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You don't understand, for my whole walking life I had to keep my mouth shut, having to deal with everyone's annoying little habits, but now I can say what I like.
~ Darwin Watterson in The Words
Yeah! Then we can kick his butt there!
~ Darwin’s last words.

Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III is the deuteragonist of the Cartoon Network television series The Amazing World of Gumball. He also serves as the titular main protagonist of the Darwin’s Yearbook mini series. He is also the overall deuteragonist in The Gumball Chronicles. He is Gumball's best friend and adoptive younger brother.

He was the Watterson's family pet, until he grew legs and became an adoptive son.

He is voiced by Jake Pratt, Kwesi Boakye, Terrell Ransom Jr., Donielle T. Hansley Jr., and Christian J. Simon.


Darwin is an orange goldfish with arms and legs. His goldfish-shaped head takes up his entire body, with his fins and legs hanging down from it. He has retained his goldfish tail and fins, the latter of which he now uses as arms and hands. His legs are much longer than his body, ending with plain feet matching the color and texture of the rest of his body. Usually, though, he covers them with green and white sneakers. Darwin is also shown to have a bubbly butt on the back of his head, as revealed in the official trailer. The inside of Darwin's mouth is red, and his tongue is red-orange. In his season 1 design, the shadow cast by his head on his legs was commonly misconceived as a black shirt and pants.

Darwin apparently has thick coatings of blubber, making him resistant to massive pain, as he is shown unharmed in "The Responsible," after a painful face-first slap on a concrete sidewalk from way up in the air. The blubber's depth is about the length of Gumball's arm, as shown in "The DVD," where Gumball had to sink his whole arm into Darwin's head just to reach his cheekbone. Darwin also thinks he has perfect skin as shown in "The DVD." Whenever Darwin's feet are bare, they are often pixelated, as in "The Meddler." However, sometimes they are not pixelated, as shown in "The Club," when he is swimming, in "The Goons," when he is toe wrestling Richard, and in "The Dream," when he dreams of being in the mall without his shoes on. In "The Dream," he says that he considers his feet worthy of a censor, because it is the only place he wears clothes.

In season 2, Darwin gets a redesign. His black shadow is more transparent, almost to the point where it is not noticeable. Also, his legs are slightly thicker, and there are two eyelashes on each eye, instead of three. Like his family, his eyes are more round. Since season 3, Darwin's eyes have been permanently round along with the rest of his family. In the early reel, Darwin was originally a 3D animated character.


Darwin is a very happy and positive person. He is optimistic, always trying to see the best in most of the scenarios he is in, and in general, always tries to have a smile on his face. Not only does he desire to be happy, but he also desires to see others happy. His selfless acts of happiness can be seen in episodes such as "The Fan," "The Advice," and "The Stories." In all three episodes, he chooses to do the things he does in order to make a particular sad person happier.

Darwin is also a very grateful person. As seen in "The Flower" and "The Night," Darwin is shown not wanting much and just being happy with his current life.

Darwin expects the best in people, and his optimism extends to a romantic and somewhat naïve view on the world. His idealistic viewpoints can be seen in "The Wicked" in which, despite his brother's views and Mrs. Robinson's obvious malicious intent, he firmly believes that Mrs. Robinson is a good person at heart, and that there is a reason for her actions.

Darwin has a strong sense of honesty; he also desires to tell the truth, no matter how much trouble it may cause. His strong sense of honesty can be seen in "The Shell" and "The Gift," in which he cannot adhere to the simplest of Gumball's white lies. His honesty, however, is prevailed by his politeness towards others; in "The Words," Gumball encourages him to bluntly suggest his opinions towards students.

Darwin is also morally grounded in general; he is typically the one to stop his siblings from doing anything wrong, and he is slow to take "shady" approaches. Darwin's reluctance to do anything wrong can be seen in "The DVD," in which he tells Gumball not to pirate Alligators on a Train, opting for a more honest and cleaner route. This trait of Darwin is what causes Gumball to see him as a "moral guardian" as evidenced in "The Sidekick."

Darwin is also very sensitive and empathetic. He is very affectionate of others, as seen in his interactions with his family, and specifically Gumball, throughout the series. This love and affection may be a weakness of his; however, as a result, he is very possessive without his loved ones, and feels very lonely when not around them. Such is evidenced in "The Bros" and "The Burden," in which Penny's newfound relationship with Gumball makes him jealous (presumably for the first time in his life, as suggested by the events of "The Flower").

Despite Darwin's general happiness and positivity, he has been known to get angry at times when pushed beyond his limit. Although it is a side of his personality not often seen, "The Banana" and "The Words" both show that he can resort to senseless violence when given a reason to do so.


