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David is one of the two tetartagonists in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, and a minor character in the TV show. He becomes the owner of Sasha. He is an 8-year-old boy. Unlike Anne-Marie from the first film, he has parents. His father is named Thom however, his biological mother, like Anne-Marie's, is dead, so, he has a stepmother in her place named Claire.

On the other hand, he's a lonely boy. And he is also known as adventurous, valiant, independent, dependable, determined, affectionate, vivacious, intelligent and diligent. He was voiced by Adam Wylie in all of his appearances, even in his last appearance in which his voice was changing.

David replaced Anne-Marie in the second film due to Judith Barsi's tragedy back in July 25, 1988.

Physical Appearance

David is a Caucasian young boy, who has a fair skin complexion, blond hair, and blue eyes. His outfit is the red jacket, white blouse underneath jacket, blue jeans, brown shoes, and magician hat and cape.


David is the fun-loving, adventurous, kind-hearted and smart kid who develops a liking for magic tricks since he was 6 years old.

After his mother passed on, his father is remarried to his caring stepmother, they're going to have a baby, he thinks he believes they don't love him any longer, then he starts to run away from home, where he meets Charlie and Itchy at his first time in Sasha's junkyard, as they followed her at her home to bring some food to her as he thinks Charlie and Itchy are angels or guardian angels, but he and Charlie became fast friends if Charlie helps him do his magic tricks in Cannery Square.



David lost his biological mother. He has a step-mother due to his father re-marrying and is disappointed about it, so he flees home. Now living under the care of Sasha La Fleur, he has an interest in magic and earning money from Cannery Square (Easy Street), a tourist attraction spot where people perform.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Charlie and Itchy meet Sasha and an 8-year-old human boy she is looking after named David, who ran away from home to become a street magician. Charlie uses his miracle to grant Sasha the ability to converse with David, who comes to believe that Charlie is his guardian angel. Charlie sees the horn being taken into an SFPD police station and recovers it, but in his reluctance to return to Heaven, he hides it in a lobster trap. After David's street performance ends in failure, he finally reveals that he believes that his father and stepmother, who are expecting a new baby, will care less for him once it is born. Charlie persuades him otherwise and promises to return him home, but privately expresses to Sasha his doubts on being able to fulfill his promise. Charlie and Itchy's collars vanish, and they once more become ghosts.

Carface kidnaps David and orders Charlie to bring Gabriel's horn to Alcatraz Island and give it to Red in exchange for David's life. Determined to keep his word, Charlie satisfies Red's demand, and Red uses the horn to capture and imprison Heaven's canine angels in Alcatraz while opening a portal to permanently connect the human world to Hell. After a struggle against Red, Charlie regains the horn and plays it to free the angels and send Red and Carface – the latter having sold his soul for his collar – back to Hell. Charlie and Itchy are spirited away to Heaven, and Charlie gives the horn back to Annabelle in exchange for a new life. Charlie bids farewell to Itchy, who decides to remain in Heaven, and while Annabelle and Itchy return to Heaven, Charlie returns to San Francisco and happily reunites with Sasha and David. David returns home and reconciles with his relieved father and stepmother. Charlie and Sasha, who have become mates, are adopted by David's family as pets.


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