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We're in it to win it!
~ Dan Kuso

Danma Kuso (空操 弾馬, Kusou Danma) (Eng Version: Daniel "Dan" Kuso) usually known as Dan (ダン) is the main protagonist of the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers anime series and franchise itself.

He first lived in Wardington for the first two seasons with his friends Runo Misaki, Marucho Marukura and Shun Kazami. He moved to Bayview in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, and somehow Julie became his neighbor. In Bayview, he made friends with a boy named Jake Vallory. He was the number 1 Brawler in Bakugan Interspace until he was "defeated" by Anubias (Dan was actually disqualified in the brawl). He is partnered with the recently evolved Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid (nicknamed Drago) and former partner of Gunz Lazar, Haos Reptak. He is also seen as a legend among the brawlers from Earth as well as toward the Vestals, Neathians, and Gundalians.

He is voiced by Yū Kobayashi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Scott McCord on the English version of the anime.


Dan is a kind-hearted and energetic boy who really loves Bakugan, but gets frustrated easily. His greatest ambition is to be the number one brawler to ever live, which is what he attends at the last episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He tends to act rash and impulsive which often leads him to trouble.

He is very eager for a brawl, thinking he can take on anyone, which causes him to complain a lot when he has to wait around in hiding, as shown in the first and second season. By the third season Dan has outgrown that habit as he was telling Jake to help rebuild the second shield generator after they had a successful victory over the Gundalians. Although in future seasons he grown more mature and calm, sometimes he still act impulsive and shown to be big eater.

He is shown to be extremely loyal to Drago, his Bakugan Partner. Proved when Dan loses him after his battle with masquerade, he willingly followed Drago to go to doom dimension. And in Season 2 after he lose Drago once again by Spectra, He start suffer heavy fever and feel into deep depression. His partnership with Drago which make a bond called "Switch Code", which means that Dan is destined to be his partner and always being connected.

In Mechtanium Surge part 1, Dan personality almost at some point to be out-of-character. He become more cocky and always ignore his friends advice because he always believe on himself. After he constantly have a horrible hallucination, nightmare and lose control of himself due being impact by Mag-mel hallucination, he temporarily leaves the battle brawler to have a training to control himself and Drago. After his return, Dan become very upset after the other battle brawler try to make him away from battlefield due his psychic-link to Mag-Mel, and feel that he already replaced. After his first actual encounter with Mag-Mel, Dan finally realized his mistake and apologized toward the other brawler for his reckless actions.

Skill and Abilities

Dan suffer a pain on his head after sense a sycn from Mag Mel

Dan used to play using raw power without any kind of strategy, often caring more about winning and not the consequences to come. However, after he was defeated by Ryo, he start to learn being strategic to rematch and defeat him. Dan is a skilled brawler between Season 1 - 3. But in season 4, his brawling record isn't as great. He has lost three brawls in Battle Brawlers, three brawls in New Vestroia, two brawls in Gundalian Invaders and eight brawls in Mechtanium Surge.

Beside his Brawler skill, he has also shown to have some Psychic abilities, especially Telephaty and Clairvoyance. On Season 2, he is shown to telepathically hear Spectra's voice to rematch their battle, and on Season 3, he has some visions about the Neathian-Gundalian war on episode 1. When he gain a switch code on Season 4, Dan always has mental link by Mag Mel which results he always gets a pain in his head whenever he heard his voice or gets haunted by a horrified vision even for a temporary, due the power of switch code not yet completed. He no longer has this after he clashes with Mag Mel during their battle on reverse world, which causes him to lose his link with him. With the Switch code, he is also able to combine his key and Drago's gate to summon his Methogan, Zenthon and Zenthon Titan.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

When Dan first appears, he is seen riding his bike to the park, where he is supposed to battle Shuji. He managed to defeat him with ease. Later he was challenged to a rematch, which he accepts. Drago tries to make him stop fighting with him. After the vision was over, Drago and Fear Ripper appeared in the field and Drago was able to defeat him, giving Dan the victory. Dan was surprised hearing Drago talking to Fear Ripper and he decides that he was imagining that he was talking.

In Masquerade Ball, Dan then tried to get Drago to talk but to no avail. After hearing from Runo Misaki that there is a man named Masqeruade who was sending people's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, Dan decides to battle him. When he went to the meeting point, he found Shuji and Akira waiting for him for another rematch. Dan unwillingly accepted and defeated Shuji's Ventus Bakugan with ease. After the battle, he ran into Masquerade and battled him. After losing two of his Bakugan to Reaper, he sends out Drago and he was losing the battle until Dan tried to activate an Ability Card, which Drago was able to exceed and cause the battle to end in a draw. However, as Masquerade left, he revealed that he was holding back, making Dan realize that Masquerade was much stronger than he had anticipated, and that he could have lost Drago.

