Dani Dennison
Nice going, air-head!
~ Dani Dennison to her brother, Max, about bringing the Sanderson Sisters back to life.
You sold your soul! You're the ugliest creature ever!
~ Dani Dennison to Winnie Sanderson, addressing her as "ugly."

Dani Dennison is an 8-year-old girl from the 1993 live-action Disney movie "Hocus Pocus." In fact, she is the film's deuteragonist. She is the younger sister of Max Dennison, and always taunts him. She forms a fast friendship with Thackery Binx and Billy Butcherson. When she is captured by Winifred and her sisters, Dani insults Winnie by calling her "ugly", resulting in Winnie only wanting to take Dani's life. In the end, Dani is heart-broken when Thackery finally dies, but the ghost consoles the young girl.

Dani is portrayed by Thora Birch.


After moving to Salem from Los Angeles, Dani was happy about moving to the city due fascination with witches, especially after she learned the about the legend of the Sanderson Sisters at school. On Halloween Dani dressed up as a witch, she then spied on her older brother Max while pretending his pillow was Allison, a girl from his school that has a crush on, in his closet. She then jumps out of the closet and teases Max about his crush by pretending to be Allison and telling him to kiss her. She then tells Max that their said he has to take her trick or treating, a they are going to party at town hall. Max refuses and tells her to go by herself, but Dani tells him that it is first time trick or treating in Salem and she could get lost as Max plays his drums to drawn out her complaining. She tries convince to him to take but he still refuses until Dani screams for their mother and Max relents. While trick or treating they run into some bullies who stole Max's shoes, Jay and Ernie "Ice", who try to force Dani to give them her candy. Dani tries to get Max stand up for her but he gives Ice his bag of candy so they can leave. After Dani tells off Max for doing anything to stand up to the bullies, he tells her off for embarrassing him and tells Dani to get of his life, which hurts her feelings and she runs away. After Max caches up to Dani and apologizes, they make and she to trick or treat at mansion. In the mansion Dani meets Max's crush Allison.


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Dani Dennison
Dani Dennison

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