You're totally different from when you first came to the dorm. You were so timid back then, but now you're so... strong.
~ Junpei Iori to Fuuka Yamagishi, noting how much she's changed.

Dandere is a common Japanese character archetype that describes heroines (and occasionally heroes) who are introduced as very shy, awkward and often insecure people who barely talk. Often, they want to be sociable but are either too embarrassed or scared of getting hurt. In nearly all cases, however, they overcome this and reveal their true selves- sweet, gentle and very friendly people.

Danderes are easily mistaken for kuuderes due to their seemingly cold and distant natures, and some can even appear to be kuuderes at first. A good example of this is Akame from Akame Ga Kill!, who is initially introduced as a seemingly very serious and cold-hearted person but is later revealed to be just socially awkward and is actually a very caring person who considers losing a friend as the worst pain someone can endure and something she'll never get used to.

Dandere is very similar to the American term 'shrinking violet' and so characters who fit that term, such as Violet Parr, can be called danderes as a substitute.

Danderes are perhaps the most heroic of the four -dere terms as they are almost never villains and hardly ever anti-heroes though exceptions for the latter, such as Akame, do exist. If by chance a Villainous Dandere does come into play, high chances are they are redeemable villains such as Konan.

Other Examples

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