In episode 3, Dan started training for when he would encounter Masquerade again. Around this time Drago started accepting him as his partner, hoping that with Dan's help he can stop Naga. However, during the battle against Rikimaru Drago was constantly trying to warn Dan to be careful and to come up with a strategy but Dan did not listen. So he just threw in a random Bakugan until Rikimaru threw in Siege, and using his ability that requires two more Aquos Bakugan was able to send all of Dan's Bakugn, as well as his own, to the Doom Dimension. Although he was able to win in the end by anticipating Rikimaru's moves, he was angry at Dan because of his reckless actions that cause four Bakugan to be sent to the Doom Dimension. Because of this Dan threw Drago into the river, saying they were done. He later regreats throwing Drago after losing to Ryo and after getting Drago back he deafts Ryo in a rematch Later he learned that Runo moved in his town and was seen hanging with her even doing a tag brawl with her against two twins. Later he and Marucho Marukura battle the JJ Dolls who have been send by masquerade.

He is later present when Alice Gehabich visits the team.

He admitted he didn't want Shun Kazami to join the team because of problems hes been having with him but after Shun helps Dan beat Masquaerade and his bakugan Hydranoid he weclomes him to the Bralwers.

While travling in Bakugan valley he battles the number 3 player Chan Lee. its a tough fight but he comes out the victor.

During Lars Lion's test for Runo, a younger, illusionary Dan was used to make Runo realize that she can't be so stubborn and rash. He was the first person that Runo met when she moved into his town. They played baseball, but when Dan left Runo never caught his name. During his test with Apollonir, he brawls against a clown on the moon. He wins by using a Fusion Ability Card, D-Strike Extreme. When Drago doesn't evolve like the others, he is told that he needs to defeat all of his friends in order for Drago to evolve. He defeats Julie and Hammer Gorem, although he hesitates because he doesn't want her to fall off Gorem. He then defeats Marucho, Preyas Preyas Angelo and Preyas Diablo While he planned on defeating Shun next, Blade Tigrerra requested that she and Runo brawl first, which he accepted and won. Finally, he battled Shun and Storm Skyress. Drago evolved after Dan won.

After Drago finally evolved, Masquerade sent a battle request to Joe Brown for the Infinity Core, only to have Dan come to battle in his place. Alpha Hydranoid and Drago, now an Ultimate Dragonoid, finally brawl. He wins and finds out that Masquerade was actually a secondary personality created within Alice Gehabich, one of the Battle Brawlers.

When the Brawlers went to Vestroia, Dan caught the eye of the Bakugan hybrids Tricloid and Rabeeder, which started to freak him out. He was given a clay heart by Tricloid, which actually turned out to be a key to allow Dan and Drago access into the world of Pyrus and Darkus. When in the Pyrus-Darkus world, he and Drago fought the Pyrus-Darkus hybrids Druman and Centorrior. They were saved by Nova Lion, an elderly Pyrus Tigrerra. He then decides to take them to the center of the universe. They were stopped by the hybrids again and beat them, however Nova Lion died. Dan then wishes Nova Lion was back during another battle with the hybrids, but somehow, Alice overheard him, but didn't know who he was talking about Alice then decided to become Masquerade one more time to save them, which she does, and thanks to Masquerade's plan, the hybrid Bakugan are defeated.

After returning to earth He faces Druman and Centorior in a rematch

Although constantly arguing with each other, Dan and Runo are in love but don't confess until the end of the series, where they are seen going on a movie date together. Also, during this date, both Dan and Runo seem to have changed clothes. After seeing Drago in Spirit Form telling him to take care of himself, he says: "Everything perfect" while doing his signature nose flick.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

In Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, Dan, now 15 years old, is reunited with Drago, who was separated from the Perfect Core with the help of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia. Drago took him and unknown to their knowledge, Marucho, to New Vestroia, where they were found by Mira Fermin and battled two members of the Vexos, Volt Luster and Lync Volan. After they won, he and Marucho were taken back to the Resistance's base to meet Ace Grit and Baron Leltoy. While Mira and Baron were accepting of him, Ace wanted him to prove himself in a brawl, which ended in a draw between Percival and Dragp . He agreed to help the Resistance free the Bakugan by destroying all the Dimension Controllers that are keeping the Bakugan in their ball forms.

Later he helps Baron get his confidence back be teaching him about Brawling having Drago and Nemus battle each other

In episode 5, he received a Trap Bakugan, Scorpion, from Mira. He later brawls Gus Grav and easily loses due to the power of Vulcan.

After lots of training Dan and Gus had a rematch which Spectra Phantom joined to see dragos power. Dan struglled to beat Spectra and Gus until Shun came to aid his old friend. Drago used a perifect core abilty to beat Helios causing Shun and Dan to win. The team then arrives in Alpha city.

