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Stay here my ass...let's go!
~ Darwin to his teammates on the Hellfire's attack.

Armando Muñoz, also known as Darwin, is a character from 2011 film "X-Men: First Class".

He is portayed by Edi Gathegi.


He was a mutant who was able to adapt to any situation. His reactive mutation adjusted his capabilities to his environment. In 1962 he was a taxi driver when he was discovered by Charles Xavier through the use of a Cerebro prototype, and was approached by him and Erik Lehnsherr to become part of a mutant group they were forming for the CIA.

The Hellfire Club tracked the group down and proceeded to kill all of the CIA agents. Sparing the lives of the young mutants, Sebastian Shaw offered them a chance to join him in his planned war on humankind, an offer that only Angel Salvadore accepted. When the others attempt to stop her from leaving with the Hellfire Club, Shaw absorbed Alex Summers' energy blast and forced it down Muñoz's throat before leaving, the assault apparently destroying Darwin's body before he could adapt to it.


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