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Daruk's Protection is now ready to roll!
~ Daruk
Ah! Count me in, tiny princess. I’m the fearless Daruk, after all. And if Hyrule needs my help, I’ll gladly lay down my life.
~ Daruk to Princess Zelda
Let's go little guy! Now OPEN UP WIDE GANON!!
~ Daruk opens fire on Calamity Ganon

Daruk is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a warrior of the Goron tribe who lived in Goron City and is one of the four Champions. He is one of the major characters in that game as well as his return in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as a playable warrior in the roster

He is voiced by Koji Takeda, who also voiced Wasabi in Big Hero 6, in the Japanese version and by Joe Hernandez in the English version.


Daruk is courageous at heart and eternally devoted to his goal of defeating Calamity Ganon along with his friends. He is normally calm for the most part when he is not in the battlefield or enjoying the peace, but he does become loud and ferocious during battle, such as when he yells "open up wide" to the malevolent monstrosity just before having his Divine Beast fire its laser at Hyrule Castle. Daruk is also shown to be a great leader as he rallies his fellow Champions to action upon witnessing Ganon's revival. He also swore to protect his land and people with his life, and even after being freed by Link he chose to keep on striving for the greater good even after death as a spirit as Link was his sworn brother and comrade in order to finished what he has started. If anything, Daruk was willing to fully embraced his role as a Champion much like Mipha and Urbosa did; Revali wouldn't embrace until much later when reality starts to kick in. He was in awe of Link's Goron-like strength and hoped that Link hadn't noticed that he had a dopey look on his face while being sidetracked by Link's strength when they first met indicating he is quite proud of his own strength and embarrassed of showing signs of weakness such as his fear of dogs, due to being chased by them as a youngster. Despite all this, he is willing to dub him his sworn brother as he recognized Link's strength and bravery.

Daruk had a strong sense of comradeship due to his Goron upbringing and though he admittedly that he, like most Gorons, lived a simple life as his training journal often recorded simple activities such as meals he enjoyed and is notable to be a big eater who loves Rock Roasts with a passion.

Due to being foreign with Hylian diet, he found Link's eating habits odd, not realizing that they were quite normal for Hylians and encouraged him to eat rocks which caused him to become more mistaken after Link successfully consumed some Grade A Rock Roast. While it is uncertain if Link actually enjoyed it or not, but from Daruk's perspective, he assumed he did enjoy its taste. This has led him to assume all Hylians could in fact eat rocks as part of their diet. Daruk was also happy and relieved to see his descendant Yunobo and Goron City are thriving even after one hundred years since the Great Calamity meaning their efforts had not been in vain. He would still fight alongside Link to defend his land and people, who viewed Daruk a great hero who died a hero's death fighting Ganon.

Daruk is also very caring to the people around him. He establishes a brother-sister bond with the Zora Princess, Mipha who wishes to help her train so that she will be prepared to face tougher foes in battle, and he also apparently knows of her crush on Link but in respect doesn't reveal her intentions to anyone given how timid Mipha can be regarding the Hylian. Daruk and Revali don't always get along when they interact and with their opposing personalities, with Daruk being open and outgoing and Revali being closed off and reserved, can lead to bouts of arguing at times, with Daruk disapproving of Revali's poor treatment of Link and the Rito snarking at Daruk quite a lot. Even with the tension between them, Revali still respects Daruk as his fellow Champion and has a few moments of being polite with him in the best of times and Daruk respects and cares about Revali deeply. Daruk is quite close with Urbosa and hopes to find a way to help the younger Champions see that they are Hyrule's future as well as the younger generation. He is on good terms with Princess Zelda, who is the only one who knows of his cynophobia and seems to be concerned for her when it came to her fulfilling her sacred duties which she had struggled all her life to awaken her sealing power needed to keep Calamity Ganon at bay.

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, he is consistently encouraging his savior and descendent, Yunobo whenever he fell short. While he can be somewhat miffed at Yunobo for addressing him with formalities. In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC Pack, Yunobo is hesitant to take credit for doing his part in defending Kakariko Village due to his insecurities and tendency to be cowardly until a certain friend (Link from the Breath of the Wild timeline) assisted him into becoming braver. Daruk pulls his arm up and lets him know that he is the Champion of the future and to tell that friend of his that he wishes him all the best.


Daruk possesses a bulky muscular appearance like that of the other Gorons and has dark gold skin and large hands with white nails on his fingers and toes. He also has white hair on his head as well as facial hair consisting of a moustache and beard and some hair on his shoulders and wrists. He wears dark brown wristbands and armbands as well as a pale white rope belt with a brown buckle around his waist.

