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Ah! Count me in, tiny princess. I’m the fearless Daruk, after all. And if Hyrule needs my help, I’ll gladly lay down my life.
~ Daruk
Let's go little guy! Now OPEN UP WIDE GANON!!
~ Daruk opens fire on Calamity Ganon

Daruk is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a warrior of the Goron tribe and is one of the four Champions.


Courageous at heart, Daruk is extremely dedicated to defeating the Calalmity Ganon and protecting his people. In battle, he is loud and ferocious (although he does have a calm side to him as well), such as telling the malevolent creature to "open wide" as he fired his Divine Beast laser at Hyrule Castle.

He has displayed good leadership skills, as he motivates his fellow Champions to take action the moment, upon witnessing Ganon for the first time.

Upon seeing Hyrule centuries later, Daruk becomes nostalgic, but is happy to learn that the Goron tribe is still thriving upon seeing his descendent, Yunobo.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Daruk lived in Goron City in the Eldin Canyon region of Hyrule, where he is considered to most powerful member of his race, because of his great offensive skills and his weapon the Boulder Breaker. he was chosen by King Rhoam and Princess Zelda to become the Goron Champion, and pilot, of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Daruk initially struggled to control his Divine Beast, but he eventually manages to properly utilize it. In an unfortunate turn of events, Daruk was killed by the Fireblight Ganon during the Great Calamity. His spirit remained trapped inside the corrupted Divine Beast for 100 years.

After his spirit was freed when Link slays the Firerblight Ganon inside the machine, Daruk gives the Hylian Daruk's Protection as a token of gratitude. He was later seen firing his Divine Beast laser at Hyrule Castle to weaken Calamity Ganon.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which takes place 100 years before the events in Breath of the Wild when Link awakens from his rejuvenation sleep to heal his fatal injuries and finds Hyrule in ruins, just before Calamity Ganon launched his attack, a small Guardian named Terrako traveled into the past to warn the past versions of Zelda, Link, and the Champions of Calamity Ganon's impending attack and give them time to muster their forces for when he arrives. Daruk is more than happy to lend his support against Calamity Ganon when Link, Impa, and Zelda come to see him in Goron City on Death Mountain to gain his help, but he first needed to climb Death Mountain to where Vah Rudania was still in dormancy in the volcano's crater. However, the path was full of monsters, and some even appeared from behind to threaten the Gorons' mining operations in the Southern Mine, so the mine had to be protected and secured before it was sure the mine would not be attacked again while heading up to the summit and dealing with the Igneo Talus that stood guard at the peak. Once Vah Rudania is up and running again, easily tearing through the waves of monsters as it comes down the volcano's side and wiping out the large group of Igneo Talus that were the final obstacle in the way, Daruk agrees to use it against Calamity Ganon. Though, before he returns to Castle Town with Impa, Link, and Zelda, he offers Link his favorite meal, Prime Rock Roast, to chow down on in case he was starving, which initially causes some confusion and shock with Zelda, Impa, and Terrako, though Daruk apologizes for not bringing enough for everyone and promises to bring enough next time, to an uneasy Zelda's gratitude.

Once the Champions are all gathered, Daruk and the Zora Champion, Crown Princess Mipha, develop a sort of big brother-little sister relationship as she asks Daruk to help her train to better defend herself, though their first fight together is against the Yiga Clan when they ambush Zelda, Link, and a contingent of Hyrulean Soldiers in Castle Town under Sooga's command with some of Ganon's monsters. Though they manage to fight them off, including a large Hinox serving as a boss enemy, it was a trap, luring them away from Castle Town to allow Sooga a clear shot to assassinate Zelda, but is stopped by Link, forcing him to call a retreat. After that, Daruk joins Link and Zelda with the other Champions as they head into the Korok Forest to retrieve the Master Sword, helping out the giant Korok Hestu with getting past the monsters now infesting the forest, including some of Calamity Ganon's Malice that should not be there yet, only for Astor to attack Link and Zelda with Malice-born clones of Daruk and the other Champions, known as Hollows, in the grove of the Master Sword, with Link being slammed hard by the Daruk Hollow's sword after having his own broken by the Mipha Hollow, sending him reeling into the Master Sword's pedestal.

