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Sorry, I was attracted to your light!
~ Danger Moth

Danger Moth is a recurring supporting character in Danger Mouse (2015).

She is voiced by Morwenna Banks.


She has peach yellow fur with a beige face and a hooked nose, her antenna are above her eyes and in between them were two feathers. Around her neck was a scruff of brown fur, her wings, a brownish hue as the insides were yellow and beige, with a red and black circle on both wings. She is always seen in the same clothes as Danger Mouse only with a red stripe above the waist going to the collar. She wears red gloves with yellow ends.


Grumpy if she get things wrong or is distracted in her mission, but is generally kind and helps Colonel K when needed.


Her origins before the Danger Agency are unknown but like Danger Mouse, Danger Mackerel, Danger Mole, Danger Hedgehog and Danger Pelican, she took the Danger Agents Test and passed. As she states, Danger Moth is the world's most highly trained moth. She is also distracted by lights. She also likes the MK IV and wants it if Danger Mouse ever resigns or gets arrested.

Season 1

In "The Unusual Suspects",...

In "Never Say Clever Again",...

In "Sinister Mouse",...

In "Escape from Big Head",...

In "The Hamster Effect",...

In "The Spy Who Came In With A Cold",...

In "Mousefall",...

In "Mouse Rise",...

Season 2

In "Colonel Danger Mouse",...

In "Groundmouse Day",...

In "The Scare Mouse Project",...

In "Daylight Savings Crime",...

In "Danger-thon!",...

In "The Supies",...





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  • Danger Moth is part of the Night Shift, a team of Danger Agents that come in at night. The other member is Danger Mole. It was named by Colonel K, but Danger Mouse finds the name silly.
  • Danger Moth has been captured by Big Head.
  • Danger Moth can fly, however usually gets hit by the MK IV.


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