Before becoming Champion, Daruk's adornments consist of two brown chains attached to a diamond shaped buckle with a red Goron crest which also holds his Boulder Breaker. After becoming Champion, Daruk swaps out his left shoulder chain in favor of the blue sash with a white Divine Beast Vah Rudania imprinted on it.

Powers and Abilities

Being a member of the Goron tribe, Daruk boasts great strength and is physically stronger than all his other fellow Champions.

His weapon of choice is the Boulder Breaker, a powerful two-handed club sword that Daruk could easily wield with one hand, leaving his free hand available for follow-up attacks, this weapon coupled with his strength made him a force to be reckoned with.

The ability that Daruk bestows to Link: Daruk's Protection is a nigh-impenetrable shield that can protect the young Hylian from enemy attack's up to three times before requiring a cooldown. This ability can also parry an enemy's attacks if they fight up-close. In Age of Calamity, Daruk can use this as his shield against enemy attacks before counterattacking once the enemy is vulnerable.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daruk appears as an advanced-ranked primary shield-type spirit who increases the user's weight. His spirit battle is a stamina battle against Donkey Kong with a extra durability on his shield on the battlefield form of the Find Mii stage covered in a lava floor.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link's Recovered Memories

Gee, this is uplifting... She's making it sound like we already lost.
~ Daruk's comment on the disappointing ritual in Subdued Ceremony
Yeah! I think I'm finally getting the hang of controlling this Divine Beast! I tell you what...sure is a blast piloting a toy like this around. Let those other Champions know, they better eat their gravel if they wanna keep up with Daruk. Speaking of which, can you believe this view? Just look at all those delectable rocks sprinkled on those mountains... Mighty tasty. I may not know a whole lot about this Calamity Ganon thing... but mark my words, I'll protect this land of ours to the death! Right, little guy? Hey, by the way...congrats on becoming the princess's appointed knight. That's a really big deal! Protecting the king's daughter... No pressure! Seriously, though. The princess is a strong personality—so strong she can't quite see the range for the peaks. Remember that, and you'll be fine.
~ Daruk's conversation with Link in Daruk's Mettle
File:Daruk's concern about Death Mountain's recent activity All right, so what was I saying... That was a little strange... As far as I know, Death Mountain has been quiet for decades. But if the mountain is shivering enough to send down a bunch of boulders that size, then— Never mind. Forget I said anything.
~ Daruk after breaking a boulder with his forcefield
Well? Don't keep us in suspense. How'd everything go up there on the mountain?
~ Daruk asking Princess Zelda how things went for her in Return of Calamity Ganon
This is it, then...
~ Daruk realizing Ganon's return
Let's stop wasting time! We're gonna need everything we got to take that thing down! Now Champions! To your Divine Beasts! Show that swirling swine who's boss! Link will need to meet Ganon head on when we attack! This needs to be a unified assault! Little guy! You get to Hyrule Castle! You can count on us for support. But it's up to you to pound Ganon into oblivion!
~ Daruk taking command of the situation

Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Hey, little guy! Long time no see. I always knew you'd come back. Y'know, I never stopped believing in you! You're here to take control of ol' Rudania back from Ganon, eh? You're gonna need a map that shows the guts of this place. You can grab the info from the Guidance Stone over there. Now get a move on!
~ Daruk acknowledging Link's presence aboard Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Nice job getting the map of the Divine Beast! The terminals that control Rudania are noted by the glowing points on your map. To take back Rudania, you'll need to activate all of the terminals. You got this, little guy!
~ Instructing Link
There are four terminals remaining! That's the way!
~ First terminal activated
There are three terminals remaining! All right, let's get movin'!
~ Second Terminal activated
There are two terminals remaining! Just a little more!
~ Third terminal activated
Just one terminal remaining! Just one more!
~ Fourth terminal activated
Nice! That was the last terminal! Now go ahead and start up the main control unit! There should be a new glowing mark on your map. You're gonna need to make your way over to that. Stay focused, little guy!
~ Fifth and final terminal activated
Watch yourself now! That ugly pain in the crag is Ganon's handiwork. Thing got the best of me a hundred years ago. Good luck, little guy! Go get 'im!
~ Regarding Fireblight Ganon
I owe you big for this. Because of you, my spirit is finally free. Can't thank you enough! I feel like I should apologize. I was doing all I could to protect Hyrule when that thing got the best of me. Sorry, that me resting with the rubble caused such a mess. The good news is, Rudania is now back under our control! That means that our century-old Ganon beat-down plan can finally go into effect! I'm gonna take this down the mountain. I'll have a better shot at Ganon there. And then, once you've made your way into Hyrule Castle, we're gonna light that thing up! I want to give you something. It's a special power of mine called Daruk's Protection. It's no good to me now that I'm a spirit... but it might be useful for you.
~ Daruk's gratitude and bestowment of his power
From this moment forth, the power of protection, from the depths of my soul, now lives inside you. Good luck, little guy! And give my regards to the princess.
~ Bidding farewell to Link
Well, that oughta do it! We're set here, now we just gotta wait for the perfect shot. Once Link is in the castle, Rudania will unleash an epic blast. Ganon won't know what hit 'im! Hyrule looks pretty good from up here... even after a hundred years. The ol' rolling grounds sure are a sight for sore eyes. I wonder how the Gorons fared after the Great Calamity. I sure hope everyone down there is still going strong after every—
~ Daruk wondering how his tribe is doing
Hey! Well look at that! Still going strong indeed!
~ The sight Yunobo assures Daruk that the Gorons are still doing okay
Let's go little guy! Now OPEN UP WIDE GANON!!
~ Daruk opening fire on the escaped Ganon

