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But my son... He's all I have!
~ Dave trying to persuade the Lion Captain to turn the Ark around to find Finny.
You want to play dirty? (sprays his odor) That's how you play dirty!
~ Dave defeating the Lion Captain.

Dave is Finny's father and one of the two tritagonists of the 2015 animated film, All Creatures Big and Small (Originally titled Oops! Noah is Gone... and titled Two by Two in the UK).

He is voiced by Dermot Magennis, who also voiced Mr. Griffin and a prairie dog in the film.


Dave is an aquatic aardvark-like creature known as a Nestrian and Finny's dad. He is an expert at building and creating objects, such as shelters and disguises to fool others. His son is accidentally left behind by the Ark, so Dave and Hazel must team up to find their children while Finny and Leah team up to find their parents.


Dave is a purple Nestrian with blue stripes and spirals around his body that glow in the dark. He has brown eyes, black fingers and toes, and a beaver-like tail to help him swim. His snout sprays an odor whenever he's scared (like a skunk).




  • Similar to how Finny resembles Nemo, Dave resembles Marlin as they are both aquatic animals and will do anything to keep their son safe.


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