While in Aplha city Dan helped destroy the detention controller by using drago to hit the controller.

Dan, along with Mira and Baron, followed Runo as well as Gus lync and Spectra. into the dimensional gate to Earth. Once they arrive Spectra takes Runo as his hostage and offering Dan an ultimatum: join the Vexos or risk Runo's safety. The Brawlers split up to pursue their foes, Spectra revealing that he is actually against Prince Hydron's rule and wants to team up with Dan to take him down. In a show of good will, he released Runo. Meanwhile, Dan refused to believe Spectra's intentions, and Alice soon warped in using Masquerade's warp card. She took Spectra, Gus, and Dan back to the lab, where Dr. Michael sent Spectra and Gus back to New Vestroia. Unfortunately, the transporter needed to be repaired before another trip could be made. This left Spectra, Gus, Lync, Mira, and Baron trapped on Earth. Since then he has been worrying for Ace shun and Marchou, who were being captured by the Vexos.

He is challenged by Spectra while on Earth and agrees to battle with him. However, Spectra acquires Drago when he used a Forbidden Ability Card to boost Helios' strength. Dan trains in hopes of winning back Drago, and talks to the Legendary Warrior of Vestroia, Apollonir, and they successfully defeat Spectra, restore Drago back to normal, and win Drago back. Mira however betrays them saying she wants to be with her brother which is Spectra When they get back to New Vestroia, Dan and Baron face Mylene Farrow and Shadow Prove in Beta City and smashed the Dimension Controller there.

He destroys the last Dimension Controller by beating Gus and Mira alongside Ace in Gamma City with the reward of mira joining the team again, but when they try to get to Hydron's Palace, he activates another Dimension Controller, sending him, Baron, and Ace back down to the ground, where he is then challenged by Spectra. Spectra decided to use Maxus Helios, but Dan used Maxus Dragonoid to even the playing field although the brawl ended in a tie.

6 months later the brawlers get a visit from the Six Ancient Warriors who lost their atrbute energies and gave them to the resistance Bakugan with this Drago evolves into Cross Dragnoiod.

When he hears about the Vexos return by Ace Barron and Klaus he rushes to Vestail to stop them alongside Mira and Marucho. Later the 3 of them brawl Spectra with his new evolved Helios even though it is a long battle with Mira and Marucho getting eliminated he still beats Spectra.

After hearing about Shadows attack on Alice he and the Restance Rush back to earth hoping to keep Runo and Juile safe.

When Marucho and Preyas sneak out to find Elfin, he is with Shun, Ace, and Baron sleeping through a romantic movie that Runo, Mira and Julie are watching.

When Spectra comes to earth to get the perfict core Dan defeats Spectra in a brawl, in which Dan agreed to give up the Perfect Core if he lost, while Spectra would take the Resistance to the Mother Palace if he lost. Dan wins, and Spectra agree to his terms. At the Mother Palace, Dan and Mira fight Zenoheld and Hydron with Spectra helping his rival due to Gus loss however they lost to Zenoheld and drago lost his attribute energy and the BT system is full. So, Cross Dragonoid flies into the sky with the BT system and destroys it, absorbing all of the attribute energies and becoming Helix Dragonoid.

Later he and the Restance meet new unkown Bakugan which Baron and Nemis brawl against

With the Vexos seemingly out of the way, Spectra challenges Dan to one last battle to see who is number one. It is a close battle, but Drago won by bending Helios's battle gear and defeating him. Helios MK2 then admitted his defeat to Drago; he was the ultimate Bakugan, and Spectra decide to give up his mask and work with the resistance as Mira's brother, Keith. Together Dan and Keith create a battle gear for Drago called JetKor. Him and the brawlers learn about the Alternative thanks to Lync leaving behind evdance.

When the Alternative is complete, Dan and the other brawlers battle and destroy it. Dan used only Helix Dragonoid in this battle. Keith, Gus, Mira, Ace and Baron return to Vestal, while Dan, Shun ,and Marucho head back to Earth. In the Japanese Ending of Episode 52, he is seen eating curry at Runo's family restaurant as Drago, Julie and Runo watch. Three weeks later, Bakugan Interspace is completely repaired. During this time, a person named Ren Krawler appears, asking Dan, Marucho, and Shun if they are the Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

After moving to Bayview, Dan befriends Jake Vallory, the Battle Brawlers' new Subterra brawler. Dan brings Jake to Bakugan Interspace and brawls against Ren, but the battle gets cut off when the power levels become too high for Bakugan Interspace. After hearing about the Neathin/Gundalion war by Ren He and Marucho battle two "Neathians" (really Gundalian), Sid Arkale and Lena Isis. Marucho lost, but Dan and Drago beat both of them.

