David Forester was the protagonist of the Star Trek video game Starfleet Academy.

He was portrayed by Pete Kluge.

Forester was the first member of his family to enter into Starfleet, and while at the Starfleet Academy he was accepted into the command school.

During his time at the academy Forester was put in charge of a group of cadets who all worked together on the bridge simulator. Many of the mission scenarios were taken from the logs of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. Another scenario was the infamous Kobyashi Maru no-win scenario. Forester became the second cadet to win that no win scenario after Captain Kirk.

Forester also became involved in clearing the names of the cadets under his command when the Vanguard allied Cadet Faith Gage attempted to frame them for acts she had committed. When he learned of a plot by the Vanguard to overthrow the Federation government, Forester disabled the bombs planted by the extremists at key Federation facilities, and Captain Kirk stunned most of the Vanguard leadership. The arrests of fellow Cadet Frank Malan and the rest of the Vanguard leadership defanged the movement.

Due to his performance and his assisting Sturek with the mystery of the Meclanti, Forester graduated from Starfleet Academy at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Forester was given temporary command of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) to test his theories on the Meclanti, and led a mission to the Meclanti system. There he helped prevent the destruction of the Meclanti species by the Klingons.


  • The outcome of Forrester's academy career is dependant largely on the player's choices throughout the game. If the performance of the crew is not high enough and/or Forester does not assist Sturek with the Meclanti problem, Forester will graduate with the rank of Lieutenant and be assigned to the USS Alexandria as a helm officer.
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