You can't win Rorke, it's over.
~ Hesh to Rorke in The Ghost Killer.

Lieutenant David Walker (nicknamed: Hesh) is the deuteragonist of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts along with his father and younger brother.

He is voiced by Brandon Routh, who also portrayed Superman in Superman Returns, and Ray Palmer/Atom in the Arrowverse.

He is the sole member of the Ghosts that does not donate a mask, but instead facepaint. According to his father, Elias, one of the founders of the Ghosts, David is one of the best soldiers of force.


Early life

David Walker is the first son of Elias T. Walker and a unnamed mother, born in 1999, San Diego, California, and is the older brother to Logan. Despite their mother's passing, David and Logan had a close bond, with Elias noting that Logan would follow in David's exact footsteps when younger.

The brothers were highly encouraged to join the military, and were trained to hunt and become men by Elias. Around the same time, the family get a dog named Riley, who David became very close to. In his youth, David took the nickname "Hesh", at joined the military when he reached eighteen in 2017.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

ODIN Strikes

While outside his home with his father and brother, he hears of how the "Ghosts" were formed during the Tel Aviv War. Hesh doubts the story, but his father responds that he believes that the story is true, and the family decide to head home. While returning home, they felt tremors that they thought were earthquakes, but learned that something else was happening. Elias responded that is was ODIN, and the family and Riley survive the attack on Los Angeles.

The Federation and the United States broke their truce and began a war, with Hesh and Logan having to join the U.S. Army to fight against them. During this time, Hesh and Logan rose to the rank of sergeant, and were eyed for the Ghosts, with Elias believing that they were the best.


Dad taught us many things, but one lesson always stood out... Good men are defined by the choices they make. Logan and I made a choice, a promise. To the fallen Ghosts before us. To Dad. We'd fight Rorke and we'd stop matter the cost.
~ Hesh in the opening of "The Ghost Killer".
You're done Rorke.
~ Hesh to Rorke on the screen.
Logan. Logan! LOGAN!
~ Hesh to Logan, who is taken by Rorke.



  • Is the only member of the Ghosts who doesn't wear a mask.
  • Hesh is the only Walker family member that is not playable in the campaign.
  • Appears to be skilled with shotguns, as when he finds the MTS-255 in "No Mand's Land", he keeps on his back, and later has a stockless FP6.
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