Dantetsu Kiryu (桐生 ダンテツ Kiryū Dantetsu?) is Daigo's father who gives him an amber pendant that was later revealed to be the Secret Stone of Allomerus, and sets him on his own path. Later he is pleased to learn that Daigo has chosen his own path which aligns with his own. He later becomes Kyoryu Silver while seemingly betraying his son and fellow Kyoryugers, joining the Deboth Army to preserve the Earth by allowing the extinction of only human life on it as part of his hidden plan to obtain the Earth's Melody.


He was first shown with a young Daigo traveling. He gives Daigo an amber necklace, and tells him to find a real dinosaur.

He reappeared, arriving in Japan, and then used a Ki attack to attack Debo Tanabanta. Before he left Japan once more, he gave Torin the unknown rucksack.

He reappeared, arriving back in Japan to give Daigo a special stone to give to Torin, who has recently been attacked by Endolf. It appears that Dantetsu knows Torin on a personal level, as he knew Torin's true nature as a former member of the Deboth Army.

He once again reappears, to find the last Lost Stone to revive Bragigas, with the help from his son.

In Brave 41, Dantetsu appears just in time to save Daigo from being Dogold's vessel.

Torin later reveals that the Earth had chosen him to be a King, one who would be able to hear the music of the land, and lead humanity to greatness. Dantetsu leaves telling Torin that he must go on and finish his final task, and leave Daigo and his friends in Torin's hands.

He later acquires the Kyoryu Silver powers (both the Zyudenchi and Giga Gaburivolver) after killing Torin and fights his son in a one-on-one Kyoryuger fight as he tells Daigo that this is what the Earth wish for.

Daigo confronts Dantetsu and the two battle. When their attacks impact, Daigo hears the melody of the Earth and realizes why his father killed Torin: being that in order for Torin to fight the Deboth monsters in the underworld, so they would perish on the surface when Deboth tries to raise them. The Deboth commanders attack the two, and Deboth progresses the clock ahead, starting it up again, however with little amount of time left before Earth will be destroyed.

Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters

He meets up with Geki/Tyrannoranger (having apparently met in the past) before he is kidnapped by Neo-Grifforzer.

ToQger vs. Kyoryuger

Dantetsu returns as Kyoryu Silver, having been summoned alongside Yuko, Shinya, and Yayoi, by a prayer for aid from Candelilla and Luckyuro to help the ToQgers and Kyoryugers following the emergence of Deboth's creator, Creator Devius. Saving the six-man ToQger and Kyoryuger teams from the awakened Devius, the extra Kyoryugers back-up the two Sentai Teams alongside four generals from the Shadow Line. The giant Devius is finally defeated when all present combine their power into a 20-man finisher which destroys him.

Powers and Abilities

Melody of Earth
Being chosen by the Earth itself, Dantetsu has demonstrated many superhuman powers, surpassing any normal human's capacity..
Superhuman Punch
His punch is so strong that it can create a vaccum shockwave to hit and knock out his enemy from a considerable distance.
Superhuman Durability
He can block an energy attack with his bare hands.
Like other Kyoryugers, Dantetsu can channel his inner Brave to the Zyudenchi.

Kyoryu Silver


Kyoryu Silver

Giga Gaburincho: Bragigas!
~ Transformation announcement


  • Giga Gaburivolver
  • MoBuckle
  • Zyudenchi #10 - Bragigas
  • Air-Busting Punch


  • Zyudenryu #10: Bragigas


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