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Darlene is a lippy human waitress at Al's Diner from Lobo Webseries.


Darlene is a rude human waitress at Dooley-7. Lobo and Sunny Jim made a bet to see which one can fuck her first. She was met by a misogynistic escaped con named Sunny Jim and he took her to Tubo's Swap Meet. Lobo tracked her down to the Interstellar Managers Planet, home of the MBA. Lobo killed Sunny and wanted to have sex with Darlene. Darlene declined and gave Lobo the finger as she stole his bike.



  • "He ain't as bad as he looks."
  • "Lobo? He'd never do a thing like that. Maybe he is a little crude, but deep down, he's really just a sensitive little boy."
  • "No way."
  • "You're Sunny Jim?"
  • "Get your hands off me!"
  • "What do I look like to you, some kind of used appliance?!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Lobo! Thank God!"
  • "What next, pie-face? Mud wrestling?"
  • "You have to cut through here? This is The Mental Zone, nobody ever comes out of here!"
  • "What an asshole."
  • "Do you see a gas station around here? Anywhere!?"
  • "Lobo wouldn't be that stupid, you know. Lobo wouldn't try flying forty parsecs in a ship with no bathroom!"
  • "Oh, for Christ's sake! Will you just ask for directions already!?"
  • "Out of my way, piss-face!"
  • "Lobo, I'm over here! Come save me!"
  • "Lobo, is that you?"
  • "Keep shooting! I'm coming!"
  • "Wait 'till you hear what Sunny Jim asked me to swallow. He said you two made a bet to see who could date me first. I called him a liar."
  • "You! But... you mean... You!"
  • "But first, another drinky-winky."


Lobo - It's Fraggin Time Again (1-5)

Lobo - It's Fraggin Time Again (1-5)


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