In their first encounter, Fabia Sheen accidentally throws Dan. To see if he was the one who picked up her Phantom Data, she brawls Dan, and loses. Believing Ren's story about the Neathians attacking Gundalia, Dan tells Fabia to leave and to stop using Bakugans for war. Angered by his ignorance, Fabia throws Dan and leaves later he is helping coach Jake who is having confidence problems.

Dan battles Sid and Zenet Surrow in a tag battle with Ren. Unknown to him, Ren lost on purpose, forcing Dan into a two-on-one brawl causing him to lose the brawl although Drago doesn't get taken.

When Dan is challenged by Jesse Glenn, Fabia returns to Bakugan Interspace and fights Jesse, but loses. Dan notices Fabia about to cry for her loss. Feeling sympathy for her, Dan challenges Jesse to a fight, but Ren tries to dissuade him. Shun and Fabia then expose Ren as a Gundalian agent, revealing that the Gundalians are the invaders, not the Neathians. Ren escapes, followed by Marucho, who believes that Ren is innocent. Dan and the Brawlers are told by Fabia about what really happened in the war between Neathia and Gundalia. Ren is found by Marucho and challenges him to a fight. However, Marucho defeats him and chooses to remain with the Brawlers.

Dan and the Brawlers were challenged by Gundalians Mason Brown, Sid Arkale, and their new brainwashed brawlers Taylor and Casey. Dan and Shun had to battle Mason and Taylor while Marucho and Jake challenged Sid and Casey. They won with their new, real versions of their digital Bakugan, Hawktor, Coredem and Akwimos, but they were all tricked and sent out of Bakugan Interspace when Ren hacked into the system and forced the brawlers out, causing Bakugan Interspace to be under Ren's control.

Dan and Jake faced off against Sein Pam and Lewin Pam and won thus freeing them from their brainwashing. After Neo Ziperator is taken by Jesse, Dan promises Linus Claude that he will rescue him. When they break into Interspace, they are lead into an arena by Sid and challenged to a battle. Dan is easily doing well but then Sid brings out Neo. However, Neo gives Drago The Element, knowing he will protect it better. This caused Drago to evolve into Lumino Dragonoid, giving him great powers to win the battle. Drago stated that he could feel in tap with the universe during the battle.

He and the other Brawlers follow Fabia back to Neathia. He meets Fabia's sister, Queen Serena, and allies with the Neathians. Fabia then shows the Brawlers the Sacred Orb, the item that the Gundalians are after. Soon after, they receive a report that the Gundalians are attacking. Dan ends up battling Emperor Barodius and Dharak, but just as Drago and Dharak were about to attack each other, the Sacred Orb sends all of the Gundalians back to Gundalia. After the battle, he and the other Brawlers are awarded the position of Castle Knights.

Dan, Shun and Fabia are traveling through the jungle while coming across a few obstacles. A while later Stoica and Jesse appear to stop the Brawlers. Before they battle, Shun escapes while Fabia and Dan battle. Fabia fights most of the battle while Dan is silent. Stoica later figures out that before the battle, Dan and Shun switched their Bakugan, so he has Hawktor while Shun has Drago. Dan proves himself a good Ventus brawler, whose strategy revolves around beating down his opponent with swift, heavy attacks via his Ability Cards, and he and Fabia win the battle.

Heading towards the second shield generator, he arrives just in time to help out Shun, who was getting badly by Kazarina. Dan and Shun then switched their Bakugan to their respective owners, and Dan took Shun's place in the battle, giving Shun enough time to activate the shield while Dan defeated Kazarina. They and the Neathians celebrate their victory as the Gundalians retreat. While doing construction, he tries to tell Jake that they need to rebuild so they can be ready. Later, Dan went and helped Shun in his battle against Zenet and Gill, and won.

While trying to fight off against a group of hypnotized kids, Dan battles Koji with a Mobile Assault vehicle. Seeing that Dan was losing, Captain Elright gave him his own Assault vehicle, Raytheus, which Dan uses to defeat Koji. After fighting enemies with Raytheus, Dan is confronted by Ren. He asks Ren why he fights for the Emperor and once he hears his reason he said that he was better friends with the brawlers. While he was fighting Ren, Sid joins the battle to fight Dan, but the two still lose and Sid later falls to his death

He and Drago battled Dharak Colossus but lost. In episode 25, he obtained Dragonoid Colossus, but was not aware of it. Dan and Jake met Robin, a hypnotized kid from Bakugan Interspace, but they did not know he was hypnotized. When Robin ran off, he tried to stop Jake from running after him but got mad and gave up.