The Champions' Ballad

Ah! Count me in, tiny princess. I'm the fearless Daruk, after all! And if Hyrule needs my help, I'll gladly lay down my life.
~ Daruk accepts Zelda proposition to become Rudania's pilot
Not sure if it's Calamity Ganon's fault or what, but I hear monsters have been attacking people more than ever lately. Times like these...you shouldn't leave the castle without a horde of mighty Gorons to watch your back.
~ Daruk on the increase of monster attacks
Huh, that could only be... Hm? What the...
~ Noticing something wrong
They really are all over the place these days.
~ Witnessing a horde Bokoblins
Hm? Is someone being attacked?
~ Daruk realizing that someone is in danger
Cowards! Wait here, Princess.
~ Daruk before attacking the monsters
Hmph! Spineless little cuccos! No monster stands a chance when fighting me, the almighty Daruk! AUHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
~ Daruk's victory over the Bokoblins
Good riddance... and stay safe. I'm sorry ya had to see that side o' me. As a kid, dogs always chased me. I still panic when I see one o' those critters.
~ Daruk's fear of dogs
So, tell me...Princess...
~ To Zelda
Calamity Ganon isn't, uh... some kind of a dog monster, is he?
~ Hoping Ganon isn't a dog creature
I tell ya, those formal shindigs really take it outta me.
~ Relaxing after the inauguration ceremony

Secret Dialogue

I knew you could do it, little guy! Now you can use Daruk's Protection more than ever. If ya see than Ganon jerk, give him a message for me... Good riddance bacon-breath!
~ Daruk reducing his ability's cooldown time
Little guy! Can ya pass along the message to the youngster for me? Tell him, when I was young, nobody gave me the time o' day. I was green as grass and timid as a mouse! *laughs* Just work hard, watch out for your brothers, and eat lots of tasty rocks. Do that, and you'll be stronger than me! It'd be great if you could tell him that for me, brother.
~ Daruk asking Link to let Yunobo know that Daruk was a lot like him and to look out for his fellow Gorons
Hey there, little guy! Say, do ya remember when we first met? Honestly... I never thought I'd find a Hylian strong enough to be considered a true brother! I was so shocked, bet I had a dopey look on my face. Maybe it's best if ya don't remember that part.
~ Daruk recalling the awkward look on his face when he saw Link's strength
Hey, little guy! Listen, I'm trusting ya to keep it a secret, OK? Between you and me, there was once a monster I just couldn't beat. I hated that stupid thing! When I was young, I stepped on its tail, and it went 'ARP!' and 'RUFF!' and 'GRRRR!' Nasty critter. I can still see its awful face and sharp fangs. Facing your fears is certainly no walk in the bark... I mean park.
~ Daruk recalls his first run-in with a dog that sparked his fear of them
Little guy! I'm guessing your memory's still scrambled, yeah? Well... Maybe it'd help if you read that thing about our memories. Ya know, the one from back in the good o' days. What's that thing? Oh, yeah, my diary, I mean... my training journal. I bet it's still around. What? Surprised I kept a journal? If you're curious, try to find it!
~ Daruk permitting Link to read his journal if he finds it, if it meant improving Link's condition
Hey, little guy! So ya came to test your skills again, huh? With the strength you've mustered, I'm sure beating down Calamity Ganon will be a piece of slate!
~ Daruk comments on Link's training

