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My type is not handsome, and he could either be scrawny or fat... and he should be weak willed enough that despite my love for him, he is easily distracted by other women. He must be impossibly raaandy and slightly perverted, a failure at everything, who prefers the easy way when possible. If hes in debt all the better. The kind of man who stays home all day, drinking and blaming society for his lot, and then hurling an empty bottle at my head saying: "Yo Darkness, get your fat ass out in the street and bring me back my money".
~ Lalatina discussing her preferences in men.

Lalatina Ford Dustiness (in Japanese: ダスティネス・フォード・ララティーナ, Dustiness Ford Lalatina), commonly referred to by her adventuring alias Darkness (in Japanese: ダクネス, Dakunesu), is one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Aqua and Megumin) of the light novel, manga and anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!. She also appears as a major supporting character in Isekai Quartet, a crossover anime featuring characters from the "Isekai" genre of anime.

Lalatina is the only daughter of Ignis Ford Dustiness, the patriarch of the noble Dustiness House. At some point in her life, Lalatina developed strong masochistic tendencies. She became an adventurer so she could meet strong monsters that could "mess her up", taking the alias "Darkness" so no-one would know her true identity and give her preferential treatment.

Unfortunately for Darkness, her sheltered up bringing and abnormal perversion kept her from making friends, as most people who got to know her thought of her as a freak. Eventually, after praying to the Goddess of Fortune Eris, Darkness became friends with a thief girl named Chris (who was secretly the Goddess Eris in disguise).

After sometime adventuring with Chris, Darkness sought to join a party ran by Kazuma Satou, a Japanese teenager who had been reincarnated into Lalatina's world. Like everyone else, Kazuma was initially apprehensive to allow Darkness into his party, however, Darkness persevered and was eventually allowed a permanent spot on the team.

In the anime adaption of KonoSuba and Isekai Quartet, Darkness is voiced by Ai Kayano in Japanese and Cristina Valenzuela in English.


Darkness is a tall, beautiful young woman, giving the appearance of a cool beauty. She has light blue eyes and straight, long blonde hair, usually kept in a ponytail tied with a braid and red hair clips secured on both sides of her bangs. She is usually seen clad in armor.


Despite her nice appearance, Darkness displays masochistic urges that baffle and annoy Kazuma to the point of disturbing the enemies they encounter. As such, she often intentionally puts herself in harm's way, like charging into the midst of a group of monsters, usually prompting a sharp remark by Kazuma regarding her excited reaction in an otherwise grave situation. Her masochism is rather extreme, deriving pleasure from both verbal and physical abuse, though her enjoyment sinks if it leads to public embarrassment.

Even so, she prides herself as a crusader and can act mature when necessary. Though Kazuma felt her face seemed rather cold upon first impression, she is actually very kind and caring, especially towards her allies. She can get embarrassed quickly and blush easily. She is also clumsy and a bit of a trouble maker at times.

She is also a devout Eris cultist, and shares Eris' distaste for devils and the undead.


Friends & Allies

  • Satou KazumaDarkness initially liked Kazuma because she thought he was her type: an average-looking pervert who would easily be led on by the affections of other women, and was riddled with debts. She eventually comes to the realization that Kazuma isn't this type of man after he saves her from her arranged marriage. Despite Kazuma slipping out of her strike-zone Darkness still falls in love with him and becomes devoted to his well-being and happiness, believing that she has a debt to return. Darkness eventually confesses her feelings towards Kazuma, however Kazuma rejects her due to his relationship with Megumin. After being rejected Darkness breaks down and attempts to rape Kazuma after kissing him, only to be stopped by Megumin. Since then Darkness has made numerous attempts to seduce him, however they all interupted by either Megumin or Aqua.
  • MeguminDespite being very good friends, Darkness and Megumin often compete for the affections of Kazuma. Although Megumin didn't seem to initially mind Darkness's perverted side, she seems to be more bothered by it after she attempts to seduce Kazuma, often calling her a slut.
  • Eris/ChrisChris is Darkness' oldest and best friend. The silver-haired thief doesn't seem bothered by Darkness's perverted side much at all. In reality Chris is the goddess Eris, whom Darkness worships, a fact that Darkness isn't aware of.


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