Early Life

Not much know about his early life, except that Damien Darhk was born some point in 1761.Before creating H.I.V.E., Darhk was a member of the League of Assassins. Ra's al Ghul mentions that he and Damien Darhk were horsemen of Ra's' predecessor. Darhk thought himself worthy of taking the mantle of Ras al Ghul but his friend was the chosen one. Damien was to be killed but managed to escape, taking with him waters of the Lazarus Pit and some loyal followers.

In 1962, Darhk made a living as a professional hitman and was infamous for his ruthlessness and efficiency. He was hired by some oil companies to assassinate the scientist Bernhard Vogel, who had just invented cold fusion which threatened to put the fossil fuel energy out of business. While Vogel was awaiting transfer in an East Berlin safehouse, Darhk shot him in the chest while he was sitting on the toilet. In retrospect, Darhk considered the murder of Vogel his greatest hit

Association with Vandal Salvage

In October 1975, Darhk planned on buying a nuclear warhead capable of producing a blast equivalent to 1 megaton of TNT from Vandal Savage in a terrorist auction at a Norwegian military storage facility. Savage put in an intial bid of $100 million and Darhk was one of the terrorists raising it. Eventually, only bidding to strenghten their cover as terrorists, Rip Hunter's time travelling team accidentally bought the warhead for $125 million when no one further outbode them.

After the bidding, Darhk approached Dr. Martin Stein whom he believed to be the leader of Rip Hunter's "organisation". He asked him wo he was, to which Stein responded that he now seemed to be a nuclear power. Darhk continued, claiming that he did not recognize neither Stein nor his organisation and that he knew every terrorist group. Heatwave then interrupted, shoving Darhk while telling him to back off. Eventually, Savage joined Darhk, asking whether there was a problem, gaining them the attention of the entire facility. To avoid a fight, Leonard Snart told Savage that they would collect their nuclear warhead and be on their way, to which the auctioneer replied that they would have to pay first. Stein then claimed that they had to validate the capability of the warhead first, as he personally found it hardly to believe that Savage found enough material to create a nuclear warhead in this era. This caused Savage to realise that Stein's group were time travellers and he returned to the podium, claiming that he would provide a 25 percent discount to the person who would bring him the heads of Stein and his team members.

This caused almost every group in the building to attack the intruders, excluding Darhk who fled with his guards.


According to Ra's, Damien in the present-day commands a "hive of agents" around the world. He sent Milo Armitage to aquire Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake device, then hired Gholem Qadir to release nerve gas in Markovia. Some time later, he also hired Mark Shaw to steal A.R.G.U.S. documents, but each of his attempts were met with failure, foiled by the Green Arrow and his team.

In 2015, Darhk visits Starling City, having a whole hotel floor shut down for his purposes. He is tracked down by Ra's al Ghul who wants to kill him. Planning to capture Darhk to trade him for the virus in Ra's' possession, Oliver Queen and his team also try to find Darhk, but both Queen and Ra's are too late to find him. Having expected that Ra's wants to kill him, Darhk left the city and left one of his servants behind. Upon arriving in Darhk's suite, the agent mocks Oliver and tells him that Darhk left the city the moment he learned of Ra's' intentions and is then shot through a window by Ra's al Ghul.

Arrival at Star City

When Quentin Lance and other city officials discuss the city's future (including the threat of a highly skilled terrorist group dubbed "Ghosts") they are interrupted by Damien Darhk who enters the room. Upon being told that this is a private meeting, Damien replies that this suits him because he hates interruptions. He reveals himself as the leader of the so called "Ghosts" and tells the board that he wants them to let this city die, comparing Star City to a dying dog you would put down instead of watching him suffer. Despite many warnings by the officials Darhk stays in the room. The District Attourney plans to call security when Darhk doesn't leave the room but is stopped by Darhk who calls her behaviour rude. Darhk then adresses the group, suggesting that if they, despite not being particularly likable, have friends or anyone who loves them it would be time to say goodbye. After telling them that his people will be in touch he leaves the meeting, leaving a group of perplexed and shocked officials behind.

Later that day, the city officials are attacked on Darhk's orders. The attack of the Ghosts leads to the death of the District Attourney, the City Controller and the Head of Emergency Services. This events result in Oliver Queen's return as the Arrow.

At night, Team Arrow (which has located the Ghost's hideout) overhear Damien Darhk chastizing a soldier for almost getting caught by the Arrow on a previous mission. Darhk places his hand on the soldiers chest and uses magic to absorb the man's life force, which makes the soldier bleed out of mouth and nose, causing him to slump down to the ground mortally wounded. When Team Arrow attacks, Damien escapes while his soldiers are defeated.

Facing the Arrow

By interrogating the dying soldier Team Arrow finds out that Darhk plans to blow up the Star City Central Station. Unable to find the bomb, the team ensures the evacuation of the station. Following a lead, Oliver boards an incoming train to find that it contains the explosives and Damien Darhk.

Queen aims at Darhk with his bow, telling him to stop the train wo which Darhk replies that he destroyed the breaking system 20 miles ago. When asked by Queen if he wants to die for the destruction of a train station, Darhk responds by saying that that would be ridiculous. Arrow asks his opponent how he plans from getting out of the train to which Darhk replies: " You don't know who I am, do you? I'm Damien Darhk!". Realising whom he is facing, Queen lets go of the arrow but it is stopped by Darhk, who holds out his hand, freezing the arrow mid-air. Queen shoots three more arrows that are all blocked by Darhk and then engages with him in a fistfight where he is easily overpowered. Darhk then tries to kill the Arrow with the same life absorbing technique used on his agent, but is stopped by Diggle who silently entered the train and shoots Darhk in the back with a tranquilizer dart. Though temporarily weakened, Darhk manages to get off the driving train while Diggle helps Oliver up.


Having returned to his base, his plan foiled, he later watches the news when Oliver proclaims himself "The Green Arrow". Afterwards, Darhk visits a shrine hidden in a closet at his hideout. He takes a knife and slits his arm, letting the blood drip into a bowl. After mumbling words in an unknown language, glowing symbols briefly appear on his arm and the cut is healed. Darhk is then disturbed by a H.I.V.E. agent who reveals that he has a visitor. When the visitor is led in Darhk apologizes to the man in front of him for injuring his arm but states that it was neccessary to prevent anyone to suspect his involvement with H.I.V.E.. His opponent is then revealed to be Quentin Lance. Darhk states his disappointment that the train station was not destroyed, Lance however says that he's glad because he did not sign up for mass murder. Darhk then orders Lance to find out as much as possible about the Green Arrow and says that he wants him off the board before his associates arrive. Lance asks what happens if he declines but Darhk states that he thought that he had made sure that Quentin realised he did not have a choice.


As part of his plans for the conquest of Star City, Darhk hires Lonnie Machin, an assassin, to kill mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth. However, Machin fails when Oliver Queen, whose mother was a friend of Danforth, intervenes.

After Lonnie Machin has failed to kill Danforth, he is visited by Darhk. Darhk sarcastically congratulates Machin on his dramatic attack but tells him that because of his failure only half the fee has been wired into Machin's account. He also states that because of his failure he is sadly not useful enough to join his organisation. Trying to prove his value, Machin tells Darhk that he is not done yet and just needs more time. Darhk grants him the time but also reminds him that H.I.V.E. does not believe in third chances.

After Machin has kidnapped Danforths daughter to blackmail her into stepping down, he is visited by a furious Damien Darhk who demands to know what Anarky did with the girl. Machin proudly reveals that he kidnapped her and that he only needs to make one phone call to end Danforth's candidature as mayor. Darhk interrupts him, telling him that some lines are not to be crossed and that he now understands why Machin was banished by his former master. He further states that their business is concluded because Machin is sloppy and only represents anarchy. He tells Machin to clean up the mess he created and turns to leave but Machin grabs his arm and tells him to wait. Darhk coldly turns around, stressing the fact that Machin dared to touch him, causing Machin to realise he has gone too far. After Machin has removed his hand, Darhk once again tells him to clean up his mess before leaving the room.

While Darhk sits in his office at his headquarter, Lance bursts in and angrily threatens Darhk because of Madison Danforth's disappearance. Darhk tells him that this is out of his control to which Lance replies that he too will soon be out of Darhk's control. Lance tells Darhk that he will leave their business to which Darhk calmly remarks that Lance will need a reminder that Madison Danforth is not the only vulnerable daughter in the city. Lance furiously tells him to stay away from his daugher, calling him a "son of a bitch". Darhk tells him to mind his language however, being a father himself, he agrees that the kidnapping of Madison lacks taste. He provides Lance with Madison's location but, nontheless, reminds Lance to mind his tone the next time they meet.

Feud with Mina Fayad

After returning from an operation in Markovia, Mina Fayad meets Darhk though Darhk is clearly displeased. He is irritated because Mina brought a guard with her. Mina replies that she brought the asset as instructed. When Darhk responds that he did not instruct her, she replies that his associates at H.I.V.E. were responsible. Darhk asks for a demonstration of the talents of Fayad's associate on a H.I.V.E. agent who failed to take his cyanide capsule when captured. Fayad's guard, Jeremy Tell, then reveals himself as a meta-human when he kills the guard by throwing three playing cards into his chest which he draws out of his tattoos. Darhk is amused and agrees to send Tell to kill the Green Arrow.

After Fayad has almost been killed by John Diggle and Tell failed to kill the Green Arrow, Darhk is furious at both of them. Being especially annoyed with Fayad, Damien says that she was almost compromised and that he lost many good men to protect her and that he only agreed to her idea of employing Tell because his associates are anxious to progress to phase 3 of "Operation Genesis". When Fayad tries to defend herself Darhk turns to Tell, stating that he will need another demonstration. Tell irritatedly asks if Darhk wants from him to kill Fayad to which Darhk responds that Tell should try to kill him. After making sure that he still gets paid in case of Darhk's demise, Tell thrusts a card at Damien who easily catches it mid-air with his powers. Darhk then hurls the card into Fayad's throat, executing her for her failure. He also lunges the now bloody card at Tell but stops it in time. Darhk coldly tells Tell that this demonstration was for Tell and that he now knows how Darhk rewards disappointment.

Partnership with Lance revealed

After having found out that Laurel revived Sarah but thereby turned her into a soulless monster, Lance initiates a meeting with Darhk at an abandoned sidealley at Star City. When Lance arrives, Darhk states that he was surprised that Lance came to him but also remarks that this could mean that their relationship took an important way forward. Lance reveals that he did some digging on Darhk and knows that he is a former member of the League of Assassins. As Darhk has knowledge about the Lazarus Pit, Lance asks him if there is any way to turn Sarah back normal. Damien is impressed, stating that it is a miracle that Sarah came back at all but Lance answers that it doesn't feel like a miracle. Darhk then tells Lance that though Sarah seems to be back her soul did not return and advises Lance from "father to father" to kill Sarah to bring her peace. Indeed, Lance later intends to kill Sarah but is talked out of it by Laurel.

While Team Arrow watches traffic cameras to find out the location of corrupt Liza Warner and her team, Oliver sees footage of Lance's meeting with Darhk. Furiously he confronts Lance who reveals that when Darhk initially came to him he seemed like a guy of resources who wanted to help the city when it urgently needed help. When Lance found out about Darhk's true origins Darhk blackmailed him into service by threatening Laurel's life. Later, Quentin Lance tells Oliver that he will surrender himself to the authoritys but Oliver prevents him from doing so, stating that it would be of more use if Quentin stayed in Darhks organisation.

At the time Oliver Queen announces his candidacy for mayor, a H.I.V.E. agent brings Darhk an ancient box which he opens reverently. Sensing someone behind him he turns around to see that Lance has returned.

Revealing the truth about Andrew Diggle

With Lance once more at his disposal, Darhk once again calls him for a meeting. When Lance arrives, Darhk thanks him for coming but Lance answers that both of them know that he didn't have a choice. Darhk dryly replies that this is especially true shince Lance literally doubled the amount of daughters Darhk can threaten him with. Darhk then tells Lance that he needs a favor. He hands him a USB drive and orders him to break into a nearby server farm and plug the drive into their network. Sensing that Lance is uncomfortable with this Darhk states that it won't cause the city's destruction.

As Oliver does not want Lance to go alone he sends John Diggle with him. Diggle, who is not comfortable with going with Lance because he works for the organisation who killed his brother, asks Lance how he could possibly work with H.I.V.E.. As with Oliver, Lance tells Diggle that at first Darhk seemed to be the city's savior until revealing his true colors. He also tells Diggle that he found out Darhk's real intentions when Darhk asked him where a certain fire chief would go for vacation and the place blew up the day after Lance gave Darhk the adress. When confronting Darhk, Darhk showed Lance pictures of Laurel, at home and at work.

At the server farm, Lance plugs in the USB stick to see that it contains a virus deleting files on several people with military connections. Diggle sees that files of his murdered brother Andrew are also deleted but is unable to stop the process. After successfully returning to Darhk, Lance asks him about Andrew Diggle. Stating that he will only tell Lance because of his resounding success, Darhk reveals that Diggle was in fact a crime lord selling people, drugs and weapons in Afghanistan. H.I.V.E. wanted to get into the market without any competitors and thus hired an Assassins to kill Andrew Diggle. Darhk also gives Lance Andrew Diggle's file which Lance later gives to John.

After restoring Sarahs soul, John Constantine tells Oliver that he sensed a presence of magic the moment he entered the city. When Oliver tells him that this would be Damien Darhk, Constantine is visibly disturbed and tells Oliver to leave the city while he still can.

Ray Palmer

Through secret messages sent to Felicity Smoak it is revealed that Ray Palmer did not die in the explosion at Palmer Technologies but was shrunk to minimal size. While sending distress signals to get Felicity's attention he instead drew H.I.V.E.s attention on him and was captured. H.I.V.E. needs him to get the technology from his suit but, due to his size, this is not possible.

When Ray sends messages to Felicity, stating he is in trouble Team Arrow breaks into Kord Technologies to obtain a device able to bring back Ray to his actual size. While the team is busy, Felicity gets another message, this time as a video feed, from Ray but is shocked when she sees that Ray is imprisoned in a glass cube and that Damien Darhk is looking at him. The connection is then lost. After the team returns, Oliver states that it is good that Darhk is the one to hold Ray captive because they still have Lance as an asset in Darhk's organisation.

