Dave is the title character of the Disney animated series Dave the Barbarian.


Dave the Barbarian is the huge (about 6'11 and 3 quarters), muscular barbarian war-prince of Udrogoth who would rather knit, cook, and clean than fight evil (which is very unusual for a Barbarian). He is afraid of a lot of things, and screams a lot. At least once in an episode, he will be frightened somehow, and shriek his high-pitched, effeminate scream.

Dave is allergic to many things, including cats, cheese, roses, dust, coal, and pudding. Whenever he goes near them his face turns purplish pink and swell up to approximately twice its size. He also expresses allergies to any kind of pain and being chopped up.

Dave fights with a magical talking sword called Lula, who is always trapped to his back and occasionally gives her opinion to comedic relief. Lula calls Dave by the name "David", and thinks he is too coward and girly, although it is clear that she likes him and his family (although she usually shows otherwise). Dave can be afraid even of his own sword, when she gets mad or insulted.

Dave is physically powerful, having great strength (being able to read a magazine while doing push-ups with one hand, holding many things in his back), destroy a pyramid with a single punch and being able to run across the world in few minutes while scared.

Dave has a pet dragon called Faffy, which he treats like a dog or a cat. He is occasionally seen singing in the background, when he is happy.

Dave the Barbarian frowns upon the sins done by the members of his family.

Dave and his sisters, Fang and Candy, likely belong to one of the Germanic tribes, most likely goths (because of their birthplace being Udrogoth) or vandals.

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