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Daud (Dishonored)

Daud is the anti-hero of the Dishonored video game series. He is a fearsome underground figure in Dunwall, as well as the leader of an assassin group called the Whalers (because of their use of discarded gear from a whaler factory) based in the Flooded District. He is the protagonist of the two story DLCs for the first game, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches, as well as a main character in Death of the Outsider.

He is voiced by Michael Madsen.


Daud is one of the ruthless characters of the series, killing people for money. However, after killing the Empress he realizes that all he's even done with his gifts is make the world a worse place. He finds a small measure of redemption by defeating Delilah, and ultimately decides to seek redemption for his life by using his last days on earth to find a way to kill the Outsider, holding him responsible for all the evil committed by those who have received his Mark. It's ambiguous how correct Daud's reasoning is; while the Outsider had absolutely nothing to do with Burrows' coup, it is fairly reasonable to hold him responsible for Delilah and others like her over the centuries.

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