Meanwhile, Darhk visits Ray and tells him that despite their best efforts his scientists were not able to restore Ray's size and asks Ray for some assistance. Ray dryly asks what this would gain him except death but Darhk tells him that it is not his life he should be worried about. He then reveals that he heard every message Ray sent to Felicity and rhetorically wonders if the same Felicity who was Ray's ex-girlfriend and former vice president is meant. Angrily Ray tells Darhk to leave her alone but Darhk interrupts him, telling him not to make empty threats as that is "small".

To draw Darhk out of his headquarter Lance sets up another meeting with Darhk. When Darhk arrives, Lance tells him that while Sarah has been mostly restored, not every part of her has returned. He states that he will help Darhk if Darhk helps him, as Darhk has knowledge on this "magic mumbo jumbo". Insulted by Lance's casual tone, Darhk answers that he will think about it but tells Lance that this was the last time Lance summoned him.

Second encounter with the Green Arrow

Having been able to find the building Darhk holds Ray in, Team Arrow prepares its attack. Diggle disguises himself as a H.I.V.E. soldier and seemingly captures and knocks out Oliver when he tries to get into the building through the roof. He brings Oliver to the basement of the building and chains Oliver to the ceiling.

When Oliver awakens he sees Darhk holding his quiver, congratulating him for his weaponry before breaking an arrow with his hand. Darhk sends the disguised Diggle away and then walks towards Oliver, asking him if Oliver would mind if he looked under his hood to find out whether his speculations were accurate. However, when Darhk comes too close Oliver kicks him in the chest and breaks free from the chains. Darhk immediately gets back up and blocks an arrow Oliver shoots at him. He remarks that Oliver did not learn anything from their first encounter and uses his magical powers to strangulate Oliver with the metal chains he was previously held with. However, Oliver uses a flashbang device to temporarily stun Darhk. After Darhk's sight returns he sees that Oliver is gone, with the chains lying on the ground. However, while Oliver fought Darhk the rest of Team Arrow was able to restore Ray's size and to escape with him. His failure visibly disturbs Darhk.

Later, one of his scientists tells Darhk that they were able to recover some of Palmer's technology and to fuel it into a power source. Darhk then opens the box he was brought weeks ago and reveals it to be actually a folded wooden chart of some sort, containing many symbols. He tells the scientist to test the device on the chart.

Questioning Lance's loyalty

After having been summoned to Darhk once more, Lance greets Darhk upon his arrival. Darhk asks since when Lance has decided to be polite to which Lance answers that after having been put down so many times he has realised who's the boss. Darhk replies that this is apparently not so and tells Lance that after the meeting Lance initiated, Darhk had an unpleasant visit from the Green Arrow and his team, with his security team suggesting that Lance only called for a meeting so that the Arrow could track Darhk. Lance says that it is uninportant what the securety team thinks but whether Darhk trusts him, to which Darhk replies that trust requires ideal conditions to thrive, elsewise it dies. Before leaving he tells Lance to tread carefully as the death of Laurel is not the most devastating thing he can threaten him with. While Darhk leaves, Lance glances at a note between Darhks files which reads "Starling Dock - Slip 52". Lance later passes this information to Oliver Queen, when Oliver asks him to find the location of Andrew Diggle.

Meeting Oliver Queen

After Oliver holds a speech at a GCPD gala, he is approached by Damien Darhk who tells him that he has some ideas how to contribute to Oliver's mayoral campaign. In their conversation, Darhk says that he is not just talking about financial support but that he has strong relations in business and media as well.

Darhk asks Oliver to think about how much they could accomplish together and remembers him that many things have changed since his parents held sway at the city. He also reminds Oliver that ignoring that fact was what doomed Jessica Danforth's candidacy. After Oliver bluntly asks Darhk what he wants, Darhk tells him that he read about Oliver's planned project to save Starling Bay and tells him that he wants Oliver to leave the bay as it is. Oliver asks what Darhk will do if he declines to which Darhk replies that in that case Oliver will no longer be unopposed. Darhk then bids Oliver farewell and leaves.

Later at the Arrowcave, Oliver tells Felicity that he plans to use this new connection to Darhk to get into H.I.V.E. as Lance has lost Darhk's trust. Felicity calls this the worst idea Oliver had in the last three years, including fighting Ra's al Ghul on a frozen mountain, and reminds him to tell of the last time he tried to destroy an evil organisation from the inside.

Indoctrination at the docks

Having found out that Andrew Diggle is not dead but in fact a H.I.V.E. agent, Oliver tries to bring John Diggle to fight to get his brother back but Diggle has lost his faith and respect for his brother. However, Oliver manages to bring him to visit the docks to get some information on Andrew.

When Diggle and Oliver follow Lance's lead in order to find Andrew, they witness Darhk indoctrinating new members to the Ghosts. He gives each of them a yellow pill, telling them that the pill will alter their mind to ensure absolute loyalty. He tells them that though they all volunteered, he thinks that they all agree that in any chain of command there can never be too much compliance. He then, as a demonstration, orders them to kneel which they all do without hesitation. A Ghost then sees Diggle and Oliver spying on them and opens fire. Andrew Diggle then orders the Ghosts to attack, but tells them only to kill "the green one". During their escape Diggle and Oliver fight many Ghosts but are able to flee from the docks, leaving Darhk and his new recruits behind.

Base attacked by Team Arrow

When Ray Palmer finds a probable location for the Ghost's operation base,Team Arrow assembles to get Andrew Diggle out of there, not planning to attack Darhk himself because they don't have the manpower.

However, while infiltrating, Thea encounters Darhk after having tranquilized Andrew. Darhk tells her that by her fighting style he recognizes her as trained by the League of Assassins. He grabs her at the throat and tries to uses his life-absorbing technique but is shocked when Thea is unharmed but he himself is drained. Silently exclaiming "This usually works..." he sinks to the ground which gives Thea time to flee. Darhk regenerates seconds later. Unbeknownst to Darhk, he thereby stalled Thea's bloodlust, giving her a few months without the neccessity of taking a life in order to survive.

Later, that night, Thea tells her father about her encounter with Darhk. She tells him while Darhk's magic backfired, it took away the bloodlust from her for a short time and ask Merlyn how to make that permanent.

On a press conference the next day, Oliver proclaims that he will continue his campaign for saving Starling Bay, thereby openly declaring war to Darhk, who is present in the crowd.

Stealing a bomb from ARGUS

An unspecified time later, Darhk and H.I.V.E. agents steal a chemical bomb from an A.R.G.U.S. facility with Darhk personally interfering, draining the life out of one of the security guards. During the heist, Darhk is in high spirits like a child. After the Green Arrow and his team show themselves, he sarcastically remarks that they brought arrows to a gunfight, which leads Oliver to activate a magnet developed by Felicity, which rips the gun out of the hands of the H.I.V.E. agents. Darhk admits that this was quite clever. While the team fights the agents, Oliver takes on Darhk personally, but Damien is able to place his hand onto Oliver's chest. Darhk starts draining the life out of Oliver and almost kills him. In the last moment, Oliver is saved by the Flash, who has come to Star City to ask Oliver for help against Vandal Savage. After Flash has saved Oliver, Darhk is completely oblivious to what has just happened and remains perplexed.

Identity revealed to the public

To punish Oliver for declining his offer, Darhk sends a H.I.V.E. drone that attacks the volunteers cleaning the bay of Star City, wreaking havoc until Felicity manages to hack the drone and steers it into the ocean. After everyone is safe, Oliver begins to wonder why the bay is so important to Darhk that he would bother to attack civilians for it.

After talking it through with Team Arrow, Oliver reveals to the media that Darhk is the leader of the Ghosts and also delivers a picture of Darhk to them. Darhk, who has been visited by the H.I.V.E. leadership who want to see his progress, watches this live on TV and melts the television in his fury. One of the leaders then congratulates Darhk and sarcastically remarks that Darhk is now famous.

The same night, Thea is visited by her father who tells her that his men in the League found out that Darhk's effect on Thea's bloodlust had nothing to do with her exposure to the Lazarus pit.

Revenge hit on the holiday party

To pay Oliver back for revealing Darhk's identity, Damien and H.I.V.E. soldiers attack Oliver's mayoral holiday party. Darhk quickly disarms two security guards with magic and then mocks Oliver, remarking that he killed the guards outside and that he supposes his invitation got lost in the mail. When Oliver asks him what he wants, Darhk answers that obviously he can not get what he wants: Olivers allegiance and loyalty. Oliver asks Darhk to let the party guests go as it was him who defied Darhk. Darhk responds that he wishes he could do that but he tells Oliver, that in order to punish someone it is much more effective to hurt those close to the person than the person himself. He then blasts Oliver through a window and leaves while his soldiers take Diggle, Thea and Felicity captive. When Oliver regains consciousness, Darhk and H.I.V.E. are gone.

With the help of Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver is able to get a secure phone of a H.I.V.E. agent. He calls Darhk, who is just in a meeting with the H.I.V.E. leaders who came to supervise his progress on Operation Genesis. While welcoming them to the city, Darhk is interrupted by Ms. Nixon who tells him that they did not come to watch Darhk's vendetta against a mayoral candidate but Darhk assures them that through his mayoral campaign Oliver became a threat. They are then interrupted by Oliver's call and Darhk agrees to a meeting with Queen.

The gas chamber

In accordance to their deal, Oliver surrenders himself to Darhk, who brings him into a H.I.V.E. headquarter. Darhk brings Oliver to a room containing a gas chamber. He calls this a demonstration of the project Oliver is going to help him with once H.I.V.E. has installed him as mayor. He tells Oliver to think of it as a life insurance policy for his friends. A H.I.V.E. member then steps forward and Darhk deeply thanks him for believing in him. He tells the man that he will be forever be a part of their hive before the man enters the gas chamber where he dies in seconds. Darhk then thanks Oliver for his "leg work" for skimming the bay, as his people were using the harbor to create a type of algea used for their experiments.

After the demonstration, Darhk leads Oliver to a cage where Felicity is held and leaves the room to give them the privacy for saying their farewells. When the H.I.V.E. guards bring Oliver and Felicity back to the main chamber, they are shocked to see that Darhk put Thea and Diggle into the gas chamber. Oliver screams at Darhk that they had a deal but is held back by guards. While other soldiers grab Felicity and shove her into the chamber, Darhk states that their 'deal' was at best implied and reminds Oliver that Darhk is the bad guy after all. He then tells Oliver that as long as his friends live, has has something to fight for and tells Oliver that he is taking this away from them. However, he assures them that their death will be almost completely painless. He then allows Oliver to run towards the chamber where he can only watch his friends slowly suffocating. They are interrupted by the arrival of Malcolm Merlyn, disguised as the Green Arrow, and Laurel who attack the nearby guards. Darhk and his associates leave the room, knowing that Oliver has no chance to free his friends in time. However, with the Black Canary's scream Oliver is able to break the glass and to get all his friends out of the chamber alive while Malcolm goes after Darhk.

While leaving with the H.I.V.E. leaders, Darhk is stopped by Malcolm who shoots an arrow in front of their feet. Darhk is amused, remarking that he was about to call things even. He then dismisses the board, stating that he got the situation under control. Malcolm fires an arrow at Darhk who holds it at bay with his magic, but while Darhk is about to lecture 'The Green Arrow' for having learnt nothing out of their fights, the arrow explodes and knocks Darhk to the ground. However, when Malcolm tries to finish of Darhk the latter teleports behind Merlyn and then easily overpowers him by use of his magic. He proceeds to strangulate Merlyn mid-air but Oliver tackles him to the ground which forces Darhk to release his hold of Merlyn. Darhk then knocks down Oliver and severely beats him but Malcolm regains consciousness and shoots Damien into the chest. Darhk falls to the ground and Malcolm plants another explosive arrow right next to him before he and Oliver leave the facility. Moments before the whole building blows up, Darhk is able to mutter the words which he used weeks ago to heal himself from the self-inflicted cut. The entire building then explodes, with no body of Darhk to be found.

Progress on Genesis

After the explosion, Team Arrow states that despite the explosion, Darhk has most likely survived. This is proven true when hours later, a completely unharmed Darhk leads the heads of H.I.V.E. into a gargantuan bunker filled with wheat plants. While Darhk leads them through the field, the H.I.V.E. leaders talk about that while the air seems surreal, it is completely breathable thanks to the algea they bred down at the harbor. Darhk then tells them that they can proceed with the next phase of Operation Genesis. Nixon then asks him what will happen to Oliver Queen.

Oliver, who has just proposed to Felicity and left a party with her by car, is attacked on the open street by H.I.V.E. agents who shoot up the car, killing the driver. Oliver manages to drive the car out of the ambush but, after having reached safety, realises that Felicity has been shot. He carries her out of the car and cradles her lifeless body. While Oliver is ambushed, Darhk returns home to his wife and daughter to celebrate Christmas with his loved ones.

Hunted by the Green Arrow

While doctors are performing surgery after surgery to save Felicitys life, Oliver intends to find his nemesis. Now hunting down Darhk without mercy, Oliver attacks multiple Ghosts and violently beats them to find out where Darhk is, going as far as pushing one into a electrical box. However, all Ghosts rather kill themselves than betraying their master. Unable to find any trace, Oliver turns to Quentin Lance. Though knowing that it would mean that Darhk found out that Lance betrayed him, Lance gives Oliver the location where he met with Darhk during the past weeks. However, when Oliver arrives at the place, he finds dead Ghosts lying all around, with the Anarky symbol sprayed to the wall. Realising that Machin is still alive, determined to get revenge on Darhk, Oliver decides to go after Machin first as they could get information from him. Though Team Arrow is able to capture Machin, he reveals no information. Oliver eventually frees him, knowing that Machin will want revenge on Darhk and will lead Oliver right to him. However, Machin destroys the tracker and is therefore free again. This causes Oliver to break down, as following Machin was the only plan he had.

Own home attacked

Determined to make Darhk suffer, Machin breaks into Darhk's house and captures Darhk's daughter and his wife Ruvé. After calling Darhk and making sure he gets home, Machin plans to hurt Darhk's family with his flamethrower as a means of revenge. However, the Green Arrow and his team arrive in time, having found the location through a tip from Andrew. While Oliver and Thea engage Machin in a fight, Diggle and Laurel bring Darhk's family to safety. When Machin flees, Oliver and Thea split up to find him again, only for Oliver to stumble upon Damien, who has arrived to save his family. Oliver and Darhk engage in a furious fistfight, in which Oliver seems to defeat Darhk. However, when the two of them separate, Darhk, although with a bloody nose, uses his magic to draw arrows from Oliver's quiver and lunging one of them into Oliver's body, meanwhile furiously demanding to know where his family is. Oliver rips the arrow out and tells Darhk that he saved them, causing Darhk to stop attacking.

