Dandelion (real name: Julian Alfred Pankratz) is the tetartagonist of The Witcher franchise. He is a poet, minstrel and bard, and the best friend of Geralt of Rivia. Not much is known about his parentage, except for the fact that he is of noble blood. Dandelion first met Geralt at a fête in the town of Gulet in Aedirn, and the two became friends after he saved him from a difficult situation, something that would practically become a routine from then on.

He is voiced by Tim Beckman in the first Witcher game and John Schwab in the sequels.


Among the professors at Oxenfurt Academy, Dandelion quickly achieved the reputation of a sloth, drunkard and idiot. Although he proved an avid and intelligent student when he passed the exams with exceptional results, this reputation was not altogether unjustified.

Dandelion rightfully gained the reputation of the biggest womanizer in the world, wooing pretty much every young girl he encounters; no matter the circumstances - he even managed to conquer the heart of Anna Henrietta, the duchess of Toussaint. He was very handsome and sometimes was mistaken for an elf or a half-elf.

However, due to his success with women and his undeniably charming character, he tended to be overconfident, assuming he could woo everyone (even shady criminals) and considering himself much more worldly wise than he actually was. For example, when Geralt's swords were once stolen, Dandelion purchased a sword from the famous smithies of Viroleda, and while assuming he made quite a bargain, he failed to realize the sword was a fake. He also had quite a loose tongue, constantly gossiping in taverns and revealing information that should have remained secret, thus often bringing Geralt (and himself) into trouble.

Dandelion was constantly short on money, often even owing to his friend Geralt, and kept complaining that an artist's work should be better paid. However, the reason for his constant bankruptcy may have also been due to his extravagant tastes, the trouble he kept getting himself into, or because he got duped, like buying a fake Viroledan sword. Furthermore, in his ballads and stories he tended to vastly exaggerate the adventures he had with Geralt (claiming that no one wanted to hear the truth) and would sometimes even become the hero, who had to save Geralt's life, a stark contrast to reality. He named his gelding Pegasus, which was strange and ironic for him to have a gelding, despite his promiscuous nature.

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