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Darkfur is a recurring character in Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series (which takes place 6000 years ago in prehistoric Europe during the Stone Age).


Darkfur is a beautiful female wolf with a dark fur and green amber-like eyes that belongs to the wolf pack living in the Mountain of the World Spirit. She's a cub by the time Wolf (who's a cub also at the time) joins the pack at the end of Wolf Brother. She's described to be the best lemming hunter among the cubs. Eventually both cubs grow up and Wolf leaves the pack to be with Torak in Spirit Walker.

Darkfur first appears in Outcast when her pack encounters Wolf again. She's happy to spend time with Wolf again since their cubhood. When Torak spends time with the pack, she's friendly towards him. When Wolf decides to stay with Torak instead of joining the pack at the end of the pack, Darkfur is sad as she leaves with the pack.

In Oath Breaker, Darkfur is revealed to have missed Wolf just as much as he has missed her. She leaves her pack to join him. Just before the great forest fire is ignited, Wolf thinks he hears Darkfur's howling. Later she finally finds him when he's wallowing in sadness for his realization that his pack-brother Torak isn't a wolf after all. The reunion between the two wolves makes them filled with joy, but when Torak calls for Wolf to help in rescuing Renn, Darkfur reminds the relucant Wolf that he has to help his pack-brother, leading him to accept Torak to be both a non-wolf and his pack-brother.

Later Wolf and Darkfur find the hidden children who have been kidnapped in order to make them tokoroths. Darkfur learns to tolerate both Torak and Renn as her pack-brother and -sister. Three months later, Wolf and Darkfur are revealed to have three cubs of their own.

In Ghost Hunter, Eostra's eagle owl attacks Wolf and Darkfur's den, killing one of the cubs (another having died out of sickness earlier). Darkfur protects her last cub Pebble against the owl, but falls into a river and is believed by everyone to have died. She survives and chases the eagle owl which has taken Pebble to the area surrounding the Mountain of Ghosts. Renn finds her barely alive and treats her back to health. While the others face Eostra inside the Mountain, Darkfur searches for Pebble, finding him eventually. At the end of the book, Darkfur leaves with Wolf, Pebble, Torak, Renn and the ravens Rip and Rek set out to wander the Forest as a pack.


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