Dark Matter is a Mutant Galvin Hybrid and one of the Antirix aliens in the 2016 Ben 10 series. He is a couterpart to Grey Matter.


Ben 10 (2016)

Dark Matter first appeared in the episode King of the Castle, where Kevin Levin turned into him to from Undertow to fight against Ben Tennyson as Four Arms, only to turn back into Kevin a bit latter.

Dark Matter returned in the episode Wheels of Fortune, Kevin became Dark Matter to help Lucien LaGrange race and to steal stuff, until he was imprisoned by LaGrange. After hearing XLR8 to turn into Quad Smack, he did.

Dark Matter also appears in the episode What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, where Kevin turned into him to fight against Charmcaster so that she does not read his poems about Gwen Tennyson and later turned into Quad Smack to help Humungousaur fight against her.

In the episode You Remind Me of Someone, after being given amnesia by the Forgeti, Kevin turned into Dark Matter to fight against Ben, seemingly having both of their minds swapped for a while, until they remembered who they really were.

In the episode Roundabout: Part 2, Kevin turned into Dark Matter to help Gwen and Ben fight against Forever Knight, only to later be trapped in the past for a while.

In the episode The Monsters in Your Head, sometime after Kevin returned from the time portal, he turned into Dark Matter to help the Tennyson family fight against Dr. Animo.

Dark Matter appears in the episode Tales from the Omnitrix, where the Tennyson family was telling each other stories about how to to defeat Kevin.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Dark Matter first appeared as a cameo and later appeared to fight against the Solar and Polar Twins.


  • Unlike other Galvins, Dark Matter is taller than a Tetramand.
  • Dark Matter in the third seen Galvin hybrid, the other two are Diamond Matter and Grey Arms who were created by an Omnitrix malfunction.


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