Making clear that they are still enemies, Darhk recognizes that Oliver saved his family and for this grants him a few weeks so Oliver can spend a few weeks with his own family. Darhk then leaves the scene.

The same night, Darhk and his family drive to the new safehouse. Darhk tells Ruvé that they will be safe there. After promising them that Machin will never come for them again, Darhk is surprised when his wife chides him for not having killed the Green Arrow. Darhk justifies his actions, claiming it would be bad sport to kill the Arrow the same night he saved his family, but Ruvé tells him that with Operation Genesis coming to a close, there is too much at stake to be playing games. Damien then asks his wife if she remembers what he promised her, and she answers that he promised her a new beginning. Damien says that she will have it once they've brought the world to it's end.

Ruvé's candidature

To gain control of Star City, Darhk's wife Ruvé enters the preelection for mayorship, thereby becoming an opponent to Oliver. When Oliver recognizes Ruvé on her promotional posters, he dons his uniform and approaches Ruvé outside of her campaign office, telling him that he wants to meet with Darhk. Ruvé claims that Oliver would not survive another meeting with Darhk but Oliver tells her that he merely has a proposition for Darhk. However, the meeting does not come to pass.

After the League of Assassins has been disbanded by Nyssa al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn, furious at Oliver for his part in the scheme, meets with Damien Darhk, claiming to know what person Oliver loves most. Darhk tells that he knows as well and that his men did a pretty good job on her at the holidays, but Merlyn tells him that the person Oliver loves most is not Felicity Smoak but Oliver's son William.

Conference with H.I.V.E.

To inform the H.I.V.E. leaders on the progress on Genesis, Darhk organises a conference, not just with the leaders in Star City but also those spread into the world attend via screen. Malcolm Merlyn is also present. While telling them that phase four is proceeding according to their plan, he is interrupted by Milo Armitage, who claims that there is still some concern about the Star City operation. Telling Armitage to elaborate, he is again interrupted by another leader who says that Armitage is too polite to say that the entire phase depends on Ruvé's questionable political knowledge.

Darhk then turns to the man's screen, claiming that he remembers taking a siesta in the man's Madrid office once and that he can still picture the room as if he was there in person, stressing the last part. By use of his magical powers, Darhk then kills the man, breaking his neck by the sounds of it. The meeting then continues as if nothing has happened. Armitage and Ms. Nixon then adress the matter of Quentin Lance, claiming that he clearly aided the vigilantes. Merlyn confirms that. Darhk tells them that Lance will soon be dealt with.

Indeed, Lance is soon after called by dispatch and led to an abandoned house, where he is apparently needed. However, the house falls apart once Lance is inside and he barely survives the crash. The Demolition Team, being the ones responsible for the attack on Lance, are next tasked to destroy the building the mayoral debate takes place in to kill everyone except Ruvé, who can then gain sympathies by playing the lone survivor. The scheme is foiled however, and Oliver wins the debate.

After the debate, Darhk returns home and introduces his daughter Nora to Oliver's son William, claiming that William's mother asked him to take care of him for a while. While Nora and William walk away to play, Darhk grins victoriously.


When Oliver and Felicity return leave the building where Curtis Hold's husband works, they are approached by Damien Darhk in the parking garage. Darhk provokes Oliver by reminding him he's the reason why Felicity is in her current position. Furious, Oliver attempts to reach Darhk but is defeated by Darhk's powers before he can make more than two steps. Darhk briefly adresses Felicity, suggesting her to use a motorized wheelchair. Felicity tells Darhk that he does not know who he's messing with and Darhk tells her that the messing ends today. He then turns to Oliver, claiming that Darhk tried to bring Oliver into the fold but acknowledging that nothing Darhk tried worked. Oliver then receives a text message with a picture of William. Darhk reveals that he took William, who thinks that he's a friend of William's mother. He then tells Oliver to hold a press conference on Friday 6 pm to drop out of the mayoral race or Darhk would kill the boy. Damien claims that he will watch the conference through his brand-new television to make sure Oliver indeed drops out.

Oliver ensures the assistance of Vixen, who manages to track down William by use of magic. She finds out that William is still in the city and tells Oliver that she thinks that she can find him. Eventually, Vixen leads Team Arrow to the penthouse where H.I.V.E. is keeping Oliver. Oliver swings to the rooftop and takes out the guards while Thea and Laurel defeat the soldiers inside the building. Oliver then enters the room where he expects William to be, but he only finds Darhk who claims that he had moved William two minutes before Oliver appeared. Vixen then arrives and both attack Darhk. Darhk holds both of them off first, recognizing Vixen's totem, but Vixen eventually breaks free and she and Darhk fight each other with magic. Eventually, Vixen is overwhelmed and Darhk uses his powers to blast Oliver out of the window. Vixen manages to catch him but while she helps Oliver back into the room Darhk escapes.

When Oliver returns to the Arrowcave, Darhk calls him and informs him that the Green Arrow attacked him earlier. He tells Oliver to immediately get himself in front of a TV camera to announce his retreat and tells him to fully endorse Ruvé Adams while he does so.

Finding out about Darhk's totem

After Oliver is called by Darhk and tells his team that he will drop out, Vixen reveals that every user of magic has a totem of some sorts from which he draws his powers. Lance claims that he once or twice ran into Darhk in front of a cabinet and he says that inside the cabinet was some sort of idol. He offers Vixen to draw it for her to find out whether she knows what it is. This gives the team hope to eventually catch Darhk but as Darhk is still threatening William, Oliver calls in a press conference and bows to Darhk's demands.

After, he returns to the Arrowcave to find out that Vixen indeed recognized the totem. She claims that it's extremely powerful but needs a constant connection to one of the earth laylines in order to work. She compares it to magic wifi, with the idol being the internet connection. Having received a map of the laylines in Star City from an old friend, Vixen claims that Darhk's hideout needs to be above one ot the lines. However, they find out that Darhk keeps his idol moving to make it harder to track him but Felicity nonetheless finds out that Darhk is hiding on a compound in Skywoods.

That moment, Darhk calls Oliver and tells him to come to Nelson Plaza in three hours, claiming that he will release William. However, meeting Darhk would mean that they could lose their chance to take down Darhk's powers once and for all. Oliver leaves the choice to Williams mother, who tells him to take down Darhk to make sure that he never hurts someone again.

Attack on Skywoods

With combined forces, the team attacks the compound at Skywoods. Vixen breaks through the roof, landing right in front of Darhk. Though attacked by him, she manages to steal Darhk's idol from a nearby table and escapes with it, leaving a stunned Darhk behind.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team defeat Darhk's guard outside the manor. While they doing so, Darhk furiously leaves the house through the front doors and viciously attacks Thea, Laurel and Oliver by magic, suffocating them. Meanwhile, Vixen returns to Diggle with the idol. When they realise that seperating it from Darhk has no effects, Vixen uses her powers to smash it onto a rock, breaking off a piece of the idol. Thereby, Darhk loses his powers. At first not realising what happened, Darhk tries to continue his magical attack but then realises that his powers are gone. He then tries to attack Oliver in a fistfight but is quickly overpowered and knocked out by Oliver, marking the first time Oliver actually defeated Darhk.


Darhk is arrested by Detetive Lance moments after and brought to prison. During his trial, Darhk's lawyers try to pass it of as if Darhk himself had only been a victim and had been forcefully imprisoned at Skywoods. Although Laurel Lance as District Attourney tries to convince the judge that the man in front of them is Damien Darhk, Darhk's attourney claims that there is no proof whatsoever, merely Oliver Queen's statement. Laurel claims that she will deliver proof but Darhk's lawyer tries to convince the judge that it would be inhumane to keep Darhk imprisoned in the meantime, however, the judge orders Darhk to remain imprisoned until Laurel can deliver her proof.

Back at the Arrowcave, the team talks about the evidence they're going to present. As they cannot send Andrew Diggle, as he is legally dead, they decide that Felicity and Thea are going to testify, as they were prisoners of Darhk. Before they can continue their plans, they are called by Lance who has found two dead bodies, victims of Carrie Cutter.

Back at court, Diggle testifies against Darhk, revealing that Darhk and H.I.V.E. soldiers ambushed Oliver's mayoral holiday party, killed the guards and took him, Thea and Felicity hostage. However, Darhk's judge besmirches Diggle's credibility by revealing about how Diggle helped Thea buy tons of cocaine in the past (which they did to set a trap for a criminal). To prevent Darhk from going free, Quentin Lance testifies against Darhk, revealing how he was forced to work for Darhk who threatened his daughter. Lance confesses everything Darhk made him do. With Lance's testimony particularly believable, the judge sentences Darhk to prison until his trial without the possibility of bail. Darhk is then taken by two policemen and brought to prison.

After being brough to his prison cell, Darhk makes sure that no one is around to look before revealing that he hid a ring in his mouth. After putting the ring on his finger, Darhk chuckles knowingly.


In prison, Darhk is visited by Malcolm Merlyn and asks why his resources haven't been deployed to free him. Malcolm claims that his "resources" are not too particularly keen to lift a finger for Darhk, who has ruled through fear with his magic and has killed members of H.I.V.E. whenever he was displeased with them. Malcolm tells Damien that H.I.V.E. is moving on without him but wish him the best of luck for his trial. Furious, Darhk attempts to kill Malcolm with magic, having forgotten the destruction of his idol. This leads Malcolm to quip about how performance issues are normal for a man of Darhk's age. He then leaves a brooding Damien alone in the room.

In prison, Darhk is approached by three prisoners, led by Murmur. One of them claims that while Darhk was a big deal in Star City, the only leader in here is Murmur. Amused, Darhk asks whether Murmur sew his moth shut himself or if they have a "lip-sowing guy", causing the prisoners to attack him. Although he can fend them off at first, Darhk is eventually beaten up by Murmur's henchmen who only stop when guards arrive.

However, Darhk swiftly learns that Murmur has only one living relative, a grandmother. By threatening the life of said grandmother, Darhk gains control over Murmur and when the three return to get revenge on Darhk, Darhk merely chuckles and watches as Murmur is forced to stab his two henchmen to death. After the two are dead, Darhk tells Murmur to reach out to his gang and have Darhk's other message delivered. It is revealed that through Murmur, Darhk was able to make contact with Malcolm and that he revealed to Malcolm that he still had an ace-in-the-hole, leading him to Andrew Diggle. Merlyn meets with Diggle and tells him that he wants Diggle to help him break out Darhk of prison.

Iron Heights Riot

Having stolen Darhk's idol from the Arrowcave, Merlyn returns to Iron Heights with it. Before handing it to Darhk, he makes Darhk promise that he and Thea would be spared from Genesis. However, when Merlyn shows him the idol Darhk realises that part of it is missing and that without it, the idol is useless. He sends Merlyn to retrieve it, threatening him that Genesis is not what Malcolm and Thea had to fear should he fail.

Later that day, Laurel and two police officers search Darhk's cell for the idol but without success. Before she leaves, Darhk tells Laurel that she should be lucky that he is not the man she claims he is, because should he really be Damien Darhk she would be in deep trouble. After Darhk quips about Detective Lance, Laurel leaves the cell block. Darhk watches as she leaves.

During a prison riot organized by Murmur's men, Damien is freed and many security guards are killed and captured. Damien walks through the corridors as the guards around him are stabbed and killed. Team Arrow heads to Iron Heights where they are encountered by Murmur and his men as well as Merlyn. When Darhk, who alongside some of his new henchmen has taken hostages and fled to the mess hall, finds out that the Green Arrow and his team are at the prison he orders his men to slit the hostage's throats. Before they can do so they are ambushed by John and Andrew Diggle. Laurel and Oliver join the fight as well but Darhk merely watches the combatants. Eventually, one of the fighters loses his gun which is kicked directly in front of Darhk. Damien takes it and aims it at Andrew, ordering everyone to stand down. Oliver and his team drop their weapons, only for Andrew to reveal himself as a traitor. Andrew hands Damien the missing piece of the idol and Darhk repairs it. Seconds later Thea enters the room and shoots two arrows into Darhk's stomach.

Darhk drops his gun and the fighting continues but while Oliver and his team are occupied, Darhk pulls the arrows out of his body and uses the blood flowing out of the wounds to sacrifice to the idol and to regain his powers. With his magic refueled, Darhk turns to his opponents and magically holds them where they stand. He then reveals that Andrew at some point mentioned to him that his brother John worked for the Green Arrow. Darhk tells Oliver that from this he was able to deduce the identity of every member of the Green Arrow's team and is finally aware that Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow are the same person. Malcolm then tells him that they need to leave but Darhk tells him to be patient. He hurls Thea and Diggle through the room, knocking them out.

He then adresses Laurel, stating that nine months ago he made her father a promise about what would happen to her should Lance betray him. At that point, Oliver manages to overcome Darhk's magical influence and to shoot an arrow at Darhk who easily catches it. With Oliver under the spell's powers again, Darhk walks towards Laurel, telling her to send her father a message - that Darhk is a man of his word. He then brutally stabs Laurel with the arrow provided by Oliver. Darhk leaves the prison together with Andrew and Merlyn while Oliver rushes Laurel to a hospital where she dies of her wounds.

In the Legends of Tomorrow finale it is revealed that the departure of the Legends from their timeline created an alteration. Had they not left, Darhk would not only have killed Laurel but Quentin and Sara Lance as well.


Ater his escape, Darhk kills Milo Armitage and Phaedra Nixon, not needing their help with setting Genesis in motion. After the death of the two, Darhk once again assumes control over H.I.V.E. and proclaims that the final phase of Genesis has come. According to the promise he made to Merlyn, Darhk has Thea captured by her boyfriend Alex and brought into the H.I.V.E. bunker where she is to endure Genesis in a dream-like state. 

He also orders Andrew Diggle to take on his brother John. The two Diggles meet and fight - Andrew loses the battle. However, during the fight Andrew manages to plant a tracker on his brother. Following the tracker Darhk, Andrew and H.I.V.E. soldiers locate the A.R.G.U.S. convoy John's wife and child are in as a matter of protection. After stoping the truck with his magic, Darkh, using his telekinetic powers, extracts the Rubicon codes from Lyla's forearm and attempts to kill her but is shot in the back with an arrow by Oliver. Angered, Darhk attempts to kill Oliver by draining his life force but is stunned when Oliver manages to repel his dark magic with light magic. The magical outburst from Oliver knocks both opponents away and when Oliver gets back up, Darhk has already fled.

