing. He did manage to let Gordon know of Batman's nonappearance, and affirmed that Batman didn't make any response to his texts even though he didn't accept to share the contact info with Gordon all the same.


Damian is a boy who is 12 years of age with black hair, wears a yellow cape and wears a suit that is black, yellow and red.


  • This version of Damian Wayne doesn't seems to be as prepared for crime fighting as the main version, due to the fact that he was calling for help right away after he noticed he was in some danger.