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Dashi is the crew's sweet information/technology officer. She is one of the only females on the Octonauts crew.

She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK, Mary Murphy (US from Seasons 1-4), and Jenny Yokobori (US, Netflix specials only).


Dashi is a Dachshund who controls all of the computers, communication devices, and steering for the Octopod. She's also the crew's official photographer, taking pictures of the different creatures the Octonauts meet. Dashi normally stays on the Octopod to coordinate missions on an advisory capacity, but she has joined in on a number of missions before and has even done a solo that involved taking photos of reef life. She has an Australian accent in the original UK version, but not in the US version. Dashi is a member of the Octonauts. She likes to take pictures of certain aquatic life.

Normally, Dashi is seen in her seat up in HQ next to crew mate Shellington, whom she has done a few missions with before. She's also usually seen in her room on the Octopod, where the decor of it reveals her as being very feminine. The walls are pink and she's normally seen either messing with her favorite camera, or sitting at her vanity. She sleeps with pink headphones listening to music as seen in The Octonauts and the Elephant Seal.


Her fur is brown, wears a pair of hair clips (one blue, one pink) on her hair which joins to her pair of ears, wears a pink skirt on her waist, a brown shirt, and a pair of blue boots with an Octonauts logo. And like the rest of the Octonauts she wears a blue hat with the Octonauts logo on it.

Other Outfits

  • Deep-Sea Suit
  • Ballgown (in books)
  • Beach Dress (in books)
  • Sweatsuit (in books)
  • Snow Suit
  • Wetsuit (The Surfing Snails)

Octo Alert

When Captain Barnacles call for an Octo alert Dashi is just usually found sitting on her bed doing nothing. This is also the same for the launch pad. Sometimes Captain Barnacles lets her sound the Octo Alert but it is very rare.


  • "Everybody say...Seaweed!"- whenever Dashi takes a picture.
  • "There's some amazing stuff in here!" (Octonauts and the Whale Shark)
  • "I'm having the most awesome time taking what just might be the first photos ever taken inside a Whale Shark's stomach!" (Octonauts and the Whale Shark)
  • "Dashi to Octopod. I'm about to get out and explore the coral reef. Get ready to see some great pictures!" (Octonauts and the Snapping Shrimp)
  • "Captain, are you sure he'll be ok all alone out there?" (Octonauts and the Jellyfish Bloom)
  • "I...I..I hear you Captain." (Octonauts and the Snapping Shrimp)
  • "Captain, we seem to be stuck, can you locate us?" (Octonauts and the Kelp Forest Rescue)
  • "I'm on it Captain"- Dashi taking a command from Captain Barnacles.


  • In the books Dashi wears a blue 'Apron'.
  • Dashi's good at surfing, as seen in The Great Arctic Adventure and The Surfing Snails
  • Sometimes, when the Captain Barnacles is away, she or Kwazii takes the role as acting captain.
  • Dashi is the second character on the show after Tweak to have a change of voice actors in the middle of the show's run (doing so between the end of Season 4 and the Caves of Sac Actun).


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