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Darui is a minor character in the Naruto Shippuden anime and manga. He is known to have one video game appearance in the game called Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations as a support character in team battles. He is a sensor ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village aka Kumogakure. He is able to emit rays of light with his chakra to hurt enemies and temporarily blind them so he can make his move. He has a small curved sword that he can use to dish some damage to his enemies as well. He is known to be one of the two assistants of the Raikage A. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Darui become the Fifth Raikage when A the Fourth Raikage choose to retire due to losing his left hand.

He is voiced by Ryota Takeuchi in the Japanese version, and by Catero Colbert and Ogie Banks in the English version.


Darui is fairly tall in stature and has a dark skin color, a lazy look in his eyes and white, shaggy hair which covers the left side of his face.


Being a high ranking jonin and being a bodyguard of the Raikage, Darui is very powerful. He is very good with kenjutsu, wielding a large cleaver-like sword, it's peculiar from others swords as it folds in two to be sheathed and unfolds when in use. He is also very proficient in nature transformation and has a kekkai genkai known as storm release, which combines both lightning and water chakra to create many beams of energy that can be guided like missiles. He is also able to use a form of lightning release called black lightning that was passed onto him by the 3rd Raikage. He is also good at chakra flow which allows him to stream electricity into his cleaver or other weapons, increasing their cutting ability.


Darui is portrayed as being easy-going and mellow; when compared to the Fourth Raikage's over-the-top exit through a window (destroying the surrounding wall along with it), he tells C that he'll just use the door. Whilst having a laid-back demeanor, Darui isn't lazy, leaping to the Raikage's defense when the bodyguards of the other Kage overreact to the Raikage's actions. He also has a habit of referring to things or events as being "dull" a play on his name.



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