Dan witnessed Jake's return from Gundalia, but is suspicious of his nature since his return. He sets a trap for Jake and the two end up battling. Dan struggles against Jake and his new Ability Card given to him by Kazarina. Luckily, Shun arrives and helps him defeat Jake.

Dan is transported to the space in between dimensions to be tested by Dragonoid Colossus to see if he is worthy of wielding the Sacred Orb's power. With the help of Explosix and Jakalier, they manage to defeat him. As a reward for winning, Dragonoid Colossus evolves Drago into Blitz Dragonoid and takes him back to Neathia along with Nurzak and Mason who were trapped there.

In episode 30, he utilized Dragonoid Colossus' Battle Gear to break in to the Gundalian castle. Once inside, he got separated from Marucho and Shun and ended up in a strange room and is confronted by Barodius, so they battle. Dan struggles a bit against him until Dragonoid Colossus gives him an Ability Card to defeat him. After the battle, Dan demands that Barodius return Jake, only to have him tackle Dan, showing that he is still hypnotized by the Gundalians.

From episodes 32 to 35, he was locked up by Jake and was knocked out by Kazarina, who was going to vaporize him. However, Jake snaps out of his hypnosis and saves Dan. In episode 36, he battles Kazarina, Airzel, Stoica, and Gill alongside Fabia, Ren, Shun, Jake, and Marucho. He wins against Gill, Stoica, and Airzel, but they must leave Fabia behind to finish the battle with Kazarina.

In episode 37, he tries to get to Barodius and Phantom Dharak, but is blocked by Strikeflier. In episode 38, he is about to battle Phantom Dharak when he is warped to a space in between dimensions. In episode 39, he battles Barodius and Phantom Dharak. He wins and Blitz Dragonoid evolves into Titanium Dragonoid. Later in Bakugan Interspace, he battles Koji.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Arc 1

One year after defeating Barodius, Dan and Drago have returned to Bakugan Interspace and help Marucho expand it. Two rival teams, Team Anubias and Team Sellon have emerged and are trying to challenge the Brawlers' status as top-ranked battlers. Also, the two of them have been having visions of a masked man named Mag Mel and a Bakugan named Razenoid demanding that they give him their power. The next day, Dan was challenged by one of the members of Team Anubias, Ben. Dan manages to defeat him, but Drago loses control of his powers and nearly destroys the arena.

In Mechtogan Mayhem, he and Drago are off training at an abandoned arena in order to control Drago's powers. However, when activating "Dragon Hard Striker" - Drago goes insane and "spawns" Zenthon. They comment on how strong Zenthon is and try battling him but are unsuccessful. Later, they are seen among the arena debris commenting that Drago's powers are not the only things that need to be controlled.

In Disconnect, he was trying to hide the problems with Drago from Shun and Marucho, but it is not working well. Later, he is seen being forced by Dylan to participate in a "meet and greet" even though he rejects it while trying to act like he has a big ego problem. Later, he battles Anubias and he won the first round but lost the second and the third round due to him trying to keep Drago's powers under control and making him run away. He was last seen watching a fan that supported him then rejected him for losing.

In Fall From Grace, he alongside his friends battled Zenthon briefly before he disappears. Later, he and Shun battled Sellon and Chris and won but only due to Sellon throwing the match. In Tri-Twister Take Down, the Brawlers discuss Dan and Drago taking a break from brawling in order to make sure the people inside Interspace are safe. Dan gets angry and leaves in order to continue training with Drago. Having trouble focusing on training due to the argument, they begin to agree that they need to take a break. Later, they watch Shun and Marucho's battle and after seeing what the Tri-Twisters are doing - he wants to help but feels conflicted and does not help them out.

In Agony of Defeat, he still refuses to listen to his friends when they tell him to take a break from battling. Even though he is still plagued by nightmares about Mag Mel and Razenoid, Dan doesn't mind battling Anubias with the winner being crowned the official number one brawler of Bakugan Interspace. During the fight, a vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid appears, and Dan and Drago think they are fighting them instead of Anubias, causing them to lay waste to the field and endanger the crowd. To make matters worse, Zenthon reappears. Once Zenthon leaves, Dan and Drago's vision are returned to normal. The battle is declared over and Dan is disqualified for illegally using Zenthon and Anubias is crowned number one of Bakugan Interspace. Unable to face his fans that have turned against him, let alone his friends, Dan packs up his things and leaves.

In BakuNano Explosion, he went back to New Vestroia, to learn to control Drago's powers in safety.

In Return to New Vestroia, he and Drago were wondering why so many Bakugan had never seen a human before even though the Brawlers saved Vestroia many times. Later, they meet up with Preyas and Amazon at one of Drago's training grounds. At first, he and Drago are reluctant to battle due to their problems but Dan theorizes that maybe in the real world, Drago can control his powers better. So, they battle Amazon but lose control during the battle and are defeated. They later faint from exhaustion while Preyas and Amazon leave. Dan and Drago are seen later talking about what happened and Dan admits that he has no idea what to do.

