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I am the terror that flaps in the night... I am the scourge that pecks at your nightmares! I am Darkwing Duck!
~ Darkwing Duck

Drake Mallard, also known as Darkwing Duck, is a supporting protagonists of DuckTales reboot series and the main protagonist of the upcoming Disney+ reboot spin-off series Darkwing Duck.

He is voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos, who also voices Mickey Mouse and Storkules.


He and Launchpad develop a strong friendship due to their shared love of the Darkwing Duck series. Compared to his original counterpart from the old Darkwing Duck series, Drake is nicer, more modest and less egotistical and self-absorbed and rude and arrogant jerk in the old Darkwing Duck series (which all went to Jim Starling/Negaduck). Though he DOES still hate Gizmoduck for being more famous than him


Season 2

Drake Mallard is an up-and-coming actor who replaces Jim Starling as Darkwing Duck in McDuck Studios' reboot film.

In "The Duck Knight Returns!", Jim Starling was not happy with Drake taking his role as Darkwing,and tried to steal it from him. He tricked Launchpad into trapping Drake inside his trailer and hold him hostage. However the bonded over their love for Darkwing Duck. Launchpad releases Drake after he proves he's true fan and they both head out to find Jim.

Drake finds Jim and apologizes to him for taking his role, also expresses how much of an inspiration he has been to him. He suggest maybe they can work together on the movie, but the egotistical Jim disagrees and he throws him in with the guards.

When Starling unsuccessfully attempts to kill him and the production fails, Launchpad convinces him to become a real-life hero.

Mallard, now embracing his heroic role assists Scrooge McDuck against the invading Moonlanders by switching outfits, allowing Scrooge to slip into the Money Bin while Mallard keeps the Moonlanders busy (mostly by taking their beatings until they knock themselves out).

Season 3



  • His lair has an Easter egg from Batman the Animated Series.
    • One of the costumes on display looks like the Gray Ghost's outfit. The Gray Ghost was Batman's hero and inspiration growing up; just like how Jim Starling's Darkwing Duck was for Drake.
  • Unlike the original Darkwing, his St Canard had little crime; until the Fearsome Four arrived from the TV dimension.




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