Despite failing to kill Oliver, Darhk manages to return with the Rubikon codes which he uses to activate nuclear missiles worldwide. After finding out that Darhk would not be able to launch the missiles for twenty-one hours, Oliver and his team plan to ensure the help of Noah Cuttler to stop him. Meanwhile, Darhk sends his two henchmen Murmur and Brickwell to kill Cuttler in order to protect his plan. Due to Cuttler's involvement, most of the nukes are prevented from being fired but one missile is launched, hitting Havenrock and killing tens of thousands, leaving only one survivor. As Darhk's magic is powered by death, the casualties at Havenrock give him a gargantuan power boost as witnessed by Oliver and Diggle who arrive at Darhk's hideout just in time to witness it.  

Oliver immediately fires arrows at Darhk wich evaporate without Darhk even trying it. Darhk claims that Oliver would need much bigger arrows to stop him now. With his immense powers, he brings down the entire cave and leaves, telling Oliver and Diggle that he is not going to kill them right here so that they can die in the nuclear fire once Darhk has regained control over Rubikon. He then leaves the cave.

Once returning to his headquarter, Darhk meets with another criminal he broke out of Iron Heights, Cooper Seldon. He reveals to Ruvé that Seldon has a backstory with Felicity Smoak. While glaring on a screen in the office, he sees that Lonnie Machin is still running amok in his survival bunker. Ruvé volunteers to deal with him and leaves for the bunker. She is later captured and killed by Machin and during a fight with Machin, Team Arrow ends up destroying the entire Ark.  

Once news from the destruction of the Ark reaches him, Darhk asks Merlyn what exactly happened. Merlyn tells him that Machin was behind him and tells Darhk that Ruvé is dead. Darhk asks about his daughter but Merlyn does not know that Oliver saved her. Believing that he lost everything, Darhk refuses to stop Rubikon, prefering to see the world burn even if it meant his own death.  

Battle for Star City

After the failure of Genesis, Darhk enters the apartment of Felicity Smoak, sarcastically claiming that he needs a favor. Felicity tells him to go to hell but Darhk replies that he'll bring it to them. After blasting Curtis Holt out of the way, he realises that Donna is Felicity's mother. He grabs her by the neck, strangling her and claiming that convincing Felicity will be much easier now. Felicity responds that there is nothing to help with as the Ark has been destroyed but Darhk reveals that he will still continue. To convince Felicity, he starts to drain the life out of Donna but Oliver then jump in through the window, causing Darhk to lunge Donna away. Oliver shoots an explosive arrow at him, but Darhk not only catches it mid air but halts the explosion and then causes the detonation itself to evaporate. H.I.V.E. soldiers then storm the building and attack Oliver. He quickly disposes of them and jumps down to attack Darhk. Darhk uses his powers to start draining Oliver's life, but Thea enters the room with Nora as a hostage. Thea threatens to kill Nora, to the horror of Darhk. After Darhk stops his attack, Thea releases Nora. Darhk promises his daughter that everything will be fine and then escapes with her after throwing a stun grenade. Darhk also takes the laptop containing the Rubikon codes and is thus able to launch his nukes again.

Although the team tries to track the laptop down, Darhk launches over 14.000 nuclear missiles, giving Oliver and the team less than two hours to stop them. In order to do so, Lyla sends an A.R.G.U.S. team to City Hall, where Darhk's totem is located. Meanwhile, Darhk and his daughter sit in the cave under City Hall, awaiting the nuclear annihilation. Darhk calms his daughter, telling her that everything will be alright. Nora says that she misses her mother. Darhk tells her that he misses her as well, but that the two of them are going to join her soon. The A.R.G.U.S. assault team then storms the cave but is immediately slaughtered by Darhk.

Felicity and Curtis are able to disarm the missile headed for Star City. With the time this gained them, the team continues their mission to disarm Rubikon and defeat Darhk. Oliver heads to the City Hall cave, to the amusement of Darhk who tells Nora that Oliver came to die. He blasts Oliver through the ceiling of the cave onto the street. He sarcastically claims that he is touched that Oliver wants to spend his last minutes with him. While tossing Oliver around, Darhk claims that what he is doing is a mercy-killing on a global scale. Before he can hurt Oliver however, he is approached by a horde of Star City citizens who scream at him to get out of their city. Darhk is shocked but amused to see the mob. He then unleashes a scream to knock the citizens to the ground. He then rants how this display is exactly why he started Genesis as the people rallying against him were tearing each other aparts mere minutes ago.

Oliver then gets back up, claiming this time Darhk will fail as it won't be only Oliver fighting him. The mob then gets back up and rallies once more. Darhk tries to use his magic against Oliver but is unable to do so as Oliver uses the hope of the people to fight it. Oliver remarks that Darhk without his magic is basically powerless but Darhk reminds him that he is still trained by the League of Assassins. Darhk and Oliver then leap at each other and fight in the streets of Star City while the citizens cheer for Oliver. Meanwhile, Felicity finds Cooper Seldon and finds out that Darhk previously shot him and is now slowly driving the bullet near Cooper's spine in order to force him to continue Rubikon. Seldon reveals to Felicity that Darhk has grown so powerful that he will notice if Seldon stops Genesis and will then kill him in a horrible way. Nonetheless, Felicity manages to convince Cooper to shut down Rubikon. The moment he does so, Darhk realises it and drives the bullet through Cooper's spine.


This however distracts him long enough for Oliver to land a blow. The two then stop their fight when Thea and Diggle arrive, aiming their guns at Darhk. Darhk acknowledges that Oliver thought of bringing friends, but reveals that he himself did as well. H.I.V.E. soldiers arrive on the scene and after a brief calm, the mob and H.I.V.E. storm at each other, battling while Oliver and Darhk fight among them.

During the fight, Oliver loses his bow to Darhk who uses it to shoot an arrow at Oliver' chest. While Oliver is on the ground, Darhk fights some citizens until Oliver engages him again. This time, Oliver overpowers Darhk and beats him down.

He then grabs Darhk and pulls him back up again. Amusedly, Darhk states that both of them know that Oliver won't kill him as he did not even killed the man who killed his mother. However, Oliver replies that things with Slade were different as back then, Oliver had a choice. Claiming that he does not have this choice now, Oliver stabs Darhk with one of his arrows and watches as Darhk falls to the ground dead.


When the Dominators, an alien race, attack Earth, they capture Oliver, Thea, Ray Palmer, Sara and Diggle in a collective hallucination. The group eventually finds out that they are not in the real world but in a hallucination and try to escape it. This activates safeguards built by the dominators which manifest in different shapes, for each team member it is the villain he or she is most connected to. For Sara, this is Damien Darhk who attacks her after claiming that murdering Sara will not be as much fun as killing Laurel. To help Sara, Thea shoots an arrow in her direction which Sara catches. She then rams it into Darhk's body, destroying him. Darhk's body disappears immediately afterwards. After all safeguards are defeated, the group is able to flee the hallucination.

Displaced in Time

After the Legends of Tomorrow have shattered time in their final fight against the Legion of Doom (see below), several displacements appear all throughout time. One of this displacements is the corpse of Damien Darhk appearing in London in 1895, where it is picked up by the Order of the Shrouded Compass.

Darhk's corpse is stored in a glass sarcophagus and the order prepares to bring him back to life when the Blood Moon rises. To prevent the body from rotting, it is constantly supplied with fresh blood the Order is taking from citizens of London, leaving their bloodless corpses in the streets. The arrival of a so-called Vampire in London draws in the Legends, where they investigate the vampire. Unbeknownst to the Legends, Darhk's daughter Nora, a grown-up woman in the future, has allied herself with the evil entity Mallus and has time-travelled back to 1895 in order to assist in her father's resurrection. During their investigation of London's "vampire", the team finds out that the Order wants to resurrect somebody but do not know that it is Darhk. The investigation eventually leads the Legends to the Order of the Shrouded Compass.

After arriving at the mansion of the cult leader Henry Stein, they find the glass sarcophagus with Darhk's corpse inside. They fear that Darhk might be pivotal to Mallus' plans and want to steal the corpse to prevent him from being resurrected. However, before they can do so they are forced to flee when reinforcements from the order arrives. Onboard the Waverider, a discussion breaks out whether they should allow Darhk to be reanimated in order to lure in Mallus, or whether they should destroy the corpse to prevent the dark mage from returning.

In the evening, the blood moon rises and the Order prepares for Darhk's resurrection. It is Nora who activates a lever, chanelling electricity into Darhk's body. Although the ceremony is interrupted by Rip Hunter and the Time Bureau, an energy blast is suddenly ejected from the Blood Moon and blasted into Darhk, who rises and breathes again. Using his magical powers, he disarms all the Time Bureau agents at once and then realizes that someone stole his watch while he was dead. Continuing to use his powers, Darhk kills one agent after the other while all hell breaks loose. Nora also joins the battle and the Order of the Shrouded Compass attacks the Time Bureau agents. Rip Hunter throws a grenade which temporarily stops time but before he can kill Darhk, Darhk prematurely is freed from the grenade's power and disarms Rip. He grabs his neck and starts draining his life force. While he does so, he asks Rip whether he has any last words and reveals that he remembers everything from his past life.

Suddenly, the Waverider flies into the meadow and Sara and Amaya, hanging from a rope, crash into Darhk and throw him to the floor. Darhk gets back on his feet immediately and welcomes the Legends. When Sara tries to attack him, he blasts her back with his magic. When the rest of the Legends arrive, Nora draws an ancient artefact which she uses to teleport both her and Damien away, transporting them out of London and out of 1895.

Offering Peace

After Helen of Troy has been time-displaced and has arrived in Hollywood in 1937, Darhk heads there as well and makes contact with her, ending up as her agent. When the Legends arrive at a party to bring Helen back to Troy, they see Darhk with her. Although Sara immediately grabs a knife, she realizes that she cannot attack Darhk amidst all the civilians and Darhk refrains from fighting as well. He tells the Legends that he did not come to fight but to talk - also revealing that he is accompanied by Nora and Kuasa. Darhk threatens Sara that if she refuses his offer of parley, things will end up ugly for all the people around them. With no choice left, Sara agrees to talk with Damien and orders her team to stand down.

After seperating from the party, Sara wants to know what Darhk wants. He claims that after his death he is now a changed man and that this is the reason why he wants do do this in a civilized way. Darhk reveals that he wants the Legends to stand down and allow Helen to stay in Hollywood - claiming that it is good for business. Suddenly, both see that meanwhile a fight has broken out in the tent where the party takes place. Amused, Darhk states that this comes at the right time because he was just about to convince Sara what a mess her team usually creates. Darhk makes Sara an offer and tells her to disband the team and return to 2017, otherwise he will kill them all. Darhk then walks off, leaving Sara to think about his offer.

Back on the Waverider, the team thinks about Darhk's offer but comes to the conclusion that Darhk is most likely tricking them, planning to pick them off one by one or wants something in return - so they move on with the plan to get Helen out of Hollywood. Realizing this, Damien and Nora head back to Hollywood where they set a trap for Martin Stein - currently in the body of Jax - who is recruiting another actress to take Helen's place. When the two try to flee, Darhk stops them with magic. After having them both in stasis, Darhk mocks them and claims that he did not think that they would take him up on his offer but he thought that they would at least head out in pairs from now on.

When Stein replies, Darhk notices that he does not speak like Jax usually would. Using her magic, Nora scans Jax' soul and realizes that it is actually Stein they are speaking to. Darhk bursts out in laughter but then restrains himself and coldly tells Nora that they will kill them. Since Darhk's laughing fit allowed Jax and the actress to break free of Darhk's spell, they flee into a warehouse where movie props are being stored. Eventually, Darhk finds Jax and levitates him into the air with his magic but before he can kill him, suddenly Sara appears and throws a knife at him which grazes his cheek. Instead of attacking Darhk outright, Sara instead challenges him to a duel like in the League of Assassin's - a battle with swords. Darhk accepts, hurls Jax away and then picks up a sword, claiming that he does not need magic to kill Sara. Sara replies that Oliver Queen said the same thing after killing Darhk, provoking Damien into attacking her.

While the two fight, Nora suddenly calls in Mallus to assist her. The demon possesses her body, allowing her to use additional powers against Mick Rory, Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood. At the same time, Darhk is disarmed by Sara but flees into the rafters where he picks up his sword again. Sara follows him up and continues the fight but eventually she gets the upper hand and kicks Darhk back down onto the floor. When Darhk gets back up, Sara hold her sword at his throat but is suddenly attacked by magic. Outraged, Sara reminds Darhk that they agreed to use no magic but Darhk states that while he made the promise, Nora did not. Realizing it is not Darhk but Nora affecting her, Sara turns around but is further attacked by Nora who drains Sara's life force. While Sara's life is slowly absorbed, Darhk reveals to him that Nora is his daughter and that she definitely does not want to see her father die by the hands of another self-righteous her. Before Nora can kill Sara, Firestorm blasts a fire blast at her which Nora attempts to delfect. Darhk helps her with his own magic but eventually, both are hit by the blast and decide to flee instead - teleporting away with the power bestowed onto them by Mallus.

After returning to Mallus' side, Darhk is sent to Vietnam in order to recruit Grodd for Mallus. Although Grodd demands that Darhk sends him back, Darhk instead offers him to travel through time with a single thought.

Manipulating the Vikings

1000. A.D., due to interference of the Darhks, the vikings conquer North America and turn it into a colony known as New Valhalla. This draws in the Legends, who search for the reasons for the Viking's conquest. While they scout the Viking's camp, they realize that the clan, led by Leif Erikson, is worshipping a time-displaced doll called "Beebo". To stop the anachronism, the Legends plan to steal the Beebo doll so that time can get back to its normal flow, but their attempt to infiltrate the viking clan is stopped when Darhk and Nora arrive, dressed as Vikings themselves. Using his magic, Darhk creates lightning and introduces himself as Odin and Nora reveals to the vikings that they have come to lead the vikings in their invasion.

Back on the Waverider, the team thinks about a way of stopping the Darhks. Initially, Sara contemplates just flat-out challenging Darhk to a duel but the team soon realizes that Darhk will simply kill her with his magic. The next plan consists of two of the legends, dressed as vikings, delivering the captured Sara to Darhk which might end in Darhk's death, but the team then comes to the conclusion that Nora will lead the rest of the vikings against the Legends and slaughter them all.

