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~ Dave Seville's most famous trademark line

David "Dave" Seville is the Chipmunks' adoptive father. He is also a songwriter and the manager of the Chipmunks. He is one of the main characters of Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise.

Dave and Alvin are very much alike in their personalities as they both are combative and headstrong. He would be very hot headed when Alvin plays up. Sometimes he would get upset with Simon and Theodore if they play up too.

He is a single dad who really does his best to raise the kids by himself. He loves them dearly despite him feeling frazzled between work and family. He is wise and would tend to help others when needed. Mostly he is the manager of the Chipmunks, sometimes he doesn't act like a manager, as Alvin is usually leader of the group and acting manager since he is the one picking up the slack that Dave couldn't.




  • Dave's screaming and yelling for Alvin is much similar to Jon Arbuckle's screaming and yelling for Garfield.