In Chaos Control, he and Drago split up after the last one said he has to be alone for a while. But Anubias in his Gundalian form (unknown who he is to Dan and Drago), sent by Mag Mel to get Dan and Drago, arrived in New Vestroia and started attacking Drago and Preyas with a Chaos Bakugan gifted to him by Mag Mel, Darkus Iron Dragonoid. Drago took a hit and Preyas stepped in protect him. Anubias called his own Mechtogan, Venexus (which is also gifted by Mag Mel). Preyas lost and Drago went into rage and lost control again and started destroying the area and summoned Zenthon until Dan and Amazon came and brought Drago came back to control. They battled Zenthon who started to obey Drago after he got shot by Drago's Revolution-O ability. Dan and Drago battled Anubias and Iron Dragonoid while Zenthon battled and defeated Venexus. Dan and Drago won and Anubias flew back.

In A Royale Pain, Dan and Drago are briefly seen at the end of the episode climbing a mountain in New Vestroia. They are seen to be more positive and Dan claims that they will control their powers and get back on top again.

In Back In Sync, Dan and Drago are shown to be taming/training against Zenthon. After, they try to fly up a cliff with a strong wind against them. They fail once, being out of sync, but after a few words of wisdom from Wavern, they succeed and begin to hunt the entity haunting them.

In Mind Search, Wavern leads him and Drago to a cave which will solve their nightmares. They enter the cave only to find a rainbow light. They look in the light and they see Mag Mel and Razenoid. After, they get flashed out of the cave and gain a symbol on their bodies. Then, Dan realizes that the light was Code Eve. In Re-connection, Wavern lets Dan and Drago look through their memories to find the source of all their troubles. They find the source after evolving at the end of Gundalian Invaders. The feeling they had was the same feeling when they lost control. After, they decide to train as Wavern leaves the group.

In Trople Threat, he and Drago are still training on New Vestroia. He receives violent visions of Bakugan Interspace and Bayview being attacked by Razenoid and they face Sellon (in her Neathian form) and this time, since Dan and Drago are back in sync, they summon Zenthon and are able to control him. Then they become in sync with Zenthon and summon Zenthon Titan and win the battle.

In Interspace Under Siege, he and Drago returns to Bakugan Interspace alongside Spectra Phantom and Infinity Helios after sensing danger within the Interspace. In A Hero Returns, he attempts to take on all of the Chaos Bakugan himself to prove that he and Drago have control of his powers and of Zenthon to the brawlers. However, he sees another vision of Mag Mel and loses control yet again. Later, he sees a vision of Gundalia being attacked by the Chaos Bakugan and warns the others. Paige then receives a distress signal confirming that Gundalia is being attacked, and the brawlers decide to go help out Gundalia.

In Gundalia Under Fire, Drago opens a portal and the battle brawlers head to Paige's home, Gundalia. When they arrive they meet up with Ren (who changed into his Human Form) and takes them to a secret base. Dan has a vision of Mag Mel and his plan to attack the capital of Gundalia. Marucho forms a strategy but Mag Mel launches a sneak attack of his own. Dan gets the BakuNano Sonicanon from Rafe and uses it against Razenoid. Mag Mel reveals that he uses the connection they share to gain the upper hand on the brawlers as Dan gets closer to him, their psychic connection grows stronger. The battle gets more intense forcing Dan to call Zenthon but Mag Mel calls his own Mechtogan with each side using their strongest attack with Drago losing the battle as Razenoid was too powerful which forced the Brawlers to retreat.

In Battle Lines, Dan is still arrogant since his return. He constantly insisted on battling even though he was dissuaded by Marucho, Rafe, Trister, and Shun. He gets angered to the point of grabbing Marucho by the collar and flipping Shun. He then gets attacked by Anubias and Sellon along with Shun. They manage to win with the help of Marucho's Cannongear but is yelled at for not listening to stay at the base. He then falls into the chasm along with the rest of the brawlers.

In Unlocking the Gate, he went off after Mag Mel, but Rafe convinces him to trust his friends, mentioning that they were just trying to help him. He apologized about his attitude beforehand. After some struggling, he beats Mag Mel and is welcomed back as the Leader of the Battle Brawlers.

In True Colours, he and the brawlers return to the Bakugan Interspace. There, they are attacked by the Chaos Bakugan that were sent by Anubias and Sellon. He and the brawlers also find out that Anubias and Sellon are working for Mag Mel. After the fight, they find out that they are trapped inside Interspace.

