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Danger Duck is one of the main characters and deuteragonist of Loonatics Unleashed. He is the descendant of Daffy Duck and possibly of Tina Russo. He also have the power of Teleportation and can shoot Power Orbs from his hands.

He was voiced by Jason Marsden who also voiced Max Goof, Kovu from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Nermal from The Garfield Show, Chester McBadbat from The Fairly OddParents and Shere Khan from Jungle Cubs.


Duck is usually shown up by other characters or angering them with his antics. He is very boastful and has a habit of attempting to re-invent himself (such as requesting name changes for himself, or attempting to add a cape to his uniform). He can also be extremely opportunistic, once trying to be Slam Tasmanian's wrestling manager simply for profit, then haggling with Slam over how much each of them should get (with the preference that Duck receive 90% and Slam 10%). Of all the characters, he seems to be used most often as comic relief, despite or perhaps due to his arrogant personality. This appears to be mostly bluster, as in truly dire circumstances he sometimes lets a more heroic personality show through. Though he posses a lot of Daffy Duck's traits, like Plucky Duck of Tiny Toon Adventures, Duck has more of a moral grasp of right and wrong, rarely employing the same sneaky tactics as Daffy to obtain fame and glory. Danger Duck, even though he doesn't prove it sometimes, is one of the strongest members of the Loonatics, since his powers evolve with time. He also possesses the most destructive potential out of the entire team since his "eggs" are unpredictable. He is sometimes hinted to be somewhat of a co-leader of the group since he gives orders from time to time that even Ace and Lexi will follow without question. Overtime, he also becomes very close to his comrades, especially to Lexi whom he sometimes calls "sister" and Ace who occasionally sees Duck as a brother-figure.


  • He talks and acts just like Daffy Duck.
  • His look's is Half Daffy Duck & Plucky Duck looks.
  • In season 2 Danger Duck takes a lot of damage implying he has some mix of increased durability and healing. Though that is never stated.
  • Danger Duck is the only Loonitic with 3 confirmed powers.


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