Before they can kill Zelda on Astor's order, the Master Sword senses their intent, along with Link's will to protect Zelda, and destroys them, before Link draws the sacred blade, becoming its wielder against Calamity Ganon, using the Blade of Evil's Bane to slay the Hollows and force Astor into retreat, realizing he's outmatched by the Master Sword's power. Meeting up with the Great Deku Tree, he assures Zelda, Link, and the Champions that they have all they need to face the Great Calamity and that Hyrule's fate lies in their hands before returning to his deep slumber. On the way back to Castle Town, the group are attacked by more of Ganon's monsters, but fight them off, and Link enjoys chowing down on some more edibles as Daruk and the Hyrulean Soldiers cheer him on as Zelda and Urbosa watch.

Once back at Castle Town, Daruk is officially given his Champion of Hyrule attire, replacing one of the chains he wore across his torso with the scarf denoting his Champion status with Vah Rudania on it, before agreeing to help Mipha with some more training before he returns to Death Mountain to prepare for the inevitable, while King Rhoam orders the civilians to evacuate Castle Town and other communities to protect them from the Great Calamity. The soldiers evacuated with the civilians are transferred to Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno to reinforce the garrisons there as if those two bases are lost, Hyrule will capitulate shortly thereafter.

All righty. A good spot for Rudania would be...Huh? No...I can't believe it!
~ Daruk sees Hyrule Castle surrounded by Malice, meaning Calamity Ganon has awoken
Wait. That's my power... Who are you?
~ Daruk stunned when Yunobo arrives to save his life
Stay calm, kiddo.
You're right, sir. I will! If I came here to save you but you have to save me, then what's the point?!
Yes! That's the spirit! Alright. Let's try that again from the top!
~ Daruk and Yunobo as they face Fireblight Ganon together and are soon joined by Link

Soon, Calamity Ganon arrives as planned, starting with the Yiga Clan ambushing Robbie and Purah in their lab with their Sheikah staff by disguising themselves as members of the staff, but Purah gives the Sheikah Slate to Terrako to take to Zelda, escaping the Yiga, before the seal ruptures and Calamity Ganon engulfs Hyrule Castle, beginning to spawn countless corrupted Guardians to lay siege to the castle. Daruk arrives back at the Sheikah tower at Death Mountain, but as he's considering where to deploy Vah Rudania to for the impending attack, he's horrified to see Hyrule Castle engulfed and realizes it is really happening before the tower is deactivated, cutting him off from the other Champions, leaving him to fend for himself. King Rhoam and his Royal Knights are forced to stay behind and be presumably killed by the corrupted Guardians as Link and Impa grab Zelda and flee for their lives. Meanwhile, Daruk is attacked inside Vah Rudania by Fireblight Ganon. He does his best to fight back and use his Protection to shield him from the Blight Ganon's attacks, but the Blight Ganon proves too powerful, shattering Daruk's Protection and sending him reeling, before firing a jet of flames towards him, with Daruk's steeling himself for his potential death, remaining defiant to the end, despite knowing he's done for. However, before he is slain like in the original timeline, Terrako, through Zelda's grief and guilt, is able to summon Yunobo from 100 years in the future in Breath of the Wild to arrive just in time to save Daruk from Fireblight Ganon using Daruk's Protection he inherited, buying time until Link arrives to destroy Fireblight Ganon for good, keeping Vah Rudania under Daruk's control and saving his life in the process. With Daruk and Yunobo piloting Vah Rudania together, they move to defend the Hyrulean Army's defensive line until they can destroy the bridges and cut off enemy reinforcements before taking out the enemy's main stronghold to stem the flow of attacks on the defensive line, especially from the corrupted Guardians. Once the defensive line is secured, they move to assist Mipha and Sidon with protecting Akkala Citadel as Vah Ruta was starting to lose steam on protecting the fortress from the siege by Ganon's forces as Mipha healed the wounded and Sidon maintained the Divine Beast's weaponry. With Daruk and Yunobo's help, the line is held until the Citadel destroys the bridge serving as the only access to the fortress, ensuring its survival with Ganon's forces cut off from further assault. Joined by the other Champions and their future counterparts in the other Divine Beasts, they move on to protect Fort Hateno from the corrupted Guardians and monsters, saving both vital points for the Hyrulean Army, especially after Purah activates a failsafe that causes many of the corrupted Guardian automatons to be destroyed, wiping out a considerable part of Calamity Ganon's army that was responsible for razing Hyrule in the Breath of the Wild timeline, leaving only a handful left to reinforce Ganon's monsters, giving Hyrule a much needed advantage, especially as, with the Divine Beasts still under their command, they have some deadly firepower that Ganon cannot use against them and keep the various races under threat of for a century.

