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The whole job, everything about it, anyone who knows about your file what is wrong with you? (Micheal: Davey! long time no see) and what about Trevor if that fruitcake no no finds out your alive you are D-O-N-E f*@ked!
~ Dave warning that Micheal's actions will attract Trevor.

David "Dave" Norton (born March 14, 1969) is a main character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is the deuteragonist to Michael De Santa who watches out for Michael while he lives under the witness protection protection program.

He is a corrupt FIB agent working under Steve Haines.


At some point before the events of Grand Theft Auto V Norton began working as an FIB agent and later Norton discover the whereabouts of Michael Townley an infamous bank robber Norton soon confronted Townley and made a deal with him: if he can turn in Trevor Philips into the FIB as well as faking his death in exchange for Townley letting Norton "kill" him in the upcoming heist of Ludendorff, North Yankton, as well as clearing his public image, which would advance Norton's career as he would be killing one of the most wanted man in America. Townley agrees and accepts his offer however the heist turns out to be a disaster as the trio escape with their lives things get worse when Norton shoots Brad Snider instead of Trevor, Micheal takes the second bullet but Trevor survives and Brad later dies (angering Trevor). Later Norton has arranged Micheal and his family to relocate to a large mansion in Rockford Hills, Los Santos under the witness protection program and assuming a new identity as: Micheal De Santa.

Since Trevor survived the heist Norton poses as Brad from 2004 to 2013 (who Trevor thinks is alive) send emails to him as a way to keep track of him in reality Brad died and was buried in Micheal Townley's fake grave in Ludendorff Cemetery to clear Micheal's public image.

Nine years later after Micheal and his new partner in crime Franklin Clinton rob a jewelry store in Rockford Hills, Norton appears at his mansion upset with his action warning that his actions will attract Trevor (which it does, after defeating the Lost MCs and staying at the home of Wade's cousin).


  • He is about 5'11 and 215 lbs.
  • Similarly to Michael De Santa, his family, Lester Crest, and Steve Haines, he is from the Midwest, prior to moving to Los Santos.


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