Clean is good, dirt is bad.
~ Danny saying the families motto.
Well, just remember when children seem the least lovable, it means they need love the most.
~ Danny in "Making Out is Hard to Do".

Daniel "Danny" Tanner is the main protagonist of the long-running sitcom Full House and a supporting protagonist in its spinoff Fuller House. He is the widowed father of Michelle, Stephanie and D.J., the brother-in-law of Jesse Katsopolis and the husband of Pamela (who gets into a car crash caused by a dumb drunk driver). He has a best friend named Joey Gladstone, whom he has known since he protected from a bully in middle school. He works as a sportscaster for Channel 8 News, but was later asked to be a co-host for Wake Up, San Francisco.

He is portrayed by Bob Saget.


Danny met his future wife Pamela Katsopolis in the tenth grade when she sat next to him in geometry class. The two would elope at a young age, causing Danny's mother to cry for a month, and Jesse beating him up. According to Joey, he went to college on billiards scholarship, and would later become a sportscaster for Channel 8 News. After Pam's death, Danny had to raise his three daughters alone, but asked for the aid of his best friend Joey Gladstone, and brother-in-law, Jesse, who was affected the most by his sister's death.


Danny's quirkiness and generally un-hip dad personality are also targets for humor. He sees himself as the raddest, baddest dad ever. He is skilled at pool, playing darts and guitar.


Danny is overprotective of his daughters. He spoils Michelle and treats her like a baby. While Stephanie is talking to a boy, Danny sees that her shoelaces are untied and bent down to tie them for her (his excuse is that he did not want Stephanie to trip, over him). He cannot stand Kimmy, considering her an annoying obnoxious nuisance often asking D.J. to get a new friend.


  • Both Joey and Danny think they have terrible middle names.
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