Ultimately, they go with the second plan but when Sara draws her crossbow and shoots at Darhk, Darhk stops the blot with his hand. When Nora rallies the vikings, Ray Palmer uses the Beebo doll to stop the vikings. While Mick Rory and Leo Snart then attack Nora, beating her down, Darhk senses that his daughter is hurt. He hurls the legens in the hut away with magic and leaves the hut, where he uses his lightning to floor everybody close to him. Seeing his wounded daughter, Darhk grabs her and teleports away with her but Sara grabs Darhk, which temporarily delivers Sara to Mallus' realm. Nonetheless, the Darhk's escape successfully and Sara is saved from Mallus' dimension soon after.

"Saving" his daughter

It is revealed that after Darhk's death in 2016, his daughter Nora - now left without a mother and a father - seemed to have gone insane and was sent to an asylum. However, she soon felt the influence of the demon Mallus and even the exorcist John Constantine could not drive Mallus out of her. When Constantine asks the Legends for help, they successfully manage to drive Mallus out of Nora's body. However, after the Legends have succeeded, Darhk travels to 2016 where he meets Nora and encourages her to surrender to Mallus, so that Nora can resurrect him in the future. Although Zari and Ray try to convince Nora to ignore Darhk's demand, Darhk silences them with magic and then embraces his daughter. He reveals that they have to seperate for some time but that they will eventually be together again. Darhk then hands Nora over to the present leader of the Order of the Shrouded Compass to take care of Nora and to groom her into one of Mallus' followers.

Obtaining the Totems

After the Legends have learned that Mallus can be hurt by the six totems of Zambesi, they set out to obtain all of them. Meanwhile, Darhk is sent to obtain the totems himself so that the Legends cannot use them against Mallus. After obtaining the Fire Totem from Detroit in 2018, Darhk time travels to the Bahamas in 1717, where another Totem is in possession of the pirate Blackbeard.

Posing as high-ranking members of the navy, the Darhks assemble several soldier and storm the pirate den in Nassau. Using his magic, Darhk levitates Amaya into the air and steals her totem. He also demands the emerald necklace from Blackbeard, who tells him the location without hesitation and even offers to draw him a map. After getting the map, Darhk rounds up the town to witness Blackbeard's execution. When Darhk spots the Waverider nearby, he orders his soldiers to open fire at it. The fire forces the Waverider to flee from the time period, leaving Amaya and Mick marooned in 1717.

Meanwhile, Amaya and Mick free themselves and Blackbeard and head out to find the totem before Darhk does. Darhk, on the other hand, sends his soldiers through the streets of Nassau in order to find the refugees. Aboard the HMS Fortitude, Darhk reaches Grace Island and follows the map Blackbeard drew him. Once they find the spot, Darhk has his soldiers dig the totem up. However, they are attacked by the monster form of Blackbeard's girlfriend, who died when she put on the necklace and who was buried along with it. The monster beats down Darhk and all his soldiers, knocking out Darhk and Nora in the process.

Amaya tries to reason with the monster, because she as a totem bearer knows what she feels. The distraction allows Darhk to get back up and kill the monster, freeing Nora and all his men from its vines. After the monster has been defeated, Darhk and Nora draw their swords to murder Amaya and they manage to overpower her. Before Nora can kill Amaya, however, Ray shoots her with his new anti-magic-nanite gun. As Nora falls to the floor and starts twitching, the horrified Darhk rushes to her side which allows the Legends to flee with the new totem.

Out of guilt and because he knows that the nanite pistol will kill Nora, Ray returns to Darhk and Nora and reveals to them that he has a cure. Spiteful, Darhk claims that of course Ray could not handle the guilt and before Ray can even speak his offer of exchanging Amaya's totem for the cure, Darhk has already thrown the totem in front of his feet. True to his word, Ray then injects Nora with the cure who, to the surprise of both Ray and her father, uses her magic to drain Ray's life. Slightly amused, Darhk stops Nora from killing Ray and claims that he might be of value yet. He then hugs his daughter and welcomes her back.

Mission in East Germany

After travelling to a new time period, Darhk has Ray send a message to the Legends stating that Darhk would kill him if they come after him. Darhk, Kuasa and Nora then torture Ray for information. During a break, Nora attempts to get Amaya's totem, which sie is now wearing herself, to work, but fails. Darhk then reveals that he stole the Fire Totem in Detroit and is agitated when he hears that it could potentially be repaired and that this would mean that Darhk would get a totem for himself. When Kuasa tells him it would require a truly brilliant mind to repair the totem, Darhk gleefully looks at Ray.

Ray refuses to repair the totem and Darhk attempts to blackmail him by threatening to hand his suit over to Ghengis Khan, but Ray replies that his team would find the anachronism and fix it. Darhk realizes the truth of this and then threatens to kill Sandy Palmer when she is picking her sons from daycare in 1982. This frightens Ray enough for him to decide to work for Darhk but he states that he needs a lab in order to do so. Darhk, Ray and Nora time-travel to the laboratory of a friend of Ray's. Darhk hurls the man away with magic and while the man is thrown around by Darhk, Nora puts Ray to work in the man's lab. While Ray works, Darhk inspects the dating app the scientist has created and asks Nora if she thinks he should "get out there" again. Annoyed, Nora tells him that her mother has died twenty-three years ago in her present time and tells him to go for it but Darhk does not find any matches (although he visits the profile of Carrie Cutter), causing the scientist to advise him to write about his hobbies and lower his age from 199 (which Darhk did because the scale wouldn't get any higher).

When Nora tells her father to stop fooling around, claiming that she is annoyed, Darhk replies "Hi Annoyed, I'm dad!". Realizing that Nora is not even slightly amused, Darhk snaps the neck of the scientist and the two turn to Ray. Ray reveals to them that they need a gargantuan amount of energy to power the totem and that they could either travel back to the Big Bang or invent cold fusion. Perplexed, Darhk tells Ray that cold fusion has already been invented by Bernhard Vogel, a German scientist, in 1962 but Ray does not believe it as he knows all about science. He claims that he would have heard of it if Vogel had invented cold fusion but Darhk reveals that he himself was hired by some oil companies to assassinate Vogel so that his new energy would not put fossil fuels out of business. Realizing that they now need Vogel alive, Darhk heads to East Berlin to stop himself from assassinating the scientist.

Nora stops him, however, and tells him that she will go herself. Darhk refuses, claiming it is too dangerous for Nora to face Darhk himself in his prime. Darhk tells Nora to tell him her plan and Nora reveals that she and Ray will go meet Vogel and claim to be American agents. While the two meet with Vogel, assassin-Damien Darhk appears outside the factory and swiftly assassinates the two guards. He enters the building and fights of dozens of more guards, effectively slaughtering them all. Once he gets inside the safe-house, he sees Nora and Ray bringing Vogel into another room and fires through the door. He hits the time-travel stone in Nora's hand, destroying their way back to their normal time. Instead, they jump off the roof with Vogel and land in the back of a garbage truck. Furiously, Darhk watches his target escape.

Back in the present, Darhk nervously awaits the return of Nora and Ray. After they have not returned at the time they were supposed to, Darhk lies down on the floor and wonders whether Nora is testing him or if he is just paranoid. He then wonders if he maybe was not paranoid enough and thinks about all the things he missed in Nora's life. Eventually, Darhk decides to time-travel to East Berlin himself to find and save his daughter. He arrives on the roof of the building Nora and Ray just escaped from and starts following their tracks.

In the meantime, Nora and Ray attempt to smuggle Vogel across the border but at the border, assassin-Darhk tries to kill Vogel once more. With a sniper rifle, he opens fire at Vogel's car, causing the soldiers guarding the border to retaliate. When Nora looks out of the window, she watches present-day-Darhk turning up as well, hurling soldiers away with magic until he has reached the car. Having failed to cross the border, Darhk, Nora and Ray return to their hideout in East Berlin where Nora is outraged that Darhk interfered with her mission. Darhk in turn chides her for losing her time stone and claims that they are doing things his way now; which means bringing Vogel to 2018 and torturing him until he talks. Nora, however, refuses and the two Darhks argue until Nora spitefully accuses Darhk of being egoisical and having pushed his own daughter into the arms of a demon. Darhk claims that he only did it so that they could be together again but Nora corrects him and claims that Darhk did it so Nora could bring him back to life.

Darhk is confused and wonders why Nora is acting like this but then realizes that Ray has been a good influence on her. Angry and annoyed, Darhk starts strangling Ray with magic but Nora furiously sates that she thought she resurrected her father but only got a egoistical man-child. Darhk in turn tells her to go back to her hell-home to "boo hoo to Mallus", causing the insulted Nora to storm off. Darhk realizes what he did and tries to call her back but Nora shouts at him to leave her alone. Darhk then sits down in a chair - still holding Ray with magic - and talks about how Nora was still his little girl the last time they spoke and wonders how to get her back. After he releases his hold on Ray, Ray tells Darhk that if he wants her to be happy, maybe he should not let her be the conduit for an evil demon. Darhk admits that this was not the life he wanted for Nora but Ray interrupts him and tells him that he should maybe just tell Nora how he feels. When Damien states that Nora surely must know how proud he is of her, Ray incredulously states that Nora cannot know it if Darhk doesn't tell her.

After leaving the building, Nora hears Damien state that she should not be walking around outside alone but when she angrily turns around to retaliate, she realizes that it is not her father but assassin-Darhk who is confronting her. Assassin-Darhk kidnaps Nora and then calls at Darhk's and Ray's hideout, demanding Vogel in exchange for Nora. He tells them to meet him on the roof of the Schneider Cement building in one hour for the exchange and hangs up. Darhk plans to head to the Schneider building to save his daughter but first, ties up Ray. Although Ray offers to help if Darhk gives him back his suit, Darhk refuses and reminds Ray that they are not friends and that he will still kill him once they are done with him. Darhk then takes Vogel with his magic and heads to the Schneider building.

Darhk arrives on the building with Vogel, wearing a mask so that his younger self does not recognize him. However, once Darhk has arrived, Assassin-Darhk shoots Vogel and throws Nora off the building. Darhk grabs her with his magic before she can hit the floor but, claiming that this is the reason he will never have kids - they make one weak - Assassin-Darhk fires at Damien. Damien stops the bullets with magic but has to drop Nora for this; thus he then lets the bullets fall to the floor and grabs Nora with magic once more. Realizing he is witnessing magic, Assassin-Darhk states that he should look into magic himself and then attacks Darhk with his fists, beating him and forcing him to drop Nora again. Although Darhk manages to get hold of her once more, Assassin-Darhk attacks again and again and whenever he lands a blow, Darhk looses hold of Nora for a brief moment. Eventually, Assassin-Darhk hits Darhk over the head with a brick and then starts strangling him.

Realizing that her father is about to die, Nora tells Damien that he has to let her go but Darhk refuses. Nora tells him that he is about to die and that she cannot lose him again and after shouting that he loves her, Darhk lets go of Nora. However, this selfless action causes Nora to gain control over Amaya's totem and she uses the totem's power to fly back onto the roof - surprising both Damien and his younger self. Damien uses the distraction to free himself and together with his daughter, they take down Assassin-Darhk. Suddenly, German police turns up on the roof - presumably alerted by the gunshots - and Darhk and Nora start fighting them off.

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer turns up on the roof as well - he managed to free himself and get his suit - and gets to the wounded Dr. Vogel. Ray obtains the secret of cold fusion from Vogel but before he and Vogel can escape, Darhk turns around and shoots Vogel, killing him. While Darhk takes care of the last policemen, Wally West turns up and saves Rip, which allows him to return to the Waverider with the cold fusion secret. In addition, Wally has also stolen the fire totem from Darhk which means that the Legends can now repair it and use it against Mallus.

After realizing this, Darhk apologizes to Nora for losing the totem and - as means of apology and reconnecting - hands Nora a hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce (her favorite when she was a child). Darhk then apologizes for bringing Nora into the cult of Mallus because he basically ruined her life, but Nora states that she is glad that he did because it brought the two of them back together. Darhk claims that this is wrong and tells her that he should have never doubted her strength. He claims that he knows that Nora feels a lot of pressure to be exactly like him but - following Rays advice - tells her that he is proud of her. He actually starts crying and leaves the room under a pretext; embarrased; and thus misses her daughter being briefly possessed by Mallus again.

Path of Redemption

After Mari McCabe has been injured in Memphis in 2018, Kuasa allies herself with the Legends to protect her sister, who now does not have her totem because Nora took it from her grandmother. In order to lure in the Darhks, Nate allows himself to be "captured" by Kuasa and calls in the Darhks. Damien is grateful that Kuasa has captured a dangerous enemy and they grant Kuasa's demand and hand her Amaya's totem in exchange. However, Kuasa then actually leaves Nate with the Darhks instead of freeing him according to their plan.

While Nora prepares for Mallus to enter her body, Darhk plans on torturing him and forcing him to have the Legends bring him the missing totems. After Nora has left, Nate mentions that Nora looks "different" and Darhk admits that his face is worrying him. Since Nate is about to die, Darhk confides in him and tells him that he is deeply worried about what Mallus' influence is doing to Nora. He is not even willing to torture Nate since it does not give him joy anymore. Nate understands and the two bond, since Nate confirms that it is normal that Darhk is worried about Nora. In order to keep Nora out of the room, Darhk and Nate actually act as if Darhk was torturing Nate (including fake painful screams), but when Nora enters the room "mid-torture" anyways, their posse is busted.

Annoyed and angry, Nora tells Darhk that he knows better than to play Mallus for a fool. Using her magic, she hurls Darhk away which knocks him out. After Darhk regains consciousness, Mallus has already used Nora to kill Kuasa and forced the rest of the Legends to retreat.

As Mallus' resurrection draws near, he sends out Grodd in order to break time completely and shatter the cage of time he is imprisoned in. While Grodd is sent to murder Barack Obama in his teens, Darhk and Nora await Mallus' return. As Grodd is about to kill Obama, Darhk panicks as his daughter's body is shifting into Mallus' true form. However, since Obama is saved last minute by the Legends, Nora turns back normal, much to Darhk's relief. He catches Nora as she is about to faint and when Nora weakly asks him why Mallus has not returned, Darhk tells her that Grodd must have failed.