  • He can breathe in both water and air.
  • In "The Party", Darwin claims to be part suckerfish.
  • He is the only Watterson who does not wear pants.
  • According to "The Allergy", he is allergic to feathers.
  • He likes Mexican food, as shown in "The Countdown".
  • He is in a relationship with Carrie, as of "The Matchmaker".
  • In "The Internet", he is shown to be good at playing the ukulele.
  • In Project Exonaut, Darwin is available as an exosuit for 1,000 coins.
  • In "The Recipe", it is revealed that Darwin believes people are born on cabbage patches.
  • According to the episode "Halloween," Darwin has samhainophobia, the fear of Halloween.
  • According to an interview, Darwin was inspired by Ben Bocquelet's childhood friend, Paul.
  • Along with his predecessors and the Evil Turtle, Darwin is the only non-mammal Watterson.
  • In "The Void", Darwin's design from the early reel can be seen in the background of the Void.
  • Darwin has a habit of standing in his seat as opposed to sitting down, especially in Season 1.
  • In an early draft of the show, Darwin was originally the class goldfish rather than Gumball's pet.
  • He is revealed in "The Game" to be the third of the several fish named "Darwin" that the Wattersons have owned, hence his name.
  • It is revealed in "The Bet" that it took Darwin five years to learn facial expressions, and he still has some trouble recognizing them.
  • He can exhale for much longer than Gumball can, as revealed on an exclusive video on the official Elmore Stream-It YouTube channel.
  • He is revealed in "The Words" to be bald, though it is shown in "The Refund" that he can grow leg hair, as well as scalp hair in "The Voice".
  • "The Apprentice", "The Awkwardness", "The Singing", "The Spinoffs", and "The Transformation" are the only episodes that he does not appear in.
  • Darwin has a major crush on Carrie, as shown in "Halloween", "The Oracle", and "The Scam". In "The Oracle", he appears to be embarrassed about it.
  • The events of "The Origins" and "The Origins: Part Two" reveal that Darwin was given to Gumball because he needed a new pet fish to replace the dead ones.
  • Darwin is revealed in "The Castle" and "The Flakers" to be able to scream at an extremely high pitch; so high that it breaks the glasses from all the houses of a block.
  • Darwin is affectionate; he likes being kissed (as seen in "The Kiss"), as well as holding hands (Gumball mimics him saying so in "The Sidekick") and hugs, as he states in “The Hero".
  • According to an interview with Ben Bocquelet, Darwin was originally designed for a show where mythical animals hid in a child's backyard. When the show was not produced, he added Darwin to the show, because he liked his design.
  • Darwin seems to be multilingual, as he spoke a complex Chinese sentence in "The DVD", and spoke French in "The Treasure", though the latter may only have been a temporary ability gained through hypnosis, and the subtitles for the former only stated "No". He also spoke Cantonese in "The Others", ironically in order to tell Clare that he and Gumball did not speak said language. Darwin is also capable of speaking to non-anthropomorphic animals, as seen in "The Question", "The Traitor", and "The Origins: Part Two".
  • In "The Dress," Darwin uses his left hand when he draws Gumball in the dress. However, he does other common tasks with his right hand. This suggests that he may be ambidextrous. It might be a development oversight as well.
  • Darwin is quite athletic. He can run as fast as both Anais and Gumball, as shown in "The Quest", "The Kiss", and "The Remote". He can climb faster than Gumball, and is a skilled swimmer.
  • In "The Dress," Darwin draws Gumball really well. This could mean Darwin is an expert artist. However in "The Mustache," "The Procrastinators," and the Darwin's Yearbook episode "Carrie," his drawings are somewhat juvenile and sloppy. In the latter episode, he himself states that he is terrible at drawing.
  • In "The Burden", it is revealed that Darwin is possessive and fears being lonely. Also, in the same episode, it is implied that he had previous families when he "talks" to Chris Morris about him not being one of his dads and when he mentions Gumball being his "brother from another mother" in "The Bros".
  • Darwin most likely has the longest name out of any character. He has seven names, as shown in "The Party".
    • Darwin's name is most likely based on the scientist Charles Darwin, who gained fame for his theory of evolution. A fish with legs or a "Darwin fish" is also considered something of a universal symbol for Darwinism.
    • "Raglan" may refer to HMS Raglan, a World War I Royal Navy monitor vessel. The name may also be a reference to the township of Raglan, New Zealand. The town is well known for its surfing, as well as a rare subspecies of dolphin. Darwin has been shown to have the ability to utilize echolocation, as dolphins do.
    • "Caspian" is likely a reference to the Caspian Sea, the world's largest enclosed body of water. Prince Caspian is a character in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series. Darwin and the prince both possess many similar traits, and Prince Caspian rode through the sea on a ship called the Dawn Treader.
    • Ahab, another of Darwin's middle names, is a reference to Captain Ahab, a sea captain obsessed with killing the white whale Moby-Dick in the book of the same name.
    • "Poseidon" is a reference to Poseidon (known as Neptune in Roman mythology), the god of the seas from Greek mythology. Poseidon is also the god of horses, and Darwin is shown to be used by Gumball as a mount on more than one occasion.
    • Nicodemus the Hagiorite was a saint who lived from 1749-1809. He was purported to possess a love for all things, much like Darwin's seemingly constant outlook on life. Nicodemus was also in the Bible, being 'reborn' as a Christian. This parallels Darwin's transformation from ordinary fish to a "reverse mermaid".
  • He and Gumball are similar to Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show:
    • Gumball acts like Mordecai when his love sick and/or Rigby when his hissy egomaniac, whereas Darwin acts like Rigby doing wrong and out of control and/or Mordecai when his warning for nothing.
    • Both are titular anti-heros/heros.
    • Both have high-pitched voices.
    • Both have hot head person, who are more mature, than themselves and are control freak a bit: Anais, Nicole, Miss Simian, and Benson respectively.
    • Both have love interests, who are shape shifters/nerds: Penny and Eileen.
    • Both have bully friends, who were their enemies: Tobias and Muscle Man.
    • Both have all enemies.
    • Both are idiots and odd.
    • Both are sidekicks.


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