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Main Story

What you'll learn about me is that I never refuse a sincere request. So of course, I'm on board on your plan!
~ Daruk meeting the group
Hmm... Except... there is one problem. Well, it's just Vah Rudania is in a difficult spot right now. The Divine Beast was found pretty high up on Death Mountain. A lot of monsters have been crawling around lately, so even getting close to o' Rudania is a big pain. Only the bravest go up there now...
~ Daruk explaining the problem in regards to Rudania's location
So that's why it's a good thing it's gonna be us!
~ Daruk resolves to find it at Death Mountain's crator
Come on! Death Mountain won't climb itself!
~ Daruk motivating everyone to climb the volcano
Seeing it again, it's even bigger than I remembered! Let's get right to it, then. Ooo, I can't wait!
~ Daruk getting excited to use it
That was unexpected, but we pulled through to the end. You really proved yourself, eh, little guy?
~ After dealing with an army of monsters disrupting work at the Goron Mines
Now, about me piloting Rudania... Well, go ahead and count the mighty Daruk in!
~ Daruk accepting his call
Of course! We'll smash that Calamity Ganon jerk to smithereens.
~ Expressing confidence
Ooh, wait a minute. You must be starving after all that fighting. I know just the cure for that. My favorite... Prime Rock Roast! Doesn't it look delicious? Why don'tca dig in, little guy?
~ Giving Link Rock Roast
Gah, sorry! How thoughtless of me-I should have brought some for you, tiny princess! Next time, I promise to bring enough for everyone.
~ Daruk forgetting to give them Rock Roasts and not noticing that they are reacting to Link eating it
Of course! The more, the merrier! The thing is, we still need a knight gritty enough to seal the darkness, and they're nowhere to be found.
~ Conversing with Mipha
Although hey! If you see anybody that- *chuckles*
~ Seeing Link and realizing why Mipha wants to train
It doesn't matter who's the leader. We're all in this together, right?
~ Daruk stands up for Link
Good point. If only someone could fly above and scout the way.
~ Daruk responding to the Rito Champion's frustration with the fog
Huh? Where'd you come from?
~ Taking notice of the large Korok's presence
That's great! Mind guiding us through the fog, then?
~ Asking Hestu to escort them
Ah, so you're ready to begin your training. Let's get to it!
~ Daruk eager to begin training with Mipha
All righty. A good spot for Rudania would be...Huh? No... I can't believe it!
~ Witnessing Calamity Ganon invading Hyrule Castle
No way, monster!
~ Daruk fighting a difficult battle with Fireblight Ganon
Wait. That's my power... Who are you?
~ Reacting to the young Goron who came to save him
Stay calm, kiddo.
~ Advising Yunobo to relax
Yes! That's the spirit! Alright. Let's try that again from the top!
~ Help has arrived
Well, the deed is done! We should all thank you. You really came through, little guy!
~ Thanking Link for coming for him in his time of need
Yunobo, wasn't it? I owe you some thanks, too! Without your help, I'd have been in deep trouble.
~ Thanking Yunobo for saving him
None of this makes sense, but oh well. We have bigger rocks to roast.
~ Daruk brushing off all concern about how Sidon and the others arrived
Princess, please tell us. What happened at the castle?
~ Asking Princess Zelda about Hyrule Castle's fate
I told you to drop the formalities, Yunobo.
~ Daruk chastising the young Goron for formally addressing him
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fine, let's go. Hyrule needs us, kid!
~ Daruk prepares to defend Eastern Hyrule
Time to rock and rampage! Yeah, Yunobo?
~ Daruk and Yunobo with the united forces
~ Opening fire on Ganon
Thanks for everything, Yunobo. We didn't get much time together, but I'll always cherish it.
~ Daruk saying good-bye to Yunobo as he, Sidon, Teba, and Riju are sent back to the future
Eh heh heh heh heh heh.
~ Daruk chuckling happily when Terrako is fully repaired

Guardian of Remembrance

~ Daruk's concern for Yunobo
I'm proud that you're my descendent. You are the champion... ... of the whole future. And don't you forget it!
~ Daruk dubbing Yunobo the champion of the future
And about that courageous friend of yours... it seems I owe him as well. So, you better give him all my best, all right?
~ Asking Yunobo to wish a certain friend of his all his best


  • Daruk's pride and care for his fellow Gorons is similar to Darunia's.
  • Daruk's Protection recharge period is 18 minutes, making it the second longest charge time ahead of Mipha's cooldown time. If updated upon completing the "Daruk's Song Sidequest" part of the EX The Champions' Ballad, it is reduced to 6 minutes.
  • In the EX Champions' Ballad, Daruk is revealed to suffer cynophobia (fear of dogs) and will tremble in fright if he comes across one. This fear is caused by having been chased by dogs in his youth.
  • His theme is "Daruk's Proclamation". A somber version plays during the one of the trailers for the game.

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