However, he sees this as a good thing as it allows the two of them to find out what Mallus' return would really mean. Nora replies that it would mean the end of history and allow the Darhk's to live as gods. Darhk mentions that what he just saw looked like there would be no Nora in this future, Nora replies that this is what they always wanted and Darhk is forced to agree. Despite his approval, it is clear that Darhk lied to Nora and now only cares about saving her from her upcoming doom that would arrive with Mallus' return. Darhk excuses himself, claiming that he needs to find out what happened to Grodd - leaving her. When he leaves he says that he will see her later but Nora sadly replies that he won't. Realizing that fulfilling Grodd's mission would mean the death of Nora and the return of Mallus, Damien cries when he hugs his daughter goodbye - knowing that his fanatic daughter will sacrifice herself to bring back the demon.

Darhk then travels to the time where the Legends just stopped Grodd. However, instead of fighting the Legends, he surrenders and reveals that he comes in peace. The Legends do not believe him and, once Darhk has entered the Waverider, they try to perform a ritual that will keep Darhk in a magic barrier. Surprisingly, Darhk actually helps them with the ritual and even hands them the water totem Nora took from Kuasa. After the magic barrier has risen, Darhk reveals that he has realized that Nora will die the moment the demon escapes and thus wants to work with the Legends to stop that from happening.

However, Sara flat-out refuses and orders Rory to kill Darhk. Before he can do so, Ray jumps in and vouches for Darhk's love for his daughter. Sara argues that Darhk was already dead and that killing him would basically just restore time, but eventually she is forced to realize that Darhk on their side can only count as a benefit. Although Darhk intends to have Darhk transported to the Time Bureau and imprisoned, Sara refuses to do this as well. After having a conversation with none other than Barack Obama, Sara returns to Darhk and claims that while she does not believe for one second that Darhk is a changed man, she is ready to work with him to defeat Mallus - under the condition that she will put Darhk back in the earth once the demon is defeated. Without hesitating, Darhk accepts for his daughter's sake and Sara destroys the circle trapping Darhk and the two shake hands.

Now having baiscally joined the Legends, Darhk interestedly inspects the Waverider's bridge. Annoyed, Sara tells him to focus and the group think of ways of capturing Nora. When they mention that they could coordinate a strike with the Time Bureau, Darhk reminds them of their attempt to fight Nora in Victorian London. He also dismisses the plan of Rip or himself simply talking to Nora, since Nora only listens to Mallus now, and is flat-out stunned when Ray reveals another plan - he will shrink down, fly into Nora's ear and pretend to be Mallus. Although the perplexed Darhk simply asks whether this is a joke plan, but the rest of the Legends think that it could actually work. In order to successfully be able to impersonate Mallus, they meet the actor John Noble - who sounds like Mallus (since he is actually the voice actor for Mallus) - and record several sentences spoken by Noble.

As the plan commences, Darhk returns to Nora's headquarter and she furiously demands to know why she is still there and the master is still imprisoned. She accuses Darhk of having failed her and Darhk admits it and claims that Grodd has been captured by the Legends, the "Obama thing" is not working and that they might need some advice from Mallus. While he talks to Nora, the shrunk down Ray flies into Nora's ear and plays the lines they recorded from Noble. Nora is informed that Darhk is supposed to lead Nora to the Waverider since the totems are ripe for the picking. On Nora's urge, Darhk transports her to the Waverider where he personally activates the barrier the Legends previously used on him to trap Nora.

While Nora cannot believe what is happening and tries to free herself from the barrier, Darhk talks to her and says that he understands that she must feel like he failed her. He agrees that he failed her but claims that it was not this action with which he failed Nora, it was in the past. Damien claims that he was a horrible father and that his plans for world domination led him to sending Nora into the hands of a demon. He urges her to fight Mallus but Nora answers with Mallus' voice. Mallus tells Damien that Nora is long gone and that she did not fight him at all. He claims that both her soul and flesh were willingly given and reminds Darhk that he needs only one more change in time for his cage to crumble.

Eventually, Sara sees Darhk standing lonely in the hallway. He is looking at Mallus attempting to get out of the barrier and the devastated Darhk says that Nora is gone and that Sara must be enjoying this; her nemesis with a broken heart. Sara replies that she did not know that Darhk had a heart to break and reminds him that he murdered her sister Laurel. Darhk apologizes to Sara and admits that back then, he did not love anybody enough to know what losing them feels like. He claims that if he could take it all back, he would. Sara answers that they all have regrets but they cannot undo what they have done. Darhk agrees but claims that even the worse people can have redemption. He states that without love, people like Sara and himself would be left alone in the darkness.

Realizing that Amaya is about to save her village from destruction, which would cause the time abberation Mallus needs to free himself, they decide to actually let that happen so that they can fight and kill Mallus with the totems afterwards. When Sara hesitates to don the death totem again, knowing that the last time she did Mallus took control of her, Darhk offers himself to take the totem and use it against Mallus. He claims that the totem was attracted to Sara because she was brought back from the dead - a fate which Darhk shares with her. In addition, Darhk mentions that he has a personal reason; he wants to kill Mallus for having taken his daughter from him. Although Rip Hunter claims that there is no way that Sara would entrust Darhk with one of the totems, Sara simply tosses Darhk the totem and decides to go with the plan.


The Waverider then flies the team to Zambesi and equip themselves with the totems. While they are flying off, Darhk suddenly sees a version of Nora due to his death totem. Darhk is horrified to see her, believing that this means that Nora is dead, but Nora tells him that she is still fighting Mallus. Suddenly, Nora starts crying and reveals to her father that they made a horrible mistake. Crying, she begs Darhk not to let Mallus take her.

In order to let history run its normal course - hoping that it will save Nora from being consumed by Mallus - Darhk frees the captured Grodd and returns him to his normal size. Grodd starts attacking Zambesi, which means that history will run its normal course and Mallus will not break out of Nora's body. When she realizes that her daughter Esi is in danger, Amaya rushes out to help her but Darhk hurls her away with magic and knocks her out upon impact. In Amaya's stead, Nate leaves to fight Grodd. Meanwhile, Sara attempts to convince Damien that destroying Zambesi will not save Nora but Darhk replies that if there is even the smallest chance, he will take it. When Wally speeds at him to take Darhk down, Darhk keeps him at bay with his magic. He starts draining Wally's life but is attacked by both Sara and Zari.

They manage to save Wally but Darhk warns them not to get into his way, claiming that he was powerful before but that with the death totem, he is unstoppable. Nonetheless, the Legends attack him but are all thrown back by Darhk's magic. Angrily, he screams that he does not want to kill the Legends but the population of Zambesi in order to save his daughter, asking why they do not understand that. Darhk then destroys the magic circle holding Nora and frees her from her constraints. He orders her to run and promises that he will find her, but while Nora flees into the wilderness, Grodd is defeated. Meanwhile, Darhk is attacked by Ray and urges him to stand down, since he does not want to kill Ray. Ray attacks nonetheless but cannot really control his water totem so Darhk easily defeats him. He claims that this is a real shame because he really started to like Ray after Berlin, but before he can kill Ray with magic, Sara stabs him in the back.

Wounded, Darhk falls to the floor and Ray takes the death totem from him. When Darhks gets back up, complaining tht Sara literally stabbed him in the back, Sara replies that it only seemed fitting and that he should be glad she did not aim for his heart. At the same time, Grodd is defeated by Nate which means that Zambesi is saved and time is altered. Accordingly, Mallus breaks free of the screaming Nora, merging into his demon form and destroying her body in the process. When they hear her screams, Darhk, Sara and Ray run outside to witness Nora's death and Mallus' rebirth. After battle against Mallus proves to be futile, Rip Hunter sacrifices himself to buy the Legends enough time to return to the Waverider and flee.

Aboard the ship, Sara confronts Darhk who claims that he hopes Sara has come to to fulfil his promise of killing him. Sara, however, replies that she doesn't do mercy-killings and that Darhk deserves to live his full life, knowing that it was he himself who destroyed his daughter. After Sara has left, Ray confronts Darhk as well but reveals to him that he has a plan that could fix everything and could even bring Nora back. Together with Darhk, Ray boards the jumpship of the Waverider and they travel back in time to the point just before Mallus took over Nora. Directly after arriving, they witness Nora running out of the hut after having been saved by Damien. They follow Nora and Ray informs Darhk that his plan consists of knocking out Nora.

Although they manage to catch up to Nora and beat her down several times, Nora does not lose consciousness. As a last resort, Damien draws Ray's nanite gun and despite Ray's horror and his claim that using the gun will kill Nora, Darhk fires the gun at her after apologizing. As Nora sinks to the ground, Mallus is driven out of her body and the shocked Nora asks her father why he did it. Darhk replies that he did it because he loves her and that he could not watch her become a monster like himself. In the form of black smoke, Mallus leaves Nora's body but drives into Damien, mocking him and claiming that he will gladly eschange Nora for Damien. However, Damien replies that he was counting on it. He orders Ray to flee with Nora while his body is taken over by Mallus and ripped apart as the demon frees himself out of Damien's body.

The Legends later destroy Mallus for good, avenging Damien who sacrificed himself in order to save his daughter. Ray also manages to save Nora who is heartbroken after hearing that her father traded places with her.

Legion Of Doom - Timeline

When Barry Allen, the Flash, runs back in time and saves his mother from being killed by Eobard Thawne, he accidentally creates a completely new timeline. Although he eventually tries to undo this by freeing Thawne and allowing him to kill his mother, the timeline is only partially reversed. Furthermore, Thawne uses his speedster powers to travel back through time, where he contacts Damien Darhk in 1942. Thus, Damien Darhk's timeline changes as well.


When the Legends of Tomorrow headed back through time to 1942 where they arrived in New York City, they found the city annihilated by a nuclear bomb used by the Nazis. However, Sara Lance swiftly deduced that Damien Darhk, on whom she also wanted revenge for killing her sister Laurel in the present, might have been involved. The team found out that Albert Einstein had previously been kidnapped and realized that this could be the reason how the Germans got the nuclear bomb, three years before it was canonically invented. They travelled back a few months to save Einstein from being kidnapped.

Claiming that she plans to visit a ancestor of hers, Sara in truth tracked down Damien Darhk who, alongside several henchmen, arrived in a warehouse at the docks. Accompanied by Ray Palmer, Sara listened to Darhk's conversation, realizing that he and his associates were speaking german which neither Sara nor Ray speak. Unbeknownst to them, the conversation confirmed that Darhk had indeed provided the Germans with uranium and that the germans were already planning on weaponizing it. The two deduced Darhk's plan nonetheless, having heard the word "uranium". Before returning to the Waverider, Sarah confided to Ray that she planned to kill Darhk in order to save her sister from dying in 2016.

Although the Legends managed to extract Einstein and brought him to the Waverider, they found out that the Nazis would obtain the nuclear bomb from someone other than Einstein - Einstein's ex-wife. Indeed, Darhk forced the woman to weaponize the uranium. After the woman succeeded and asked Darhk to let her go, Darhk revealed that they had still need of her, as they needed her expertise to successfully launch the bomb. Darhk ordered his men to bring the bomb and the woman onto his submarine but, during the process, his group was attacked by the Legends. While his men fought off the Legends and secured bomb and woman, Darhk casually walked off the dock but was attacked by Sara Lance. From her fighting style, Darhk deduced that Sara was trained by the League of Assassins.

When Ray Palmer attempted to defuse the bomb, he realized that he was unable to do so and the team decided to retreat. Consumed by her thirst for revenge, Sara continued battling Darhk, but eventually retreated with the rest of the Legends, leaving the bomb in the hands of Darhk and the Nazis. Onboard the Waverider, the Legends attempted to track down Darhk's submarine but were in turn attacked by the submarine's torpedo. The two vessels fought underwater but, during the fight, Darhk ordered the Nazi's to fire the nuclear bomb. To save the city, Rip Hunter steered the Waverider between the city and the nuclear bomb-torpedo, having the nuke hit the Waverider instead of the city. Shortly before impact, Rip however evacuated the Legends except Mick Rory, causing them to strand somewhere in time.

On the submarine, Darhk was then approached by the leader of the Nazi-group, who angrily reminded him that Darhk promised him that everything would go according to plan. The Nazi claimed that the next bomb should better be a success but Darhk revealed to him that there would not be another bomb. Darhk revealed to the man that Darhk and his partner had plans to move to "other things". The Nazi drew a gun and warned Darhk that his partner was not present at the moment. This assumption, however, was revealed to be false when Eobard Thawne turned up, killed all Nazs in the submarine and greeted Darhk, revealing that he formerly approached Darhk through time and was the one to guide him in the plan to destroy New York City.

Teaming up with Eobard Thawne

45 years later, Darhk was meeting with dealers he was providing drugs in Miami. While the dealers revealed his payment, a ceremonial axe carried by the bodyguard of emperor Nero, the meeting was busted by the DEA. Darhk was about to shoot one of the agents but was surprised when the men were all killed by Eobard Thawne instead. Darhk welcomed Thawne, whom he had not seen for a long time. Thawne claimed that he needed a partner but Darhk replied that he worked alone. Thawne mentioned that he was aware of Darhk's plans of building H.I.V.E. and create the Ark and implied that it would end badly for Darhk. Darhk then reconsidered, instead asking what Thawne's plans for their partnership would be.

When the Legends found a time ripple at the White House in 7th December 1987, the day before Reagan and Gorbatschov signed the treaty to reduce both countries' nuclear missiles, they feared that someone would attempt to either interfere with the treaty or even to assassinate both presidents. While heading there to intervene, Rory and Palmer investigated hidden as tourists in the White House. While there, they found Darhk with members of the US government, posing as a scientist assisting in the negotiations. When they informed the rest of the team Sara immediately went rogue, once more in order to eliminate Darhk to save Laurel in 2016. Before she could attack Darhk, she was approached by security personnel and, after Rory and Palmer joined her, was forced to fight them. During the battle, Darhk was escorted to safety. The team later found out that during this timeline, Darhk would be responsible for the US building even more nukes after the collapse of the summit. This would later suit him in his plan to annihilate earth. The team found out that Darhk had a meeting in a park and headed there to investigate.

