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There's an old Native American proverb that says, "Inside every person, there are two bears, forever locked in combat for your soul. One bear is all things good. Compassion, love, trust. The other is all things evil. Fear, shame, and self-destruction."
~ Dani.

My father used to tell me that inside every person, there are two bears. One bear is all things good. Compassion, love, trust. The other is all things evil. Fear, shame, and self-destruction. I asked him, "Which one wins?" He answered, "The one you feed."
~ Dani.

Danielle "Dani" Moonstar is one of the five main protagonists of The New Mutants.

She is a Native American mutant who possesses the ability to create illusions of her opponents' fears or wishes.

Dani is portrayed by Blu Hunt, who also portrays The Hollow in The Originals and August Catawnee in Another Life.


Dani Moonstar discovered that she is a mutant when, in her sleep, she accidentally summoned the Demon Bear from her nightmares, who killed all the people in her village, including her father. Because of this, she ended up in the Milbury Hospital, Dr. Cecilia Reyes tells her the news and informed that she should not leave the Hospital until her powers were under control. At the group therapy session, Dani met her fellow patients Roberto Da Costa, Sam Guthrie, Illyana Rasputin, and Rahne Sinclair, fellow mutants with their own dark past. Illyana showed contempt for Dani and was forced by Dr. Reyes to show Dani the hospital sites. While alone with her, Illyana made several misplaced comments against Dani and told her that there was nothing to separate her from freedom, only to taunt her when she collided with the force field dome that covered the place. When an enraged Dani tried to attack Illyana, she teleported away from there. Realizing that she had lost everyone and everything, Dani attempted suicide, but was stopped by Rahne.

The next day, when Dani entered the game room, Illyana immediately began making disparaging remarks against her and forcibly pushed her, trying to get Dani to display her powers. When Dani hit Illyana with her head in the face, Illyana summoned her Soulsword to attack Dani, who was only protected by a force field from Dr. Reyes. Because of this, they were both taken to isolation. At night, when Illyana went with the boys to a place where Dr. Reyes was supposedly unable to keep an eye on them, they ran into Dani and Rahne on the way and Illyana reluctantly agreed to let the two accompany them. Rahne took a liking to Dani, showing her the ventilation shafts she used to move around the facility and taking her out during the night.

As days passed, the patients warmed up to each other and eventually the group came together when Illyana spikes Dr. Reyes' coffee with sleeping pills, allowing them to run amok on the grounds. After a series of accidents involving the patients' fears, Dr. Reyes took Dani for another examination while in fact intending to euthanize her. Dani was only saved by Rahne and the group learned that Reyes had been lying to them and that the Essex Corporation planned on using them as mutant killers. They confronted Reyes, who trapped them inside force fields and began suffocating Dani. Dani instinctively conjured the Demon Bear, who killed Reyes and proceeded to hunt her friends while Dani herself remained non-responsive. They carried Dani inside the church and used their powers to hold off Demon Bear's attacks until Dani woke up, got a hold of her powers, and drove the Demon Bear away by telling it to leave. As the sun rose, the New Mutants collected their belongings and Sam noticed that the force fields around the Hospital was no longer there. The group decided to head into the nearby town which Reyes had previously told them was twenty miles out. Not knowing whether she was telling the truth, they all decided to head out together and face the unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fear Manifestation: Dani can generate and even manipulate powerfully realistic psychic illusions in the form of an individual's greatest fear or desire. By using her powers, she is able to manifest the greatest fear of others in the form of near-reality shattering illusions, capable of inflicting both physical and mental damage on her targets. Although at first she had very little to almost no control over this ability and would subconsciously manifest these illusions to those around her, without her knowing. She later learned to control this ability, and use it at will.


  • In the comics, Dani creates non-corporeal illusions of people's fears. This version of Dani manifests fears as physical entities instead, fully capable of harming and even killing people.


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