The Shadowlord

Dargor the Shadowlord was a character in Rhapsody of Fire's Emerald Sword and Dark Secret Saga. Son of Mother Gaia and the demon Vankar, he was originally a villain but switched sides after witnessing the brutal rape, torture and death of princess Airin, and then helped the Warrior of Ice. Against his own demonic blood he tried to do good and fight against his own invading kin from then on. He killed King Akron and the Queen of the Dark Horizons and defeated their army by summoning a horde of gargoyles. A few years later he led his new comrades assembled by King Uriel to the caves of Dar-Kunor, where they were to stop the resurrection of Nekron, son of the mysterious Hellgod Kron (Kron may possibly be short for Akron), died and became a god of cosmic light for his noble deeds.
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