While listening to Darhk's conversation with a KGB agent, the team found out that Darhk was making a deal with the KGB and that the summit was never his real target. Darhk ordered the agent to deliver the 'package' during the state dinner. The meeting was then interrupted by a younger version of Martin Stein who also was present as an ambassador during the summit. The young Stein approached Darhk, nervously introducing himself and asking Darhk to propose one of Stein's experiments to the president. When Stein recognizes Darhk's partner as a sowjet agent due to his clock, Darhk stabbed Stein in the stomach to prevent him from reveling Darhk's association with the sowjets and then casually left the park. Palmer and Snart rushed to his aid, saving his life but thus losing the chance of following Darhk.

State dinner

From what they heard, the Legends deduced that whatever Darhk had planned, it would happen at the state dinner. They infiltrated the dinner, waiting for Darhk to appear. Meanwhile, Darhk met with the KGB agent and some of his soldiers in one of the White House's basements. There, he handed the agent a CD rom containing the information the agent wanted. In turn, the agent handed Darhk a box who, after opening it, smiled happily. The meeting was then busted by the Legends who demanded the CD and the box. Darhk remained calm, revealing that his men had secretly planted explosives all over the state dinner which would go off in about six minutes. To buy himself time, Darhk shot the KGB agent, causing the other soldiers to open fire at the Legends whom they believed to be Darhk's allies. The Legends were forced to fight the sowjet soldiers, allowing Darhk to leave. He was pursued by Sara who was stopped when she was attacked by one of the sowjet brutes. Instead, he was pursued by Dr. Mid-Nite. Meanwhile, upstairs, Rory and Palmer found the bomb and managed to disarm it.

In another part of the basement, Darhk awaited Mid-Nite, shooting at him when he appeared. However, Mid-Nite's powers allowed him to evade the bullets by turning into smoke. Darhk was surprised but then saw Vixen, who had followed her old friend Mid-Nite. By firing at Vixen instead, Darhk managed to hit Mid-Nite who jumped into the way to save her. He was then attacked by Sara, who disarmed him by hurling a throwing knife into Darhk's hand. Darhk recognized Sara as the woman who attacked him in New Year. Instead of attacking him again, however, Sara merely told Darhk that she would spare him to prolong his suffering, as she was from the future and knew exactly how everything ended. Sara taunted him, telling him that his Ark would fail, that his wife - the love of his life - would die, that he would even consider killing his own daughter in his grief and that an entire city would rise up against him before he would finally die defeated and alone. Darhk looked shocked but was unable to respond as he was grabbed by Thawne who sped into the room and took Darhk with him. However, both were unaware that Sara, while she talked to Darhk, had secretly pick-pocketed the box he was given by the KGB agent from Darhk.

Darhk was brought to a warehouse by Thawne. There, Thawne was angry at Darhk for losing the object he obtained during the deal. However, Thawne offered Darhk the chance to come with him through time to shape history anew, revealing to Darhk a time sphere. After a shocked Darhk entered the sphere, Thawne sped around it to activate it, effectively transporting Darhk and himself into another time.

Recruiting Merlyn

Together with Darhk, Thawne arrives in 2016, immediately after Damien Darhk's death in that timeline. They turn up in the flat of Malcolm Merlyn, whom Thawne wants to recruit for his team. Seing Merlyn for the first time, Darhk is unimpressed but Thawne assures him that Merlyn has merely fallen on hard times but was once Ra's al Ghul. Surprised and stunned, Merlyn tells Darhk that he just watched Darhk die on live television. Darhk dryly replies that he heard that 2016 was not his best year, but he adds that he intends to change that. Thawne and Darhk then offer Merlyn the means to rewrite his life by assisting them in hunting down the Spear of Destiny.

Completing the compass

Darhk and Thawne turn up in the 1920's where they meet up with Al Capone. Thawne and Darhk offer their services to him, claiming that Capone's business needs improving. Calpone is insulted and orders his men to shoot both of them which neither Darhk nor Thawne perceives as a threat. When Darhk asks him to, Thawne speeds off, taking all of Capone's men with him before returning to Darhk's side. Darhk once again makes it clear that they have come to help. The same moment, Darhk and Thawne are joined by Malcolm Merlyn who is revealed to be the third member of their team. Again, their arrival causes temporal tremors which are detected by the Legends.

The trio later advises Capone to assassinate Elliot Ness, knowing that Ness would be trouble for Capone in the future. Although Ness is brought before Capone, the Legends are able to save him in time. Unbeknownst to the Legend, they are watched by Darhk who then contacts his collagues, telling them that Merlyn was right and that the Legends took the bait. While Sara, Stein and Jax are undercover at Capone's club, they are surprisingly approached by Damien Darhk. Darhk makes fun of them, asking what they would be doing in a place like this. Recognizing Darhk, Stein and Jax attempt to fuse to Firestorm but are stopped when Thawne rushes in, speeding between them and taking Darhk, Stein and Sara with him.

With Stein and Sara as captives, the trio attempt to get the amulett back from the Legends. First sending in Merlyn to negotiate a deal, Darhk approaches the two themselves when they do not take it. To make Sara talk, Darhk orders Capone's men to take Stein with them for torture. He delivers Stein to Thawne who starts torturing Darhk with a futuristical device. When the rest of the Legends turn up to save Sara and Stein, they eventually encounter Capone and some of his men who they defeat with ease. After the Legends have left, Darhk approaches Capone. Capone asks him how he fared and Darhk congratulates Capone on successfully selling the defeat to the Legends, implying that Darhk wanted them to escape. Indeed, it is revealed that the group did not save Stein but Eobard Thawne who disguised himself a Stein.

Attacking the Waverider, Thawne and Merlyn are able to retreive the amulet. Back at an abandoned warehouse, Thawne, Merlyn and Darhk meet again. Using the amulett and other pieces he and Darhk stole previously, Thawne created a compass which displays a star-like map. Both Darhk and Merlyn are not really impressed until Thawne tells them that the compass leads to the spear of destiny which can be used to rewrite reality itself. Thawne also tells Darhk that Rip Hunter, whom Darhk briefly met in New York, will be important in the quest to find the spear.

Hunting Rip Hunter

The three start hunting down Rip. Merlyn and Darhk arrive in Los Angeles in 1967. Merlyn complains about their compass, which he calls 'unspecific'. He also complains about having to walk. The same moment, two bikers drive up to them and attempt to mug them. When the two draw their knifes, Merlyn and Darhk demand their motorcycles in turn. The bikers do not give in and are thus murdered by Darhk and Merlyn, who steal their bikes.

Merlyn and Darhk eventually arrive at a film studio where Rip Hunter, who has lost all memory, is directing a movie about the legends. They try to kidnap him but Rip believes them to be actors with their guns being props. Darhk and Merlyn approach Rip outside his studio but before they can take Rip, the Legends arrive and attack the Legion. Unbeknownst to all parties, this incident caused Rip's camera man, George Lucas, to quit movie making - resulting in a time aboration in which Lucas' movies were never made. This causes both Nate Heywood and Ray Palmer to lose their expertise, as watching Indiana Jones and Star Wars made them pusue careers in history and science respectively. The chaos, coupled with the arrival of the police, force both groups to retreat and leave Rip in custody of the police.

Damien and Merlyn arrive at the precinct at the same time the Legends are extracting Rip. The duo eventually catches up to the Legends on the roof but cannot prevent them being extracted by the Waverider.

To help Ray and Nate get their knowledge back, part of the Legends manage to convince George Lucas to go back to film school. They are unaware that Lucas has Rip's part of the spear of destiny and are thus surprised when they are ambushed by Merlyn and Darhk. After taking down the Legends, they demand the spear from Lucas. Lucas tells them that he threw all props away after the filming was interrupted, to which Darhk replies by asking where exactly the city dump is. Darhk and Merlyn take the Legends to the dump, forcing them to search for the part of the spear. To force them to search faster, Darhk eventually activates the trash compactor, reminiscing of the respective scene in the Star Wars movie. Unsatisfied with what is happening below them, Darhk and Merlyn decide to shoot one of the Legends but before they can do so, Sara and Jax arrive in the Waverider and blast them away from the controls.

Sara and Jax attack Darhk and Merlyn. Meanwhile, Lucas decides to continue making movies, allowing the Legends to get their powers back. This evens the odds and allows the Legends to take down Darhk and Merlyn. They also retrieve the amulet but at that moment, Thawne speeds up and saves his associates. Now back at full power, the Legion prepares to fight the Legends once more, but Rip, who seemingly regained his memories, turns up. He tries to shoot Thawne but his gun malfunctions, causing the Legion to burst out in laughter. They stop laughing when Rip orders the Waverider to shoot at the villains. All three are taken down by a severe energy blast, allowing the Legends to flee back to the Waverider. However, Thawne is able to catch Rip before he can enter the time-ship. This leaves the Legion only Rip whereas the Legends escape with the compass and Rip's part of the spear. Thawne later tasks Merlyn and Darhk with torturing Rip to find out where the rest of the spear is located.

Conflict inside the Legion

Darhk and Merlyn torture Rip but are unable to extract useful information from him. They rejoin Thawne whom they inform about their failure, claiming that while Rip is not uncooperative, he simply has no memory of the Spear of Destiny. Thawne is annoyed and also chides his companions for losing the compass, outraging the two. Darhk remembers Thawne that he was present as well and Merlyn adds that Thawne was there until he sped of once again, to which Thawne angrily replies by speeding at Merlyn and lunging him against the wall. Darhk and Merlyn remind Thawne that he needs them and Merlyn claims that while torture might not have worked on Rip, hypnosis might. As Merlyn leaves the room to try hypnotizing Rip, Darhk asks him what exactly stops the Legends from finding the rest of the spear in the meantime. Thawne replies that they are not likely to figure out how the compass works and adds that the Legion has an advantage over the Legends - the Legends are idiots.

Moments later, Merlyn returns. He reveals that hypnosis did not work on Rip either because his memories are not repressed or hidden, they are simply not there. When Darhk doubts that, Merlyn screams that he is welcome to try himself. Darhk on the other hand claims that torture might prove far more reliable because there is simply no limit to the pain he can create. Fed up with both of them, Thawne tells himself that this is what he gets for relying on a wash-out and a dead man, meaning Merlyn and Darhk respectively, and once more speeds off without any indication.

After Thawne has run off, Darhk returns to Rip, intending to torture him again. While sharpening his knifes, Darhk laments on how Thawne is treating him and Merlyn like a henchman and that he does not intend to suffer a henchman's fate which is normally death. When Rip continues to be useless, Darhk uses his knife to extract one of Rip's teeth. After Thawne has returned, he presents the tooth to Thawne and Merlyn and reveals that there is a barcode engraved into the tooth which leads to a security exposit box in Zürich, Switzerland. Expecting the box to contain the rest of the spear, Thawne prepares to lead the Legion to Switzerland in 2025, the time the box was last accessed. However, when an alarm at his wrist signals something Thawne seems to be afraid of, Thawne tasks Darhk and Merlyn with heading to 2025 and speeds off alone instead. Before they head to Switzerland, Damien and Malcolm argue about which approach to take during their attack on the bank. Their conflict climaxes in a heated stare duel between the two. Although Merlyn gives in with grace, claiming that luckily he does not find Damien the least bit threatening, it is revealed that he was prepared to stab Darhk should he have attacked.

Heist in Zürich

Darhk, Merlyn and Rip, whom they have taken along, arrive in Zürich in 2025. Intending to use Rip in their heist, Darhk and Merlyn bring him inside the bank so that he can access the box that is by right his. While they approach the vault, Merlyn tries to convince Rip with positive reinforcement whereas Darhk simply states that Rip will be killed should he fail. As Rip walks off to play his role, Darhk remarks that it would have been easier if they had killed everybody. While Rip is talking to the manager, Darhk and Merlyn sit down in the lobby of the bank. They discuss Thawne and his current disapprearances. Merlyn also raises the point why a time-travelling speedster would need allies, implying that there is something Thawne does not tell them. However, Darhk expects that Merlyn is simply trying to turn Darhk against Thawne and ignores Merlyn's arguments.

Eventually, the two realize that Rip is having problems inside the vault. To open it, he is required to speak the access code he set when he opened his account. However, as he has no memory of everything, Rip does not know the code. Through the communication device in Rip's ear, Merlyn orders him to leave immediately as their cover is about to blow. Contrasting Merlyn's order, Darhk orders Rip to stay and to see the mission through. Not keen on antagonizing either of the powerful villains, Rip panicks and the manager moves to call security. The same moment, he is blasted away by Darhk's energy pistol. Entering the pre-vault room, Darhk wants to shoot Rip as well but Merlyn stops him, claiming that Rip can still be useful. Merlyn tells Darhk to focus his blood thirst on the upcoming security guards instead and Darhk leaves the room and murders everyone nearby. Their mission a failure, Darhk and Merlyn then leave the bank and drag Rip with them.

Back at their headquarter, both men blame each other for the failure of their mission; Darhk claims that Merlyn's plan of bringing Rip was the reason they failed whereas Merlyn blames Darhk for not learning about the voice activated door when he found out about the bank vault. They then start insulting each other, with Merlyn remarking that Darhk was passed over as Ra's al Ghul and how pathetic he died in the future and Darhk replying that he hopes that he at least had two hands in said future. Eventually, the two decide to settle their disputes in the ways of the League - by a duel to the death.

The Legion reconciles

The two start fighting immediately and Darhk is able to knock down Merlyn. However, remembering how much he loves fighting, Merlyn gets back up and proves to be far more ferocious and is even able to slice Damien at the arm. In the middle of the heated duel, Rip stops the duel of the two by claiming that his is obviously what Thawne would want from his underlings. Although Darhk is outraged by the term "underlings", Merlyn thinks about it and comes to the conclusion that Rip might be right. The two decide to bury their conflict and to work together so that Thawne cannot screw them over in the end. The two return to Zürich where they follow Darhk's plan and simply murder everyone in ther way. They use the bank manager's override code to open the vault door and head inside. They find the security box which does not contain the spear but a device from the future which is used to store memories. The moment they find it inside the box, Thawne turns up and grabs it.

However, Merlyn closes the vault door and he and Darhk claims that they want to re-negotiate the terms of their partnership and that this time, it is going to be a real partnership. Thawne threatens to kill Merlyn should he not open the door immediately but Merlyn claims that he is the only one who knows the code to the door. He and Darhk reveal that they have figured out that Thawne needs them as much as they need him. At that moment, Thawne's alarm rings again and Thawne panicks. He states that the two have made a major point but adds that all three of them will be killed should Merlyn not open the door. Thawne explains that since the Flash pulled him out of the timeline, he is being pursued by a sinister beast which is guarding the timeline. Claiming that the beast senses him using his powers, Thawne explains that he had to speed off so often because if he stayed at one place for too long, the being would catch up with him. Before he can finish his explaination, they hear an otherworldly scream and Thawne realizes that the being has come for him.