In Unfinished Business, he is seen battling against the Chaos Bakugan alongside Shun. Later, he receives a message from Anubias, telling him that he has kidnapped Noah and he want to fight him. When he finds him, they begin to battle each other but are evenly matched. Later, when Mag Mel absorbs Anubias, he is very angry and wants revenge against him.

In Behind the Mask, he is seen talking to the brawlers about how Mag Mel wants to invade Earth. He then tells the brawlers that the only way to defeat him is to use their link. They then say that it is a bad idea but he says that it is their only hope and that all of his friends have got his back. All of them then agree with him and he starts to focus to link up with Mag Mel. He then appears in the dark reversed dimension of Bakugan Interspace and battles against Mag Mel, Razenoid, Dreadeon and Razen Titan alongside Titanium Dragonoid, Zenthon and Zenthon Titan. During the battle Dan cuts off a portion of Mag Mel's mask, revealing him to be Barodius, the former emperor of Gundalia. The battle ended in a draw as their powers were too much for the world to handle. Dan later reveals how he lost his link with Mag Mel and his identity to the brawlers which shock Paige and Shun. In Interspace Armageddon, he is seen battling Chaos Bakugan and Dreadeon clones. He, along with the other Brawlers (except Spectra and Infinity Helios) escape Bakugan Interspace as Marucho deletes Bakugan Interspace.

In Dark Moon, he battled the Razen Titan clones with the rest of the Brawlers and they succeeded in defeating the Razen Titans. Dan and Drago then went into the Dark Moon with Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid right behind them. In The Final Takedown, he and Drago defeated Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid, seemingly once and for all and Drago evolved into Fusion Dragonoid.

Arc 2

He is seen living in a new town In a Bakugan tornment He battled Shun and won. He also battled against the Rogue Mechtogan, who fused into Mechtavius Destroyer, and won using the newly spawned Dragonoid Destroyer.

In Wiseman Cometh, Dan fought Wiseman along with Shun and Marucho. Drago summoned Dragonoid Destroyer which allowed Reptak and Jaakor to be launched from it and increase their attack power. Drago finished them off with his power combined with Dragonoid Destroyer.

In Mysterious Bond, Dan tried to help Reptak find his missing partner but ran into Wiseman. He used Battle Suit, Doomtronic, and combined Drago and Reptak to form Aeroblitz to defeat Gliderak.

In Combination Impossible, Dan is with Shun and Marucho talking about how Wiseman is targeting the members of the battle brawlers. He wanted to talk with Marucho in forming a strategy along with Shun but Marucho declined as he needed to talk with Radizen alone. In Enemy Allies, Dan is seen catching Mira who collapses due to exhaustion from working on the new battle suits. He and the other brawlers would then take on Wiseman and his Bakugan. The brawlers were winning at first until they summoned their Mechtogan. The Mechtogan fused together, before Dan could call Dragonoid Destroyer the Mechtavius Destroyer attacks him, but Drago blocks most of the blow but it knocked Dan out. Dan would wake up after hearing Runo's voice that would then transfers Drago's new battle suit. Together the brawlers defeat Mechtavius Destroyer forcing Wiseman to retreat.

In Battle for Bakugan Land, Dan shows Runo around the amusement park. Later, Wiseman shows up to battle him. After a tough time with the Nonets, thanks to fusing, the battle turns in Dan's favor when Runo sends him the battle suits. This allows him to defeat Wiseman. In Gunz Blazing, Dan suspects that Gunz may be Wiseman after he shows up one stormy day. Then, the Brawlers receive a report that Wiseman is terrorizing the city. When they arrive, they find that Wiseman is a hologram! The real Wiseman steals the battle suits and Dan chases after him. Then, Wiseman confronts him, taking off his mask, revealing Gunz! They brawl, and Dan wins thanks to Dragonoid Destroyer. Dan returns to headquarters and discusses the possibility that Gunz could be brainwashed.

In Battle Suit Bash, Dan, Marucho, and Shun head to the mountains for some training. Wiseman appears and battles the brawlers with their own battle suits! The fighting gets pretty intense, and Dan even fights Wiseman hand-to-hand! After that, Wiseman teleports away, leaving the brawlers.

In Countdown to Doomsday, Dan and the brawlers are looking at all the data they have on the Nonets, the evil Mechtogan, and Wiseman himself. They don't have enough information on any of these things, so they look to anyone who could help. Skytruss and Orbeum locate Wiseman and alert the brawlers about him. When they meet, a fight ensues with both sides giving everything they've got! However, the brawlers get defeated, and Coredegon issues them a threat: the brawlers must get rid of their Bakugan, if they do it when the Mechtogan return, only they will be destroyed. If they don't the human race will be annihilated!