With the Citadel and Fort safe, Daruk and Yunobo then turn their attention to supporting Urbosa and Riju with clearing Hyrule Field of Ganon's minions to carve a path straight to Hyrule Castle using the Divine Beasts to do so. Following the awakening of her powers granted to her by the Triforce and Hylia, Zelda musters the surviving forces under her command to defend the Great Plateau, supported by a reformed Master Kohga and his Yiga Clan, where they find King Rhoam and his Royal Knights still alive thanks to the Ancient Guardian Shield that Zelda had given him earlier, giving the troops a much needed morale boost on seeing their king still alive. With Purah's help working the Sheikah towers' teleportation ability, they are able to soon unite the Gerudo, Rito, Zora, Gorons, and Yiga Clan Sheikah together as a single allied coalition, and under Zelda's leadership with a still-living King Rhoam and his Hyrulean Soldiers joining their cause, they launch the full-scale assault to take back Hyrule Castle from Calamity Ganon. Though Ganon summons powerful Malice-infused monsters to defend its barrier it summons to protect itself, Zelda disperses the barrier so Daruk and the other Champions can barrage Ganon with their Divine Beasts' main weapons. However, the Blood Moon chooses they moment to rise, allowing Ganon's power to reach its zenith and revive his monsters to resume their defense of him until the allied Hyrule forces finally break through and head for the inner citadel, encountering Astor and Harbinger Ganon. After defeating his Harbinger in that timeline's Terrako that had been corrupted by Calamity Ganon's Malice when it followed the future Terrako back in time, Calamity Ganon uses Astor as his conduit to assume a physical, and more human-like, form to fight the Champions, Zelda, and Link with. In the end, Terrako sacrifices himself to weaken Calamity Ganon enough for Link to deliver the finishing blow with the Master Sword and allow Zelda to seal Calamity Ganon away once and for all. With Calamity Ganon gone, Yunobo and the other future Champions are returned to their time period by the residual energy from the ancient screw left from Terrako's sacrifice, and with himself and the other Champions still alive, Daruk and the others are happy to see their future looking bright, especially after they are able to rebuild Terrako and reunite him with Zelda once more.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Daruk and Yunobo took Vah Rudania to defend Kakariko Village from attack by Calamity Ganon's monsters. After they succeed, as the Sheikah cheer for their rescuers, Yunobo suddenly notices Daruk looking at him like he's a hero, and panics, before explaining how much of a coward he was back in the Breath of the Wild timeline before his meeting with Link allowed him to find his inner courage and become a stronger Goron as a result. Nevertheless, Daruk holds up Yunobo's hand, earning another round of cheers from the Sheikah, before Daruk commends Yunobo and voices how proud he is of Yunobo as both the future Champion and his descendant. Yunobo appreciates the proud words from his ancestor and feels much better after that. Later, Daruk and Yunobo sit and share a Prime Rock Roast together.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daruk appears as an advanced-ranked primary shield-type spirit who increases the user's weight. His spirit battle is a starmina battle against Donkey Kong with a extra durability on his shield on the battlefield form of the Find Mii stage covered in a lava floor.

Powers and Abilities

Being a member of the Goron tribe, Daruk boasts great strength and is physically stronger than all his other fellow Champions. His weapon of choice is the Boulder Breaker, a powerful two-handed club sword that Daruk could easily wield with one hand, leaving his free hand available for follow-up attacks, this weapon coupled with his strength made him a force to be reckoned with.

The ability that Daruk bestows to Link: Daruk's Protection is a nigh-impenetrable shield that can protect the young Hylian from enemy attack's up to three times before requiring a cooldown. This ability can also parry an enemy's attacks if they fight up-close. In Age of Calamity, Daruk can use this as his shield against enemy attacks before counter-attacking once the enemy is vulnerable.


  • Daruk's pride and care for his fellow Gorons is similar to Darunia's.
  • Daruk's Protection recharge period is 18 minutes, making it the second longest charge time ahead of Mipha's cooldown time. If updated upon completing the "Daruk's Song Sidequest" part of the EX The Champions' Ballad, it is reduced to 6 minutes.
  • In the EX Champions' Ballad, Daruk is revealed to suffer cynophobia (fear of dogs) and will tremble in fright if he comes across one. This fear is caused by having been chased by dogs in his youth.
  • His theme is "Daruk's Proclamation". A somber version plays during the one of the trailers for the game.


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