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Daniel Ciello

Daniel Ciello

How you act like a cop

how you act like a cop

Daniel Ciello Detective

Daniel Ciello Detective

Daniel & Gus

Daniel & Gus

Daniel Ciello is the main character of the 1981 movie, Prince of the City. He is a detective who works in the Special Investigations Unit of the New York City Police Department. Along with his partner, Gus, Daniel intends to solve the mystery of drugs and criminal investigations. Daniel dedicates his life on the job and teaches his ally on how to be a police officer and to analyze clues.

However, Daniel and Gus are called by the title's name because they get involved in illegal activities, such as drug addiction and many criminal tendencies. The crackdown is successful, and Daniel has a new career as an instructor for investigators. However, his part in the investigation led to the implication of many of his friends on the force, which is specifically what he fought to prevent from happening. As such, he has to live with his image being tarnished in the eyes of most of the cops from the "old days".




He was portrayed by Treat Williams.

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