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Danny Browning is one of the two main protagonists (alongside his older brother, Walter) in the 2005 science fantasy action film, Zathura: A Space Adventure.

He is a kid of 8 years old who isn’t much great of mind, but soon during the magic game Zathura, he can do anything, and also finds a way to have a great relation with his brother Walter (and Lisa too), even if a the beginning he tries to be innocent and a good kid.

He is played by Jonah Bobo, who also played Tod in the midquel The Fox and the Hound 2, Austin in The Backyardigans and Victor Von Toot in The Sky-High City of Steampuff.


Danny hates being called a baby and being ignored, he would like to be a true brother to Walter, even if he initially despises him.


Danny is first seen waiting to play baseball with his dad while Walter is finishing up. When it ends Danny goes to Walter's great anger that he would prefer him not to be there, Danny tries to catch them all but without success, and eventually Walter gets in the way and Danny calls him angry "jerk" and runs away.

His father tries to console him by telling them that everyone is special and Danny doesn't know how to answer. Danny is then seen arguing again with Walter since everyone wants to play with dad, but he has to work and says to have fun together, Walter doesn't want to know about this and constantly ignores Danny even when he takes his waky tochi and breaks them without want, and then they go to dad and accidentally ruin one of his jobs.

When their father goes out, Danny tries to have fun with Walter and he in response closes her in the basement where Danny is terrified there, but as he comes out he finds the game Zathura: A Space Adventure and then after scolding Walter convinces him to play with him to the game which turns out to be magical and they must avoid a meteor shower and reality is altered and their home floats in space.

The two try to warn Lisa, but she ignores them and prepares for her date, only to be frozen in the bathroom that has become a cold room by Danny's new shift.

Walter concludes that the only way to return to normal is to finish the game, and Danny now reluctantly agrees to play, and the two brothers now face a faulty robot who mistakes them for aliens who ends up destroyed in the cellar but repairs himself in the meantime, and then they pass close to the sun which attracts them with the force of gravity.

Danny is tired of dealing with these dangers and wants to eat, Walter discusses with him how things work between them and eventually makes a deal that treats him like a real brother. On Danny's turn, strange reptilian aliens called Zorgons arrive and attack them, Walter receives a card that says "Reschedule" but it is useless and then forces Danny who does not want to play although the danger to play, and so he receives a card that he does not know read and still wants to read and Walter snatches it from him and it says "Rescue a stranded astronaut" and an astronaut appears explaining to them how to get rid of the Zorgons, turning off all the lights and heat in their house and then burning the sofa and throwing it into space to attract the Zorgons.

Walter wants the astronaut to go away (also because he ate everything they had in the fridge) but Danny prefers that he stays would do him some extra help. Walter realizing that Danny has cheated moves the pawn and insults him considering him a Baby and Danny furiously yells at him and the astronaut calms them both. Walter is blamed for the game that ejects him making him send into space, Danny tries to throw a lamp at them but fails and so the astronaut rushes to save Walter, and he makes it, Walter is the same angry and blames Danny for the fact that their parents divorced and this leads to yet another fight with Danny who throws the game in Walter's face.

Walter receives the golden card, Shooting Star, the astronaut tells them not to because when you are angry it is never a good idea, but Walter does it anyway and the astronaut worries about Danny, Walter shows that he had wanted a balloon. Football signed.

Danny scolds Walter because he didn't want them to go home or anything similar, Walter says he was under pressure because the astronaut was bothering him, so the astronaut reveals to them that he is a plaything and that with his brother with whom he always quarreled at found the game fifteen before and they fought even more once he found it, until the astronaut arrived on a shooting star and wished his brother was never born, then he immediately regretted what he did and got stuck in the game.

Lisa freed from the cold, still unaware of everything, reactivates the heat and the Zorgons return, and the three burn everything to recover the game they have taken, and Lisa finally notices everything and panics and then when the astronaut calms her falls in love with him, Danny and Walter are irritated by this mania. The astronaut fails to resume the game and is forced to go Danny to resume it with the walki tocky that the astronaut repairs in a moment to his great agitation, Walter promises him that everything will be fine, regretting his mistakes and then Danny will apologize to him by telling them that he really cheated.

Danny discovers that the Zorgons have the game on their ship and despite advising them not to get on it, he gets on it and manages to resume the game, however, attracting the Zorgons to him and is then saved by Walter. The two brothers are cornered by the Zorgons and the Robot which has repaired itself completely, but with Walter's "Reprogram" card the faulty robot is restarted and is hunting the Zorgons now.

After being saved by their sister with the plan she threw on the Zorgon that was about to kill them, they resume playing, with Walter returning to a shooting star, thanks the astronaut and wishes him to find his brother. At that moment another Danny appears and the real surprised Danny asks Walter if he wanted two of him, surprised also Walter who does not understand. The astronaut is still happy to see him and hugs him, when the two Dannys confront each other, the desired one merges into the original and Danny says it was crazy, and at that moment the astronaut congratulates Walter and turns out to be him as an adult, he resumes the age of the original and then merges into him in turn, much to Walter and Danny's amazement, instead Lisa is disgusted to have fallen in love with her brother.

The Zorgons return and in the end it is Danny who wins the game, much to everyone's surprise because it is the first time that Danny wins, at the end of the game it seems that nothing is happening, but then it turns out that Zathura is actually a black hole that it sucks everyone in with great horror. But when Danny opens his eyes he is back at his house before the game begins, Walter is there as before and tells him not to press the button. The two brothers are happy to hug their dad again and start having a better relationship.

As they go to their mom's they decide never to play Zathura again, and Lisa says they never have to talk about her that she fell in love with a man who was actually her brother, annoyed by what happened. After which the two of them leave with a bicycle that falls behind them.


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