In The Eve of Extermination, Dan learns that Dragonoid Destroyer has 30% of power reserved. Dan asks Mira why, but she says she doesn't know. Dan tells the brawlers that they can't defeat the Nonets without him, but Marucho and Shun get mad at him. Runo breaks it up though. Later, she comforts Dan, while Mira and Kato do the same to Shun and Marucho. This brings the brawlers back together. Then they head to a stadium to meet Wiseman. Dan tells Wiseman that they'll brawl for the Bakugan's freedom, which starts the battle. The battle goes smoothly until Wiseman summons the evil Mechtogan. After Mechtavius Destroyer forms, Shun and Marucho try to defend from a powerful attack when Dragonoid Destroyer uses 20% of its energy to summon Mechtogan for Radizen and Jaakor: Flytris and Thorak. Through the two Mechtogan forming into Duomechtra, the brawlers are victorious. When they return to the HQ, Dan wonders what he'll use the remaining 10% for.

Dan later gets annoyed by Runo showing him Aerogan. He tells her that Aerogan is her problem. Later, he apologizes to her as Wiseman comes up to challenge him. Dan, Drago, and Reptak have trouble with the Nonets combination's cyclone ability. He and Drago then call Dragonoid Destroyer just when Runo throw Aerogan as well. Dragonoid Destroyer sends Aerogan up into the air to strike the Nonets above the vortex. They use this tactic again and again until they defeat Wiseman.

In Enemy Infiltration, Dan, Marucho, and Shun get the signal from Skytruss and Orbeum to Wiseman's hideout. They battle Exostriker, Mandivor, and Slycerak through the jungle. They later fall into the ocean from an attack. In Gunz Lives, Reptak tells Dan a story about Gunz. Gunz got very angry that he lost to Dan when he was a rookie. Then, Gunz and Reptak made a vow that they will win if they just train hard. After the story, Mira said that she made replicas of the battle suits Wiseman stole. They headed back to Wiseman's hideout and started to fight. Then, Gunz showed up. Dan and the brawlers got angry at him because they thought he was Wiseman. Then, the real Wiseman teleports Gunz away. The brawlers get very mad that he was pretending to be Gunz. After a long fight, Wiseman reveals his true identity: Coredegon. He then shot a blast that turned all of the brawler's Bakugan to ball form.

In Evil Evolution, Dan and the brawlers escape Coredegon due to the Nonets' interference. Later, they get back into the fight when Coredegon turns into Mechtavius Destroyer. The battle is fierce, but the brawlers lose. Coredegon then creates a portal to the Doom Dimension, and pulls the brawlers into it.

In Evil vs. Evil, Dan and the other brawlers are in the Doom Dimension. Dan suggests that Drago create a portal to get them out of there but it doesn't work. Later, they are confronted by Gunz and Betadron.

In Doom Dimension Throwdown, Dan and Drago battle Betadron and Gunz. The battle is very fierce, as Betadron wants to destroy Drago because the original Dragonoid sent the Nonets to the Doom Dimension, while Gunz wants revenge on Dan for turning Reptak against him. The battle ends with Gunz turning back to his old self, and Betadron joining the brawlers to fight a common enemy: Mechtavius Destroyer. Then Worton appears, telling them about the destruction of Bakugan City.

In Blast From the Past, he along with the other brawlers went rhough the Current of Time and saw Bakugan City and New Vestroia destroyed. They also saw that Mechtavius Destroyer intends to destroy Neathia, Gundalia, and Vestal. After that, he witnessed Betadron and Worton sacrifice themselves to keep the portal open. Dan activated Dragon Eternal Force to ensure they all made it through. They then confronted Mechtavius Destroyer. In Beginning of the End, he and the other brawlers battled against Mechtavius Destroyer, but were overpowered. Later, Dan learned from Mira that Dragonoid Destroyer was only functioning at 90% efficiency. After that, he watched as Gunz was seemingly hit by Mechtavius Destroyer, but was instead protected by Chromopod.

In End of the Line, all Bakugan around the world (according to Mira) spawned Mecthogan, fueling Dragonoid Destroyer and increasing his power level. He then talked to Genesis Dragonoid (Original Dragonoid) who told them about Mechtavius Destroyer's past, and congratulating Dan and Drago for winning. Later in Bakugan City, Dan and Drago have a rematch with Gunz and Reptak, with Dan and Drago eventually winning. After that, Marucho, Shun, Gunz, Runo, Julie, and Mira, host Dan and Drago a victory party, but they decide not to show up, and they take Kato's boat. Then the series ends with Dan saying they'll let someone else take over for them, and that they'll go where adventure takes them.




  • Dan has some similarities with Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan:
    • Both they are voiced by Yuu Kobayashi.
    • Both always do something rashly and high-spirited on battle.
    • Both have a very huge appetite with foods
    • Both can be arrogant with their own abilities which sometimes gets someone annoyed with them.


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