Darhk and Merlyn continue their negotiation and fearing for his life, Thawne consents in making the two equal to him. Darhk and Merlyn then promise to help him in fighting the beast and open the door. The three device a plan and they send Thawne out in the open. When Thawne exits the room, the being appears indeed. The being, revealed to be the Black Flash - formerly Hunter Zolomon - appears nearby and starts searching the bank for Thawne. Darhk and Merlyn calm Thawne down, claiming that the Black Flash cannot see him as long as he does not move or uses the speed force. When the Black Flash comes closer, Merlyn fires an arrow at it and Darhk hurls a sword. Zoom catches both but thus has no hands free to dodge a powerful blow from Thawne which blasts him back into the bank vault. The trio quickly closes the door, locking Zoom inside. Fulfilling his promise, Thawne then accepts Darhk and Merlyn as equals and the Legion leaves the bank to continue their plans.

Back at their headquarter, the Legion uses the memory device they found. Before re-uploading the memories into Rip's mind, they change some of it and thus make Rip a pawn in their plans. After uploading the memories back into Rip's mind, they send him off to assassinate George Washington. This assassination is revealed to be a trap to lure in the Legends. Rip successfully draws in the Legends and furthermore manages to almost kill Sara and to obtain the piece of the Spear of Destiny hidden onboard the Waverider.

The "Black Knight"

Searching for another piece of the Spear, the Legion arrives at 507 A.D. during the time of King Arthur. Darhk adapts the identity of a mysterious black knight and starts attacking knights of Arthur's court outside Camelot, capturing and providing them with a mind-controlling brain implant. Eventually, he even manages to sneak up to King Arthur himself and defeats him in battle. As Arthur lies on the ground defeated, Darhk and Rip capture him instead of killing him, claiming that they have a purpose for him.

To get inside Camelot, Darhk lets himself be captured by the now brainwashed Arthur. They enter the castle but once inside the courtroom, Darhk reveals himself and Arthur captures Merlin, who is in truth the former JSA member Stargirl. Once Rip has revealed himself as well, the two Legion members demand Stargirls fragment of the spear. However, Stargirl breaks free and grabs a sword. In the resulting fight, Rip gains the upper hand by forcing Arthur to hold his knife at his own throat. Threatening to have Arthur killed should the spear not be brought to them by dawn, Darhk and Rip leave the castle. Darhk implies that he might return with an army just as obedient as Arthur to raze the castle to the ground.

Indeed, Darhk raises an army of his mind controlled knights. However, he seems unhappy as the warriors only obey Rip's commands who has the counterpart to their brain implants. When Rip intends to attack immediately, Darhk reminds him that they have given Camelot until dawn and that meeting its fighters in battle is more clever than laying siege to the castle.

The next morning, the two armies meet on the plains outside of Camelot. In the resulting battle, Darhk's and Rip's men prove to be far more effective than the spare fighters of Camelot. Darhk and Rip join the fight as well, slaughtering all attackers. However, meanwhile Mick Rory manages to overload the warrior brain implants by sending impulses of his own. As a result, Rip and Darhk stand there without and army. Rip charges at Arthur nonetheless and is severely wounded. Falling off his horse and wriggling in the mud, Rip begs Darhk for help but Darhk merely claims that he doesn't "do rescues" and rides off. He is pursued by Ray Palmer who eventually confronts him in a winter forest. The two duel and Ray manages to cut Darhk's sword. He knocks Darhk into the snow and tells him to submit. Darhk seemingly yields but then swiftly draws a laser gun and fires at Ray. As Ray falls to the ground, Darhk walks off.

Recruiting Snart

After being freed from the League's influence, Rip reveals where Darhk, Thawne and Merlyn are hiding - the Vanishing Point. At the Vanishing Point, the Legends manage to infiltrate the compound and steal the pieces of the spear the League already obtained. They are successful and, after escaping from the Vanishing Point, own the entire spear, much to the horror of Thawne who comes too late to stop them. When Darhk and Merlyn return from a job Thawne sent them on, they are confronted with Thawne's failure. Although this is a major setback, Thawne sees is as an opportunity because the Legends most likely want to destroy the spear. Thawne claims that the League will be there when the Legends attempt to do so and that the League will then take down the Legends. Darhk, however, claims that this is not how they will deal with the situation. Claiming that they are losing right now, Darhk states that it is time to change the game.

The League heads back to the past and recruit Leonard Snart before he can even join the Legends. Together with Snart, they then return to France during World War I where the Legends have meanwhile started looking for the blood of Jesus, the only way to destroy the spear. Snart and Darhk confront the Legends in the church they are currently in. In addition, the League have allied themselves with the Germans which then storm the church and attack the Legends. Because of the sheer amount of attackers, the Legends are forced to retreat, leaving Snart and Darhk in the church. With an engraving obtained from the church, the Legends continue to search for Jesus' blood.

Locating the blood amidst the battlefield, the Legends negotiate a ceasefire between both armies. However, once they have found the blood they are confronted by Snart and Darhk once more. They demand the Spear and Snart manages to convince Mick to turn it over and to return to his old partner's side. To escape unopposed, Snart throws a grenade at nearby soldiers, effectively breaking the ceasefire. As the battle continues to rage once more, Thawne turns up and takes Darhk, Snart and Rory with him.


Back at the Vanishing Point, Darhk and Thawne congratulate Snart on making one of the Legends procure the Spear for them. Snart claims that Mick never really was one of the Legends. Merlyn then turns up as well and reveals that he managed to obtain the thing Thawne sent him and Darhk to find earlier. The object is revealed to be the manual for the Spear of Destiny and with both the Spear and the manual, the Legion is ready to alter reality itself. Together, they change reality to their liking.

In the new reality the former Legion - whose partnership has ended with the use of the spear - has cooked up, most superheroes have fallen. In addition, the Legion has changed the lives of the Legends as well. Although Merlyn voted against it, having prefered the Legends to be erased from existance entirely, Darhk and Thawne enjoyed their "poetic justice" too much in order to actually destroy their former enemies. In the new reality, Sara and Amaya servie as enforcers for Darhk who is now mayor of Star City. When Amaya and Sara capture Felicity Smoak they bring her before Darhk who, after a brief conversation, orders Sara to kill Felicity. Sara breaks her neck and Darhk orders the body to be removed. He takes Felicity's mask and adds it to his collection of mask of fallen heroes. Darhk's collection reveals that the Green Arrow, the Flash, John Diggle, Wild Dog, Ragman, Vigilante and the Black Canary have already been killed on Darhk's orders.

Eventually, Mick regrets his brief involvement with the Legion and starts assembling the former Legends. After Snart learns of this, he visits Darhk and Merlyn and informs him of Mick's betrayal. Snart intends to convince Mick to join up with him again and wants Darhk and Merlyn to help him without Thawne finding out, fearing that Thawne would simply kill Mick. When Merlyn furiously chides Darhk for not having killed the Legends when they had the chance, Darhk claims that the situation will be under control shortly. He calls in Amaya and Sara and sends them to hunt down Mick and bring him back to them.

While Amaya and Sara are gone, Snart claims that Thawne needs to die and that they should arrange a false meeting to kill him there. Darhk and Merlyn chide him, claiming that this is not The Godfather, but agree that Thawne needs to be eliminated. Amaya and Sara then return, having failed to capture Mick or the part of the Legends he already rounded up. Furthermore, Sara has been freed from Darhk's influence and is secretly working against him. When they return, Darhk realizes that something is off and shows Sara his trophies of fallen heroes. He asks Sara which one her favorite is. When Sara cannot decide, Darhk claims that his favorite kill was the murder of the Black Canary. When he starts talking about how he enjoyed killing Laurel, Sara snaps and hits him in the face. Before she can do more harm, Darhk stuns her with his magic, revealing that acquiring his magic was the fist thing he did in the new reality. He then lifts her into the air, claiming that he will miss her following his every order. He then orders Amaya to kill Sara but before she can do so, Sara uses the device Ray built to free Amaya from the Legion's influence. Instead of shooting Sara, Amaya shoots at Darhk and hits him in the shoulder twice. In the chaos, the two make their escape. After Sara and Amaya have fled, Snart and Merlyn sarcastically make fun of Darhk's classical bad guy monologue.

While Merlyn and Darhk still brood over actions Sara might take against them, Snart returns with Rory. From Rory, Darhk Merlyn and Snart learn that Eobard is secretly building a device at S.T.A.R. Labs that could destroy the Spear of Destiny. The realize that Thawne intends to create his perfect reality, which might very well include the death of ever member of the former Legion of Doom, only to destroy the Spear afterwards which means that Thawne's reality cannot be reversed. Darhk, Merlyn, Snart and Rory decide to steal the Spear of Destiny for themselves while Thawne is busy fighting the Legends. Indeed, they later turn up when Thawne has captured the Legends and threatens to burn the spear. The arrival of Merlyn, Darhk, Snart and Rory results in complete chaos. In the battle between the factions, Darhk and Nate both get hold of the spear but when they see Thawne speeding at them, Darhk lets go so that Nate can blast away Thawne with the spear. Afterwards, both men laugh and even almost high-five each other before they remember that they are enemies. Darhk grabs the spear from Nate and knocks him out, only to be knocked out himself by Ray Palmer seconds later.

Eventually, the whole fight ends when Mick obtains the Spear of Destiny. Once he picks it up, all factions tell him to give the spear to them. When Ray tells Mick not to give it to Snart, Merlyn and Darhk as he already did this before with catastrophic results, Darhk claims that this was Thawne's doing and that their reality will be different. Mick eventually hands the Spear to the Legends, revealing their alliance with them. He hands the spear over to Amaya but Snart freezes and kills her. With Snart now in possession of the Spear, Darhk congratulates him for obtaining it for their mutual faction. However, before Darhk can finish his sentence, Thawne speeds in, grabs the Spear and throws it into the generator he had build, destroying it.

Final downfall

After the Spear has been destroyed, the only ones who are not completely shocked are Merlyn and Darhk. The two claim that with the Spear destroyed, Thawne cannot prevent them from killing him. Thawne laughs at that, claiming that even at their fastest they move in slow motion for him. Thawne, however, claims that even if they would get past his men, they would never get past him. Thawne then states that he will let all of them, Legends and Legion, go because it is too amusing for him to see them live in a reality where they do not belong, with all their sacrifices and achievements rendered void. However, he also warns Darhk, Snart and Merlyn not to try any treason again as he can kill them in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Rip is able to contact the Legends and they decide to break into S.T.A.R. Labs in order to get back Ray's suit which might help them in getting the shrunk Rip and Waverider back to normal size. While they get the suit, on their way out they are attacked by Darhk who seems to be in league with Thawne once more, having no other choice than obedience. With his magic, he deflects an energy blast from Ray and holds both Ray and Jackson at bay. While he does so, he is attacked by the Waverider but due to its minimal size, its lasers do not affect Darhk at all. However, while he muses about the Legends' futile attempts, he is attacked and knocked out by Rory who turns up behind him. With Darhk out of the way, the Legends manage to get Rip and the Waverider back to their normal size and head back to the WW1 battlefield in order to prevent the Legion of Doom from even obtaining the Spear of Destiny in the first place. When Thawne is later killed by the Black Flash during WW1, this prevents him from ever creating Doomworld together with the Legion and thus, this version of Darhk is erased from existance.

Defeat during World War I

Back in time, the Legends arrive on the battlefield while the Legion is waiting in one of the command tents. However, Thawne has returned from the future as well and kills Ray. Aware of the arrival of the Legends, he speeds back to the tent where he informs Darhk and Merlyn of the arrival of their enemies. However, Darhk and Merlyn do not get that he is talking of the "new" Legends from the future, not the ones they were waiting for in the first place. When Thawne claims that he is not their Eobard either but the one who destroyed the Spear in the future, they brush it off, believing that he simply meant to tell them that he is from the future - which they already knew. Fed up with Darhk's and Merlyn's ignorance, Thawne tells them to deal with both sets of the Legends that are currently present during that time while Thawne himself speeds off.

While Thawne is recruiting backup, Darhk, Merlyn and Snart attack the Waverider. This forces the Legends to lift off, resulting in a time storm which crashes the Waverider close to the battlefield. Both Legend groups then team up to fight off Darhk, Merlyn and Snart who are advancing on the time ship. When the Legion arrives, the Legends attack them. Despite their futuristic weaponry, Darhk and Merlyn soon find their gun's power cells depleted. Both men decide to rely on their other skills instead and rush into the battle with bow and sword. During the battle, Darhk is attacked by Mick Rory similar to his downfall in Doomworld. Mick grabs Darhk and aims his fire gun at his heart but Snart interferes. Snart blasts an icicle through Rory's chest, killing him and saving Darhk. Darhk then gets back up and rejoins the fight, stabbing and murdering Nate Heywood from behind. Despite her shock, Sara immediately engages Darhk in a swordfight, eventually defeating him and holding her blade at his throat. Although Darhk tries to goad her into killing him, Sara claims that death would be too much a kindness. Instead, the future Sara knocks out Darhk and leaves him in the trench.

The Legends then intend to use the Spear of Destiny to undo everything the Legion has done, however, they are attacked by Thawne who has brought an army of time remnants of himself to fight the Legends. When Thawne is killed by the Black Flash, this effectively prevents the Legion from ever creating Doomworld, resulting in a future not affected by the Legion's use of the Spear of Destiny. Darhk, Merlyn and Snart are imprisoned aboard the Waverider. Although the Legends release Merlyn in 2017, the time he comes from, they cannot simply release Snart and Darhk due to both men having died in the normal timeline. Snart is delivered back to Central City in 2014 where the Legion recruited him. After Mick wipes his mind, he returns Snart to his normal timeline which will lead to him sacrificing himself for the Legends. Similarly, Sara brings Darhk back to Miami in 1971 where he was recruited by Thawne. Darhk is surprised that Sara is letting him back into his own life which will eventually lead to him killing her sister Laurel. Sara, however, claims that she is okay with that choice and Laurel is as well. Darhk is surprised and asks how Sara could possibly know that but instead of answering, Sara erases all his memories of the Legends or the League. Thus, Darhk is sent onto his normal path as well, ultimately ending in his arrival in Star City and his death by the hands of the Green Arrow.

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